I want to die, I can’t carry on being treated like this. The DWP is cruel,unfit for use and punishes people for their own poverty.

Dear readers, once again I have to apologise for the lateness of this weeks blog. I’ve had an extremely busy week and today was no different. Thank you for your patience.

Today was Unite Community Unions national day of action, but the publicity surrounding this wasn’t that good so we didn’t have a higher than usual turnout, and anyway we do this every week.

Unite Community have now changed their slogan to stop Universal Credit, which is half a step forward towards what most major campaigners against Universal Credit are asking.

We would like a commitment from both the trades unions and the Labour Party to stop, scrap and to form a fair benefit system like the one that we used to have.

I am happy with this move forward but the whole situation is very frustrating, more so for the people that are being discriminated against on a daily basis. Sanctioned people with homes just aren’t big news to some, especially the media but they are to us. So thanks Unite Community.

Today started off fairly slow, and like I have said before I never know what to expect. We were joined today by Jack a local Labour Party Councillor and we really appreciated this act of solidarity. Please come again.

I’ll list todays incidents as usual. It’s easier that way.

The first person that I spoke to was a lady who appeared to leave the Jobcentre in a distressed state. I asked her if she was ok, and would she like to talk. She told me that she wanted some advice from a person on the front desk but was treated in a very discourteous manner, so much so that it upset her greatly. She told me that she was sick of being treated in this manner by the DWP and that she wanted to die. What’s the point in carrying on she said, when I’m worthless in their eyes.

They really shouldn’t treat people like this, but they do because they can and as long as they can nothing will be done about this. I had a long chat with her and I hope that she is ok. I did signpost her to a local organisation that can help her should she wish to access it.

I spoke to a man who’s father had just died. He was struggling to sort everything out and dealing with the DWP was something that he could have done without. We had a nice chat and I handed him our survival guide.

I spoke to a man who struggles to read, so therefore the system is geared against him. He is managing at the moment but really struggles with using computers and his job search. He told me that he had worked for most of his adult life.

I offered him a copy of our survival guide but he told me that he couldn’t read it, so I read it to him. I think that he was surprised that someone would do this for him, let alone a stranger. We had a good chat and he walked away empowered, knowing his legal rights and obligations, and also having been advised what help is out there to assist him with his disability.

We spoke to a man who had lost his job in a local factory recently, so is now awaiting his first Universal Credit payment to arrive. This will of course take some time, and he told us that he was surviving on loans and the kindness of his family.

No one should have to wait as long as it takes to process a claim for Universal Credit, there’s absolutely no need for this long wait. I’m certain that the waiting period has been created to ensure a persons suffering. I mean how dare they ask for help!?

I spoke to an older lady who told me that she was 63. She was quite rightly frustrated that she had to claim Universal Credit. Whilst struggling for breath she told me that she was finding it hard to cope and that no one had told her that she could claim the disability element of Universal Credit before. We had a nice chat and I handed her our survival guide and advised her.

We spoke to a man whom I have mentioned before on my blog. He has had issues with his former employer so I had advised him to contact the law centre. He did just that and he has now been given some extremely good advice and is much more optimistic about his situation. Thank you so much to everyone at  Greater Manchester Law Centre!

I spoke to a young man who had no idea that he was going to be transferred over to Universal Credit on the day of his usual signing on appointment. Because of this he had no time to prepare for this.

How hard would it be for his advisor to pre warn him? They know that we are undergoing full roll out, so please give the people that you see some prior warning and advice please.

I spoke to a man who had worked for the same company for 20 years. He became unemployed so he made an application for Universal Credit. He did everything correctly and attended his first appointment as requested, bearing in mind that he had to travel miles to reach the Jobcentre and it cost a small fortune on the bus. His advisor didn’t inform him of any future appointments and he was waiting for a letter to arrive to confirm an appointment.

Guess what…. The letter didn’t arrive, of course he didn’t attend the appointment which was only two days after his initial appointment. Yes two days. His advisor should have notified him of this appointment either at the initial appointment or by telephone or text. As a result he was sanctioned before he had actually received his first payment.

Madness, complete DWP beaurcratic madness, of course aimed to make a vulnerable person fall at the first obstacle. Sort it out DWP. You are destroying people’s life’s. Of course they know this but I thought that I’d remind them.

My question is this… How much more suffering will already vulnerable people have to endure before they get any decent representation? All they want is for an official body to say officially that they care, that your suffering shouldn’t be happening and we will do all that we can to change this Dickensian system.

Too many people are suffering and dying as a result, and every now and then the media are interested but we need constant support. I really hope that my readers can understand where I’m coming from. In my eyes everyone is important, and no one should be suffering like they are. Maybe I’m being unreasonable.

Here’s the leaflet issued by Unite Community. Anyone affected by Universal Credit can also contact me. Your voices are important and should be heard.



Hi folks, please help me to continue with my blog and campaign work. Thank you!


A massive thank you to everyone that came along and helped today, also a big thanks to Roy for collecting the food parcels and for being a big support to me this week. I can’t thank you and Chris enough.

Please share my blog as widely as possible, I ask this as a favour our voices need to become louder.

Also there is a donate button above for anyone wanting to donate. We aren’t funded by anyone and I do this on a purely voluntary basis. Thank you!

22 thoughts on “I want to die, I can’t carry on being treated like this. The DWP is cruel,unfit for use and punishes people for their own poverty.”

  1. I always say those who face a sanction should ask for a copy, preferably watermarked, of the letter along with proof of postage and receipt of any letter they claim to have sent.
    Oh yes they should confirm on the last two dates, by saying in 4 weeks you will be moved to UC then two weeks later at your next signing on day you will be transferred onto universal credit, it’s simple really unless you are DWP or JCP.


  2. Why was the man who had worked for 20 years claiming universal credit? He would have been eligible for contributory jobseekers allowance, if he had paid national insurance for that long. It used to be automatic that, whatever out-of-work benefit you claimed, the DWP system would look first at whether you qualified for a contributory benefit and pay that automatically if you did qualify. That ‘joined up’ system was ended in the past 2 years, since the job centres were all briefed to push universal credit. But you can get the contributory JSA (and ESA) claim forms via the http://www.gov.uk website. It says to take the completed form, or post it, to your job centre. Myself, I recommend delivery in person and get a receipt. JSA gets paid out within 2 weeks, you don’t have to have a special interview to prove your identity you only need a national insurance number, and the conditions for claiming it are less punitive than universal credit. (I claimed JSA when I first became unemployed in 2016, and this is how it worked. It still does, I have advised a few people in Salford where I volunteer, to claim contributory JSA in the past year and all succeeded. Universal credit does not replace contributory benefits, only means-tested ones.)


    1. I’ve no idea I questioned that also. It appears that he has been advised wrongly. I’ll ensure that he fills the form in if I see him again, however we are full roll out and they are pushing it. They also refuse to give receipts for anything that is handed in and have been doing for an age now. They are determined that everyone is and will be transferred over to uc now that we are full roll out. Even this week they were demanding proof of a person’s national insurance number. They do things differently here.


    2. It appears that it may not be automatic in a full digital roll out area. Upon making a claim he was told to apply for uc, ignoring the fact that he could have claimed jsa at the time. This would have left him a month to appeal against this decision, if his UC claim was refused. It wasn’’t refused because of the full roll out and a month has gone by. So he’s stuck on it. Its all extremely complicated!


  3. I remember some time ago you shared your leaflets and help sheets with us. Would it be at all possible you do that again so I can get local versions made up for our area? I know you do make a difference, and I would hope that we could do the same by having these sheets with us when we are collecting signatures on the anti-UC petition and canvassing. I think its time for Labour to come out a lot more strongly against this evil. Anyone can log in as a guest on their National Policy Forum (NPF) and make policy suggestions. Its about time there was a much stronger campaign. I’m a member of Unite but had no idea this was a campaign day! Come on, Unite, at least give us some notice so we can do something to support this campaign!

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  4. I’ve had a letter today telephone compliance interview. I’ve no idea why but it raised my anxiety levels massively.
    I’ve since been told people in ESA support group get these regularly and it’s a way of oppressing people so they stop their claim. I’m so fed up. I can see why people kill themselves, I personally couldn’t leave my family but if I was alone I couldn’t honestly say I wouldn’t. It’s bad enough having to give up a job I loved because I was too ill to work but the dehumanising processes I’ve gone through made me seriously ill with anxiety and depression.

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      1. It’s a telephone interview but I will hopefully have a friend sit with me while it happens. It says my circumstances may have changed but they’ve not so not sure if it’s just routine or someone has reported me (I know who would do that) I’m trying not to get too anxious because I’ll end up ill.

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    1. Hi D, I know how you feel. You’re not alone in your experience and I’m glad you’ve got people around you who care. My best advice is to put the call on speaker and record it. Just in case. Good luck 🙂


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