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Bad long Covid week. An update.

Dear readers, its Thursday once again and I hope that you are as well as you can be.

I was struggling to decide upon what to write for this weeks blog. It’s hard to get it right sometimes and we have had such a big news week because of the pandemic and the events in America.

This week I thought that I’d tell you how I am this week, I haven’t done this for a while and I hope that you don’t mind.

As you know I’m now suffering from long covid, after becoming ill with covid 19 in April. Looking back at how ill I was I should have gone to the hospital, but I didn’t mainly because I didn’t want to burden my local hospital when it was already struggling.

Since then its been an uphill fight to recover, basically its varying types of shit days. Bad shit day, medium shit day and a good shitty day. I laugh about this because its exactly how it is.

Today is a bad shit day because I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m in pain like many of you probably are, and I’m worried that the brain fog is going to return again. I’m stressed, fed up, is it bedtime yet? I rushed out of bed because the electric had gone so now I’m going to have to try and stretch the emergency credit out.

Long Covid, like Covid is a very strange illness, you don’t know when its going to hit you and how hard. Personally it hit me the most in my right lung, the bottom of my left lung and a bit on the top. This means that my breathing isn’t brilliant but its better than many others so I shouldn’t complain.

As we entered into another lockdown, myself and many others were already self isolating. Physically it really takes it out of me when I go shopping and I haven’t stepped into a big shop since before Christmas. I wish that I could, it would be great to see people again but I can’t, I need to keep myself and my daughter safe. I really don’t want to catch it again.

The downside to having to stay safe is that most of my shopping has to be done online. This week I’ve not been able to do this because it was bill week, and every penny was gone as soon as it arrived.

Online shopping isn’t cheap though. At best you can buy some things for the same price, maybe a few quid cheaper or basically you have to pay more. I’m in agreement that we shouldn’t buy things from Amazon because of how they treat their employees, but its been one of the only places that I can do my shopping on. Needs must, and I cant afford to take the moral high ground with this. It is what it is.

The good news is that we now have two vaccines available and hopefully we will be able to have our vaccinations soon. It’s important to realise that you can still transmit and catch a milder form of covid when you’ve had the vaccination, so keep safe until you’ve had all the vaccinations and keep this in mind.

This week I’ve been ranting about the governments refusal to state that they’re going to extend the £20 uplift that Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit claimants now get. Boris Johnson said yesterday that he wants to get everyone working… Yes in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying, more and more people are catching covid 19 and many more are now suffering with long covid.

Johnson hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing though, he didn’t even know that people are working and claiming universal Credit. People are dying, we need to keep safe and all he whitters on about is that he wants us all in work…

I’m sure that returning to work isn’t the primary focus of someone recovering from Covid 19, recovering is and trying to survive on the pittance that we get are our main topics to focus on.

The government wont extend the uplift and include everyone that was excluded the first time unless we fight for it. They don’t want to give poor people any money at all, so be prepared to fight for this. If it doesn’t get extended its going to be disastrous for so many of us.

£20 isn’t a lot of money in the scheme of things, but it does make or break you though. It can pay for a weeks shopping or it can be used to buy gas and electric. It’s a no brainier isn’t it. Personally I’m all for increasing it so that we are able to eat better, heat our homes more and spend money in the local community.

I’ll end it there, this weeks blog has been a bit of a rant and I apologise. It’s how I’m feeling at the moment and I’m sure that it will get better.

Keep safe and I’m thinking of you all

1,041 new Covid-19 deaths. Will the government deliver the help needed?

Dear reader, I’m writing this blog upon hearing that another lockdown has been announced. My first thought was that it was about time that they did this. Deaths had been spiralling out of control because the government is failing to protect the public in any way.

When the lockdown was announced, they also announced that schools should remain open. Their attitude being a complete denial of the risk of catching covid for children, teaching staff, parents and vulnerable relatives.

Thankfully the NEU and Unison stepped in and took action straight away and took action to keep both teaching staff, families and children safe.

It’s a misconception that children don’t catch Covid 19, they do and many have become seriously ill and have died. Children also unintentionally spread the virus with their family members whilst at home. With approximately thirty children per classroom its impossible to avoid.

Thankfully the government were forced to do a u turn thanks to the hard work of the NEU and Unison. Children apart from vulnerable and parents who are key workers are now being home educated which is a massive relief.

Children of nursery school age are still being expected to attend schools and nurseries. They must keep the workers working, never mind anyone’s safety.. I’m hoping that the government does a u turn on this also.

I must add that this is their victory, along with ardent campaigners they pressured the government to do the right thing. Shamefully they had no help from the opposition although a few labour MPs did come out in support.

The government has also promised to give each child a laptop to work on whilst they’re home learning, and some mobile phone operators are offering data to do this.

I’m betting that they fail on these targets, and just about every target that they announce, going by their history they always do. It’s down to the individual schools to find the children in their schools that needs a laptop, then to get the laptops to each child in need.

Every day their announcing that they’ll reach their vaccination targets, but with no mention of help to transport people to the vaccination centres. They’re already delaying the gap between the two vaccine injections against scientists advice.

Will this be their biggest failure? Maybe. The public are expecting this to happen, and I expect that they’ll be a lot of pressure on them to deliver.

The government are refusing to help accommodate homeless people and their also refusing to restart the Everyone In scheme that helped to house rough sleepers during the first pandemic. It’s January, freezing cold and the government refuses to help the very people that are at most risk of becoming ill with covid 19 and even worse dying.

Once again kicking the most in need to the floor like yesterdays newspaper.

No promise has been made to extend the extra £20 to universal credit and working tax credit claimants either. Every time they’re asked they say that they’ll keep it ‘under review’ double speak for no… But if you continue to campaign for it you might get it.

It will be devastating if this support isn’t continued.

Zero promises and protections have been offered to those excluded from any financial help during the last lockdown, even though they’re in great need of this. Already suffering and many living in poverty, they urgently need help but will the government deliver?

I expect other announcements to be made in the coming days but I do know one thing… They’ll fail to reach their targets, for all of their grand speeches, they’re not the ones trying to make this happen.

They’ll continue to ignore the needs and wants of the most vulnerable in society. For all the bluffing that Johnson is making he really hasn’t got a clue what to do. Surrounded by Tory MPs, many of which will be working out how to profit even more from the pandemic. He’d rather be on holiday, happy in the knowledge that his government is and will continue to fail those that need help the most.

Shame on them.


A huge thank you to my readers for supporting both my blog and campaign throughout last year. You all mean the word to me and I really mean that.

If I could change the world I would do, but I just do my bit from my kitchen table.

Health wise I’m not brilliant atm and I’m struggling. Long covid is bloody awful, and I relapsed again. I can tell you that covid 19 has changed my life forever.

For anyone that would like to donate towards the blog and campaign theres a donate button at the top and side of the blog. Every penny counts and helps others as well as ensuring that I can continue to blog by paying my internet bill.

Lots of love to you all. Remember, you are important, you are loved and you are needed. My inboxes are open to anyone that wants to chat.

Happy new year…. Or is it?

Dear readers I write this blog on New Year’s Eve, a time when we are supposed to be celebrating and welcoming the new year with open arms whilst saying its going to be a good one and suchlike. This year its going to be completely different. The new strain of Covid 19 has ensured that many more people have caught it, and many are also dying.

I really wanted to write this blog today with cheer, hope and the optimism that things will be better, but I’m a realist and I can’t do that.

Myself like many of you reading this have lost friends because they caught Covid. Many more have lost much loved family members, people that they’d normally celebrate the new year with, and losses such as these are highlighted at this time of year.

Yesterday the government put most of the country in tier four, because we are now right back with the daily death rates being as high as they were at the beginning.

Personally I don’t think that this is enough. Why? Because the rules are so complicated and many people find it hard to follow them. And lets not forget that the government has still ordered that schools remain open, blatantly ignoring the advice from SAGE and the teaching unions.

Tier four doesn’t mean anything until the schools are shut. Ive said previously on my blog and in articles that I’ve had published. Its impossible to control the spread of covid whilst the schools remain open. It’s impossible to social distance properly in classrooms, you only need to ask a teacher or a child and they will say the same.

Boris Johnson claims that schools are safe, as usual he’s lying, he knows that he’s lying and teachers and parents are furious. The government has systematically refused to support parents and children correctly, and they’ve also failed the NHS. They’re evil and callous with no regard for a human life.

Yesterday I woke to the news that one of my friends is seriously ill and is in hospital with covid, and another is at home trying to cope with having Covid the best that they can. It’s bloody heartbreaking.

I do believe that a full lockdown is needed, including schools to prevent the rise of covid cases, and to give the government chance to vaccinate people. I also have my doubts about the governments handling of the vaccine. They’ve messed everything up so far and I’ll believe it when I see it.

This year has been an awful year for me personally, I certainly didn’t plan on catching covid 19, and I was careful. It’s changed my life so much and the recovery is long and slow. I have damage to my left lung, and I suspect part of my right lung also because of the pains that Ive been getting there. I’ll know more once Ive had my next ct scan in January.

It’s bloody tough, especially when you’re trying to be a parent as well. It certainly has been an eye opener for my daughter. For weeks she virtually became my nurse, helping me to do the most basic of things. When she wasn’t looking after me she was praying that I’d get better. I’d say that it was more scary for her than me.

Financially its been a bloody nightmare not only for me but for so many people. Thousands of people have lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic and the government has failed to compensate them at all. Meanwhile the DWP still expect claimants to do full job searches both online and in person.

I also have another worry. Will the DWP recognise long covid as an illness, preventing people to look for work? I doubt it. This week I asked them this and they didn’t answer.

Meanwhile we still have to continue the best that we can, in the hope that things do get better.

This new year my wishes for you are

That you all remain safe,

You cope with the pandemic in whatever way that you can do,

That our struggles become easier,

That you are all able to have enough food and warmth

And that you remain the fabulous people that you are.

Remember that you are loved, you are important and you are all worthy of a good life despite what the government tells us. My inbox remains open if you want to talk as does my Twitter and Facebook inboxes.

Lots of love and keep safe xxx.

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported my campaign and my blog this year. I really couldn’t do it without you. 

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Thank you xxx

Christmas and Covid. A deadly combination.

As Christmas approaches the worry and stress of the festive season arrives with it. Thousands of people have become unemployed as a result of the pandemic, many won’t be able to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is meant to be a time of great joy, love and meeting family members that we might not have seen for long while. Sadly, for people shielding this isn’t going to be possible, and its not wise to do so.

The government and their lack of action towards the pandemic is all too evident. One day they’re telling people that they can see their families over the Christmas period, the next they’re saying keep this time limited. They’re still not committing to a direct order, a full lockdown even though 612 people died from Covid 19 yesterday.

If people take the governments advice and travel to see their families either it be locally or a journey away theres going to be a huge rise in Covid 19 related deaths and people ill with Covid 19.

612 deaths is nothing compared to what it could become if people unknowingly spread the virus to loved ones. Expect the death rate to become much higher. The sensible thing to do would be to stay at home, but not everyone can.

Please can the media start sharing the death rates again? Sadly so many people have normalised the covid deaths and we cant allow this normalisation to continue.

For people like myself that don’t mind staying at home and postponing Christmas it isn’t a big deal, but for others it isn’t. The series of lockdowns and self isolating can be horrific causing extreme mental distress and suffering.

The media are telling people, quite rightly that they should check on their neighbours but this isn’t always possible due to self isolating, disability and illness. Not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone wants it.

The lack of leadership and advice from the government has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, not only from covid but also from problems surrounding covid. Does the government care about these deaths? Nope not one bit. They’re openly taunting us, insulting us with their lack of action.

I do believe that a full lockdown is needed, including all schools and educational facilities. But we also need people to be supported, listened to and their needs met. We desperately need to prevent the deaths that will undoubtably happen after Christmas when families return to their respective homes.

We also need to prevent people becoming infected with Covid 19, so many of them will suffer for many months from long covid and related illnesses caused by the virus.

Unemployment levels will continue to rise, homelessness will increase and more and more people will be plunged into poverty.

All of the above could have been prevented if the government had taken proper and responsible action when the pandemic first hit the England. It’s almost as if Johnson and co were sitting with their fingers in their ears shouting ‘I can’t hear you’.

I have no doubt that they saw the pandemic as an opportunity to kill people that they deemed not worthy, empty feeders, people they can’t profit from. It’s shameful and downright disgusting that they categorise people like this. Every life is important and no one should be made to suffer like this.

The pandemic could have been a time for the government to shine, show some positive leadership, but their arrogance and attitude towards the working class prevented that. Instead they leave a trail of death and destruction.

So what do we do now? We need to be sensible, not putting yourselves and others at risk. If we are all sensible then we might be able to enjoy next year properly.

Please spare a thought for everyone that are now finding themselves out of work as a direct result of the pandemic. Many of them will be experiencing the horrific Universal Credit system for the first time. Lets help them in any way that we can.

Please take care everyone and keep safe.

Apologies for the quality of this blog, I’ve had awful Covid 19 brain fog all week, and i woke with a headache this morning.

I shall be blogging next week as I find Christmas hard as well for so many reasons. I’m here if anyone needs to talk.

Universal Credit is Universal Cruelty.

Yesterday was Unite the unions national day of action against Universal Credit. It was good to see Unite The Union and Jonathon Reynolds supporting this important day of action. Thank you to everyone that took part.

Their main focus this year was to keep the £20 universal credit top up permanently because theres no sign of the pandemic ending and this money is really helping people to survive.

Please note that I’m not forgetting everyone on legacy benefits. They still need the extra £20 top up. They’re struggling and it’s important to support them also.

Myself and other campaigners such as DPAC have been campaigning against universal credit since its conception. We read the paperwork, watched the debates in parliament and we knew how terrible it would be for anyone forced to claim it.

Back when when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Both he and John McDonnell actually listened to our worries and concerns. We were invited to parliament to discuss it. We were being listened to at last and we had some hope that things could change.

There wasn’t an echo chamber but I did feel supported to some extent. At last our voices were being heard. I hoped that this would bring about the changes that were and are needed. Still I remained sceptical, but when something is so bad, so damaging to the poorest and most vulnerable in our country you tend to hold onto every bit of hope for change. We felt supported to a degree.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t putting all of my eggs in one basket so to speak. I knew that if, and it was a narrow if Jeremy Corbyn would have been elected as prime minister there would have been some changes made to the way that universal credit is paid and how it discriminates against people.

I still doubted that Universal Credit would be stopped, however I did believe that she very important changes could have been made to change it so it wouldn’t remain the cruel system that it is now.

I was also aware that it would be a very tough battle to get him elected. There was and is opposition towards him from both sides of the political arena including the Labour Party. When he lost the election I wasn’t surprised. There’s no way that they’d have allowed someone like Jeremy to be elected.

I’m not foolish enough to think that Corbyn was the messiah and that he would sort out all the problems with our social security system. I saw it as a good step in the right direction, to start changing things for the better. I respect him for that and for all of the hard work that he has done and continues to do on behalf of us.

To say that I was deflated was an understatement. All of our hard work looked as if it would be ignored. Thankfully Debbie Abrahams and Jonathon Reynolds are continuing the campaign.

I am a tad annoyed that there wasn’t any show of solidarity from Sir Kier Starmer. It would have been nice to have a show of solidarity, no matter how shallow but there was nothing.

To explain why I’m so frustrated at this I’ll explain further.

I and others have been campaigning against universal credit since its conception. I’ve stood outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre for years, in the rain, snow, when ill, helping people to navigate this evil system. We offered and still offer help, advice, solidarity, food and compassion. All of this is missing from the DWPs remit.

Universal Credit is immensely complicated, it discriminates against everyone claiming it. It pushes people further into poverty and absolute poverty. The very fact that you have to wait at least five weeks for your first payment says it all.

The five week wait ensures that everyone will have rent arrears, and they won’t be able to buy food. Oh! But they can get a loan they say… Yes you can, but you then have to chose wether the money goes to pay the rent or does it buy you some food…. If you’re hungry then you’re going to choose the latter.

Universal credit ensures that any person claiming it remains in debt. The loans from the DWP have to be paid back and I’ve never spoken to anyone that actually manages to receive their full payments. Lets also not forget about other none DWP related debts that are garnished from a persons monthly payment.

If that isn’t bad enough, this system punishes you even further. DWP advisors give claimants unachievable goals… You must continue to look for work… It doesn’t matter if theres a pandemic and you have to self isolate… Claimants have to do as their told or else.

It’s no coincidence that the levels of homelessness have shot up as a result of rent arrears. For any caring person it makes no sense to force someone into debt. Having a home, shelter and food are basic requirements. It’s a sad indictment of the governments cruelty that they don’t consider this as a necessity.

There is so much more that I can tell you about how awful universal credit is, but you get the gist. It’s horrific, people have died and will die as a result of being sanctioned and of failing so called DWP medical assessments and the thought of attending one of their assessments. It’s heartbreaking.

Universal Credit was designed to punish the working class because they’re poor, because they need some help, have hit hard times, are disabled or ill. After all theres nothing that the Tory Party hates more than the working class.

What the Tory party wont tell you is that they see us all as a commodity, to be used to make money for themselves and their friends. If you’re ill or disabled then they value you as worthless, so they neglect you to the point of destitution. It’s so bloody awful.

I am hoping that the Labour Party will carry on with the good work that had previously been done by ourselves, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn. I know that Jonathon Reynolds is trying to push this as is Debbie Abrahams.

There shouldn’t be a wall of silence from the leader of the opposition regarding universal credit and the suffering of the working class. It might not be trendy but its damn well important. Here’s hoping that he will in the future.

To everyone that is trying to survive whilst claiming universal credit.. You aren’t worthless, you aren’t stupid, you aren’t lazy or work-shy and you aren’t a commodity to be used whenever the DWP and the Tory party feels like it.

You are the bravest people that I know, you’re braver and smarter than any Tory MP is. In my eyes each and every one of you are heroes and I will never stop campaigning on your behalf.

Please know this.. There are lots of campaigners out there like myself that do care. We will speak up on your behalf and we will continue the fight for a fairer system, one that cares for each and every one of you. You all deserve this.

I hope that you are all as ok as you can be. I know that many of us are dreading Christmas for many reasons. Please know that I’ll be thinking of you. If you need to talk you know where I am.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. It’s vital that we continue to get the truth out there.

A huge thank you to everyone that reads my blog, shares it and supports my blog and campaign. It really does mean the world to me.

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People are dying as a result of the government’s actions. Remember them.

Dear readers I need to apologize because I’m late publishing my blog this week.

There’s no real excuse for this but I’ve had a stressful week and I haven’t been sleeping well. I find it hard to write when I’m over tired.

This week I was reminded of one cold Thursday morning outside Ashton Jobcentre.

The demo started as usual, we were helping or something and handing out food parcels.

Whilst we were doing this I noticed a woman with three children walk out of the Jobcentre, walk past us and she then approached me.

I asked her if she was ok. Her story was particularly heart wrenching. She was a victim of domestic violence and she was struggling to get help from the DWP because she had to leave in a rush.

As usual the DWP failed to recognise and appreciate her situation. They suggested to her that she should have gone back to her abuser to collect her ID.

Theres no excuse for their lack of caring. There’s no way that she should have to return to her abuser.

I advised her on what to do and I put her in touch with all of the relevant agencies that could help her.

I asked her if she needed a food parcel, she said that she did and that she hadn’t ate for days. She had just managed to feed her kids with the very basics, bread and some biscuits.

I gave her a good parcel, she was so thankful because so far no one had been understanding of her situation.

She then took her kids to the steps outside the old cinema. They all sat down and started to eat some food directly out of the tins.

I’m not lying when I say that this broke my heart. How have we managed to elect a government that is extremely aggressive towards people who are struggling, disabled people and unemployed people.

Let’s move forward to 2020.

Nothing has improved, the hostile environment created by the government is even worse than ever.

People are still dying as a direct result of this uncaring governments actions.

There is no excuse for the government to behave in this manner but they do because they can.

It’s certainly not going to get any better. We are in the midst of a pandemic, more and more people are loosing their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

This week I’ve had quite a few newly unemployed people email me to ask me about how they’re supposed to manage on the meagre payments that they receive via Universal Credit.

It’s horrible that anyone is in this situation. Universal Credit doesn’t benefit anyone except the government.

To say that it’s a huge shock to newly unemployed people is an understatement. So many more people are now struggling to eat properly, pay their rent and survive.

It’s a reality check that they certainly didn’t expect. So many of these newly unemployed people had previously believed the government’s lies about how wonderful Universal Credit is.

Add into the mix the thousands of people that are ill with Covid 19 that are so scared of loosing their jobs that are forced to return to work when they’re unwell.

We’ve also got Long Covid to contend with. I doubt that the DWP will recognise this though. This is another battle that we have to now fight.

We also have thousands of people that have died and will die from Covid 19.

I’m extremely worried that their deaths are being ignored and normalised by society. This is extremely cruel and callous.

Please, let’s not forget about their deaths, most of which could have been prevented if the government had responded correctly when the virus had arrived in the UK.

It’s all wrong, none of the above would have happened if we had a caring goverment, but that’s not likely not happen in the near future.

As the Christmas period looms on the horizon, please spare a thought for all of us that can’t celebrate Christmas because of the expense. Also remember that so many people won’t be celebrating Christmas because they’ve lost a loved one due to Covid 19.

The Christmas period is such a hard time for so many of us. Let’s not forget about them.

The above statistic is horrific but true. This is exactly why the government hasn’t reacted responsibly and stopped the spread of covid 19.

Each and every death is saving them money and they don’t care what people think about this.

Let’s continue to fight for the living and dead. We cannot allow the government to treat people like this.

Please read, share and tweet my blog.

A huge thank you to everyone that supports my blog and campaign. You all mean the world to me.

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696 people dead. Silence from politicians. Remember the dead fight for the living.

Yesterday 626 people died from Covid 19 but you wouldn’t know about this if you’re not on Twitter. Channel four news did mention it but it wasn’t their top story.

There’s been zero publicity surrounding this and zero communication from politicians about this except for Nicola Sturgeon. At least she cares.

I’m not saying that left wing politicians don’t care, I’m sure that they do but why have they remained silent on this? Don’t the families and friends of those that died deserve some support? They must feel extremely neglected at the moment and its shameful that they’re feeling like this.

Don’t their deaths mean anything? I’m certain that deaths from Covid 19 are being normalised in society. There’s also a whole lot of people that still believe that its all a conspiracy. How callous is this? I’m sorry but it disgusts me.

Every person that died yesterday was someone’s child, sister, brother, parent, aunt, uncle, carer, grandparent and friend. Every one of them were loved by someone. They’ll be missed but sadly do officials care enough to mention this?

I’m furious, they deserve much more than this. They deserve to be remembered.

All of this could have been prevented but it wasn’t. We have a prime minister that is failing the public each and every day. He doesn’t care who dies, nor do his friends either.

You see, I’ve said before that we are all surplus to requirements. If they cant profit from us then they’ll neglect us as they please.

Johnson should have been dealt with the pandemic properly in the beginning. Common sense dictates this but Johnson couldn’t care less. He disappeared for a while, and not one of his Tory MPs questioned this.

Lets talk about the latest news about the new tier system.

It’s complicated, unclear and to be honest lots of people wont even realise that the government have changed the rules again.

It’s ridiculous, people are ignoring the restrictions because they know that they can do. Therefore people are continuing to spread it wherever they go.

The government tells the public that we are in phase 1, 2 or 3 lockdown but they continue to keep the schools open. Thus proving that they don’t give a stuff about our children, teaching staff, school staff and vulnerable family members.

Surely the government must realise that closing schools, especially secondary schools is the right thing to do. Despite the scientific evidence, complaints from the teaching unions and parents they’re still keeping the schools open.

The government will never admit that they’re wrong and they don’t care how many people die as a result of their negligence.

The government is also ignoring the mental strain thats being put on teaching and support staff every day. Not only are they scared of becoming ill themselves, but they’re also worrying about their pupils and their families.

Can you imagine how heartbreaking it would be to learn that you’ve infected a loved one and they become ill or worse. They shouldn’t be put under this stress.

What we need to happen is a full national lockdown. Not a half hearted one because these so called lockdowns aren’t working. The very evidence that 696 people died from Covid 19 yesterday proves this.

We need a full national lockdown thats the same in every town, city and in rural places.

We need all shops except the essential ones to shut, so many shops are still open that say they’re essential but in reality they aren’t. You only have to head over to YouTube and see the Home Bargains and B&M shopping hauls that prove this.

We need each and every person to be properly compensated whilst they can’t work.

We need bailiff visits and evictions to be stopped again

More importantly we need all schools and educational establishments to close. There’s certainly not enough social distancing and the so called ‘Bubble” system is a joke. People are dying remember that.

Whilst it’s definitely not our children’s fault that they’re spreading it, it is the government’s fault for putting them in this position.

The loosening of the restrictions at Christmas time is ridiculous. So many people will become ill or worse as a result of the governments negligence. I suppose they’ve done this because they want to appear popular but they wont be when the death toll is high.

I want all politicians to at least acknowledge the people that have died and I want The Labour Party to challenge the Tories about their shocking management of the pandemic. Before you say it I realise that most Tory MPs won’t but I can ask anyway.

Unemployment is set to hit 2.6 million by mid 2021 and still the government wants to take the extra £20 a week away. It might not seem like a lot to some people but its a lifeline for so many.

So many people have been pushed into poverty through no fault of their own yet their being treated terribly by the government. Don’t even get me started on the DWP and their required job searches whilst we are in the middle of a pandemic.

It shouldn’t be me saying this though, its our politicians job to do this.

Here’s hoping that they will soon.

As for me, I’m still battling this latest infection although I’m not as breathless as I was. The stress of Christmas is already affecting me. I cant afford to buy my daughter anything for Christmas, I only just managed her birthday.

Thousands of people will be feeling the same. If I could cancel Christmas I would.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. We need to get the truth out there.

Thank you to everyone that supports my campaign and blog. It really does mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

Poverty is unrelieved violence that only serves the powerful.

I believe that our very being is political. Before and when we are born we are thrust into the world of politics without our knowledge.

Our future is dependent upon the opportunities that are given to you from this moment onwards. We are political pawns and are so from the cradle to the grave.

We are now living in the middle of a pandemic whilst at the same time more and more people are being thrust into destitution, homelessness and much worse. Little or no support is being given to those that need it and sadly I don’t see it improving any time soon.

You’d think that any responsible government would want to help the very people that are suffering but they don’t. You see they view us as a commodity, a bargaining chip that they can cash in to make money from whenever they want to.

This Tory government has no respect for our life’s, our feelings, our suffering. The only respect they have is for the gods of money and capitalism. There’s always a profit to be made from another persons suffering and poverty.

This is exactly why the DWP have been able to treat people appallingly for years. They constantly gaslight vulnerable people and use the threat of their payments being stopped as leverage to blackmail claimants into doing anything that they say to survive.

I’ve been writing about DWP injustices for years now, and every time that I do it angers me. They force claimants to ‘volunteer aka workfare’ for nothing because it ‘might’ result in employment. It rarely does though because the companies involved would rather have free workers than paid.

Then we also have the never ending mandated work searches, looking for jobs that don’t exist. It’s mind numbing and designed to make us comply.

We have disabled people actively persecuted and harassed for being disabled. Constant ‘medical’ assessments to prove that they’re still ill or disabled. This circle of cruelty never ends.

Can you imagine how cruel and humiliating it is to be constantly told by DWP workers that aren’t medically trained that you aren’t ill, you aren’t disabled despite consultants and doctors diagnosing your conditions?

Recently I leant from Benefits And Work that there have been some terrible breaches of confidence, disgusting questioning whilst having to undergoing PIP telephone assessments.

These are some of the complaints;

Trainees listening into the call and sniggering, being asked to make noises like they make when in pain, being asked ‘How often do you change your underwear”. Meanwhile some assessors have been relentless, making the claimant cry and refusing to acknowledge their distress.

This would never happen to anyone thats financially secure and without money worries would it. It just wouldn’t because they’d be challenged straight away. Meanwhile poor people have to accept that they’re going to be subjected to this treatment as a daily part of their life.

I read a comment on Twitter that asked ‘What’s the one thing that would eliminate poverty’. There were many suggestions such as having money, yes that would help. Having a home.. Yes that would help if you’ve got the money to be able to keep a home going. One person hit the nail on the head and suggested education.

Whilst money is a must have and an immediate answer to many of our problems, the answer does lie with education. The more that a person is educated, the more likely a person is to be able to question things, to have a better job, a nice place to live.

The government doesn’t like this idea though. They don’t want working class children to have a good education, this would create adults that wouldn’t put up with their bullshit.

Whilst the pandemic continues its very much a question of us and them. Whilst we are struggling to survive because of lost employment, the lack of sufficient social security, the much better off are actually being being able to ‘enjoy’ the lockdowns to some extent. They can start new hobbies, whilst we are left to spend our time worrying about how we are going to feed ourselves and their children if they have them.

Meanwhile the government handles the pandemic in the worst way possible and offers extremely unclear guidelines to the public. How are people meant to abide by the rules when they’re not clear?

Then we have the question of money.

The government is still refusing to extend the extra £20 a week pandemic payments for universal credit claimants beyond April,. They’re also still refusing to help disabled people in the same way and are often heard saying ‘well there isn’t enough money to do that”

I and others question this especially when the government announced yesterday that they’re wanting to spend £24.1 billion over the next four years on defence. There’s always a magic money tree available for this isn’t there.

Unbelievably the opposition appear to be in agreement with this money being spent. What about the people that are ill or dying from Covid 19? What about people living in abject poverty? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on them and on our NHS?

There’s absolutely no doubt that the poorest will be made to pay the most for the austerity crisis. Austerity economics has failed. It has harmed millions of people that haven’t received the support that they needed. Instead it plunged millions into poverty and absolute poverty.

Austerity has killed over 120, 000 people but Sunak and the Tory party don’t care about this. It’s all about keeping their friends happy, keeping the wealth to themselves whilst watching the working class suffer.

Sod the working class… They don’t matter…

Now tell me that you aren’t political… That politics don’t matter to you…

Like my friend Keith says that whilst we’ve got this evil government in power ordinary people will always pay.

We are robbed from the womb to the grave by over privileged thugs. Poverty is unrelieved violence that only serves the powerful.

Remember this.

Many thanks to my good friend Keith Ordinary guy for inspiring me to write this.

Yesterday’s blog was below par, most likely because I’d spent the day chasing down my meds whilst feeling rotten. I promise to do better in the future.

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I don’t receive any payment for anything that I do and whilst Ive been ill my finances have taken a massive blow.

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Covid 19. What happens to the survivors and the families of those that have died?

Dear readers and subscribers it appears to be Thursday once again. I hope that you are all ok and as well as you can be.I’ve had a pretty busy week having a telephone consultation with my respitory consultant, blood tests and talking to my GP.

For covid survivors I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a doctor that listens to me and echoes mine and my consultants concerns. This is a rarity though.

Why is this a rarity you might ask, everyone should be treated this way. The sad reality is that they aren’t.Helping a patient with Covid 19 is extremely hard because they’re dealing with the unknown. Covid also presents itself differently with each and every person that catches it.

There isn’t any real ‘normal’ symptoms with Covid 19 because of this.For me, covid hit my lungs pretty hard, most likely because I already had mild asthma.

Covid likes to find a person’s weak point and attack there.

For other people they can get more neurological symptoms and not the classic symptoms. For them getting help is extremely hard.

Like my doctor said, so many doctors haven’t got a clue about how to deal with it unless they’ve had the time to research it themselves. I can imagine that finding the time to do this would be hard for them.

This leaves us with a massive problem though. Thousands of people with long covid symptoms are being ignored,some are being told that there’s nothing that can be done for them when that’s not true.

I was both unlucky and lucky enough to be admitted into hospital and this fast tracked me to the follow up care that I need. This is why I consider myself lucky in this respect.

But still thousands of people that are suffering with delibatating symptoms are being ignored, left on their own with no support at all.

Every covid survivor deserves to be listened to and to have their symptoms investigated. It’s vital that this happens. The fact that it isn’t happening is a complete travesty.

Then we have the families of loved ones that have died from Covid 19.They’re not being listened to at all.

The government is so far refusing to meet with them to discuss their needs and concerns.

Why the government refuse to meet them is unknown as of yet, but I do believe that they’re avoiding any contact with the public but my be is that they don’t want anyone challenging their extremely bad decisions

.Also add into the mix the farcical second lockdown. This lockdown won’t be successful because schools are still open etc. Unbelievable isn’t it.

We’ve also as a result of this got the real possibility of a lockdown over the Christmas period. To be honest I don’t mind this because we need to get this virus under control but so many people will suffer as a result of this possible decision.

Basically the government has done what it does best… Mess everything up, ignore the public and walk away.

This leaves the public to do the best that they can with very few resources if any.We are facing very bleak times and are going to do this with little or no Government help and it’s extremely worrying.

We have thousands of people that will be facing destitution in the coming months and they need help and representation.

We then have the terrible decision to remove Jeremy Corbyn from his position. They then allowed him to return but without the whip.

This is exactly what we don’t need at the moment. Jeremy deserves to be given the whip etc back.

The labour party should be united to fight the Tories against their terrible decisions that they’re making about the pandemic etc.

Instead it’s divided the party and members are leaving. Would it be too much to ask for some real united opposition?Can they please stop this witch hunt and focus on the government’s faults instead?

I urge them to think about this.

Thousands of people have died as a result of contracting covid and their families need help and support.

Thousands of people are ill with Covid and they need support.Thousands of people suffering from long covid need support.

They all need this support to come from the government’s opposition.We need this now.

I’m eight months into my long covid battle and it’s been awful. I’m trying to keep strong and fight back but it’s hard at times.

I don’t think that I could have done it without the help and support from my online friends

.For those without this online support it can and is a very dark and lonely place to be. Please spare a thought for them.

I’m going to end it there because I have to go and collect my meds.
Please keep safe you are important and I do care about you all.

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I’m struggling…

Dear readers this week’s blog is going to be rather short and I apologize for this.

The other week my daughter brought a virus home from school. This in itself wouldn’t be problematic but combine this with my long covid and respitory problems because of this it’s been a nightmare.

I was prescribed some meds which have worked to an extent but I still feel terrible. As a result it’s impacted my life dramatically this week and all that I’ve been able to do is nothing. A flat nothing except essential tasks.

I know that I should probably go back to the hospital but I’m putting it off because they’ve got much sicker people than me to deal with.

The reality is that long covid sufferers like myself are left to it with very little or no support. If you haven’t been admitted to hospital then it’s extremely hard to get someone to listen and to help you.

Unluckily I was admitted to hospital so I have been able to access some very basic tests and have been allocated a respiratory specialist that I’m still waiting to see.

I’ve tried all of the alternative remedies out there and none of them work. Some slightly ease the symptoms but the only things that really work are time, antibiotics for any infection lurking and a nebuliser on bad days.

To access any of these you either have to have access to a decent doctor and a local hospital. By decent I mean a doctor that actually recognises that long covid and related problems are an actual thing.

This sadly isn’t as easy as you might think. Often when you get covid 19 you also can get some really strange symptoms that there’s no explanation for.

My strange symptoms have been high temperature but not skyrocketing high, hallucinations in the early stages, really strange aches and pains, fatigue, breathlessness and a crappy immune system that can be set off by the slightest thing.

When the decision to have another so called lockdown not once were people with illnesses, disabilities and long covid taken into account.

The government shuts pubs, restaurants, gyms etc but they refuse to shut the schools, colleges and universities.

It’s a total misconception that children are being adequately socially distanced. The covid 19 and other viruses are running through these establishments at a high rate. This then returns home with the pupils, teachers, teaching staff and school staff and is passed onto any person living with them.

It’s extremely dangerous but so many people are failing to see this. We aren’t even an afterthought we aren’t thought of at all.

It’s also extremely frustrating to see that so many people in my area at least don’t believe that this virus exists or if it does it’s not harmful.

It’s all a conspiracy they say, wearing a mask takes away our freedom! They fail to see that wearing a mask actually does help to give them the freedom that they crave.

Then we have the news of a vaccine that’s on the way. It’s supposedly around 90% effective and it should be welcomed. But it isn’t by many.

Like anything new it’s ok to be suspicious but this vaccination has been tested adequately. I can’t however comment on any side effects but to be honest I’d give anything to feel well again.

Whilst the schools etc are still open the virus will still be spread amongst our communities. Add into this the people that refuse to wear a mask etc and so many more people are going to become ill or much worse die.

This week saw the death total for UK hit 50 thousand. Yes these people died from Covid 19 related illnesses but people still insult the dead and their families by saying that its all a lie.

It isn’t a lie, people are dying and they need to take this seriously.

I’m sorry for repeating myself again but people do need to hear this. It’s extremely important.

As for me, I’ve not been able to go out anywhere except for my local post office which isn’t far.

I struggle walking there and back, breathing isn’t easy when your mobile but it is what it is.

I wear a mask whenever I do go to the post office and I’m very strict about using anti bacterial hand creams etc.

I stay away from any crowds of people because I realize the risk of catching something else.

I’m not contagious anymore but so many people are vulnerable and we all need to look after each other.

What I do want is a proper lockdown with the full support of the government for workers and self employed people.

I want people to realise that long covid is a serious thing as is having a weakened immune system thanks to covid 19.

I want people to realise that we don’t get well overnight. It takes a long time and its a struggle to do so.

For some catching covid 19 is the only way that they’ll start to realise how awful it is.

As for the vaccine. It’s going to take quite a while for it to be rolled out to the general public. It’s being offered to vulnerable groups of people first and quiet rightly so.

Please don’t become complacent because a vaccine is on the way.

Please keep safe. I know that as a single parent it’s doubly hard to do so but it’s so important.

Continue to look out for each other, help and support each other.

I’m going to end this blog here but please know that you’re all in my thoughts.

Please read, share and tweet my blog.

A huge thank you to all of you that do this already.

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