Universal Credit Cruelty Highlighted Again

TRIGGER WARNING. Contains mention of suicide and trauma.

A collection of stories that highlight the amount of cruelty that UC (Universal Credit) claimants are forced to endure has been recently published by Disability News Service (DNS). Sadly these stories won’t be a surprise for UC claimants

One such story article describes the death of a disabled woman who was left traumatized by the overbearing daily demands made by the UC system.

Upon applying for UC the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions)were told of the mental distress that the system was causing which in turn led to suicidal thoughts and an overwhelming fear of the DWP and the universal credit system.

Despite their knowledge of this the DWP continued to harass her.

Tragically she took her own life four days after being told she would need to attend a face-to-face meeting with a DWP work coach.

Another example describes how disabled claimant Philip Manion struggled enormously when he saw his UC payments cut from £1,260 to £500 due to a mistake made by the DWP.

Philip tried to attend a meeting to rectify this mistake but instead he was taken out of the Jobcentre by seven security guards. Their reasoning for this was because he found he was unable to log into his online journal from his mobile phone.

To add even more insult to injury he was then recorded as having failed to attend the meeting, despite attending and all of his UC payments were stopped.

Disability News Service went on to describe how former nurse Shirley Rudolph spent 10 years caring for her husband and was placed in the limited capability for work category due to suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Rudolph’s husband died in July and she subsequently informed her work coach that she wouldn’t be unable to attend their scheduled meeting because she was making arrangements for her husband’s funeral.

Rather unsurprisingly her work coach wasn’t sympathetic and moved her appointment to the following week. At the same time they sent Rudolph a job application to complete immediately.

As a result of the distress and the pressure Rudolph was forced to undergo she chose to end her universal credit claim and is now surviving on her NHS pension alone forcing her to struggle immensely.

Although horrible this comes as no surprise to many disabled UC claimants that find themselves hounded by the cruel UC system that deliberately targets disabled claimants forcing them to unfairly comply with rules that they are unable to achieve.

It goes without saying that no one should be forced to live like this disabled and non disabled, but sadly I can’t see this stopping for the foreseeable future.

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8 thoughts on “Universal Credit Cruelty Highlighted Again”

  1. 2016 – when questioned at a PIP interview I was asked at the end if I ‘had ever thought of suicide’ and that if I didn’t answer then my claim would not be submitted. One year later that question had been withdrawn at yet another interview I had to attend. I asked why it had not been asked again. I was told that I should see my doctor if I had any issues concerning suicide.


    1. How very strange, downright odd. I was diagnosed with a condition (Borderline Personality Disorder) that includes having suicidal thoughts as a symptom, it doesn’t mean to say that I (or other sufferers) would ever act upon such thoughts and feelings, just that being (prone to being) dogged by such thoughts can be debilitating enough. I’ve never bothered attempting to apply for PIP though as I couldn’t even get an ordinary sick note off the Doctors who gave me the diagnosis, medication yes but no sick note, and ultimately subjected to extremely harrowing psychotherapy. That was 10 years ago and I have largely given the doctors a wide birth since then apart from for physical ailments.
      Just recently, whilst attending the mandatory Work & Health Programme run by Reed in Partnership aka Better Working Futures, I and a few other vulnerable people were required to attend a workshop called ‘Resilience’, during which we were sat in a classroom and showed a video of a man with no limbs then asked to write a list of things in our lives that we feel grateful for. You couldn’t make it up. Astonishingly manipulative. As if to say “your Anxiety, Depression, suicidal thoughts, stomach problems, bad back, arthritis, etc. are nothing to complain about, at least you’ve got your limbs not like that poor bloke so stop whining and get a job.”

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      1. The way I was treated by an NHS doctor is disgusting. I would never trust them again for any Mental health or psychological issues. I was spaced out on Sertraline for two years and still had to do jobsearch and deal with the Jobcentre system, and somehow avoided getting Sanctioned. Now I have a stomach hernia too and type 2 Diabetes but still no sick note, well that’s also because the Tories scrapped sick notes and replaced them with “Fit notes”, sick people then get sent to Reed to look for work, I have to go tomorrow.


  2. Last week I had to attend a Jobs Fair at the Jobcentre, which as usual was a total waste of time, but the difference was that this time there was some sort of organizer bloke who immediately latched onto me and insisted on showing me round every desk, all of which were completely unsuitable for me; security jobs, driving jobs, the Police, a beauty college, and finally someone from a local electrical firm wanting temporary workers. This guy tried pushing me into the latter, but I resisted, saying that temporary work is not worth me giving up my ‘legacy’ JSA as I would then have to claim UC which I wish to avoid at all costs for as long as possible. He really didn’t get why until I told him; 35 hour jobsearch, online journal and therefore need for Internet access, likelihood of being Sanctioned, and being obliged to accept two or three part time jobs. He decided not to argue and shook my hand saying I’m sorry we’ve got nothing for you. I could have told him that before I walked in the door. They were saying earlier on this year in the Jobcentre that JSA legacy claims will be migrated to UC by the end of 2023, but now the government have put it back again to 2028, so at this rate if I’m careful I could quite reasitically remain on JSA until I retire.


  3. UC is unfit for purpose.
    Some years ago, I asked the gov’t how benefits were worked out and they just pointed me to some ‘Acts’ and they just mentioned some kind of ‘scale’ and there was no sign at all of any amount of money, this ‘scale’ is burried so deep in some unknown location it is impossible to find, if it even exists. The reply I got back also said that they are not bothered what we spend the ‘benefit’ on. So they don’t even factor in what it costs to pay our bills.

    How can ‘they’ justify the meagre amount of ‘benefit’ were given to live on. It’s not even increased anything near what it should be, a pittyful 10% is nothing, especially with what they’re doing by allowing the energy companies to increase the cost of gas & electicity.

    Then to actually ‘sanction’ people for the stupidest thing is beyond human as they further reduce our ability to live, which, to me is another part of their depopulation agenda.

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  4. The use of democide as a means to an end in dealing with the disabled, broken, elderly and poor is reminiscent of Aktion T4 used by the Nazis. Our fascist government in all honesty has no qualms about the mounting number of deaths caused by this department. Approximately £42m is handed out to civil servants annually, who remove claimants off of the register. The thirty pieces of silver comes from the NON RELATED BONUS PAYMENT SCHEME.

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