Family made homeless due to no fault of their own… Children taken into care. There’s no duty of care to keep families together. Welcome to Tory britain.

Sorry for the delay in writing my blog this week. After the demo I had to attend a meeting and time quickly drifted away. This sometimes happens so my apologies once again.

Today was freezing cold, horrendous for anyone who are forced to live on the streets, having no roof over their head. Not only do they have the weather to contend with they also have to cope with life on the streets, it’s tough much tougher than we can comprehend. My heart goes out to everyone in this situation and as I know we are all either one or two steps away from this ourselves.

I really didn’t think that I could despise this Conservative government even more than I did previously, but today has deepened my dislike of them. Let’s get it right, they really don’t care about anyone that isn’t a member of their club, and nor would many Tory MPs care about the homeless man that died near the houses of parliment this week. They’ll just exchange platitudes and that will be it.

I also make no apologies for my thinking this way, I’ve experienced too much now to think otherwise and every night I hope that the next day it will get better but it doesn’t.


Gordon arrived with the food parcels as soon as I arrived, he might have arrived a few seconds earlier than myself, I’m not sure but I was tired so my apologies. All food parcels were taken as usual, I shall list todays incidents, it’s probably easier that way.


The first person that I spoke to was an older man who had been sanctioned for not attending a meeting that he didn’t receive an appointment about. For any new readers of my blog this happens a lot, far too often for it to be a conincidence anymore. If you scroll down my posts, I think that I have mentioned this previously in an earlier blog.

I advised him of what to do etc and handed him a food parcel. Also, I gave him advice and solidarity because when a person is in that situation it does feel like your whole world is ending, for some it does. A kind word means more than you’d think.


I spoke to a man who often stops to talk to me. He is sleeping on a friends sofa, it’s his only option he says. He has a few problems with his accomodation so he likes to chat about it, and once again I advised him of his options. He took a food parcel and rushed home to get out of the cold. Cold weather and Asthma do not mix well.


I spoke to a young woman who was very inappropriately dressed for the weather. She looked very upset so I walked over to her and asked her if she was ok. She told me that she had attempted suicide the other day and was not long out of hospital. She had previously failed her ESA examination, and didn’t know how she was going to carry on. Shes also pregnant and worried about her unborn baby.

I gave her a hug, a food parcel and one of our leaflets. I also advised her of what she should do now as a matter of urgency and she assured me that she would do these tasks as well as access local groups for support. I reassured her that she isn’t alone, that we and others do care for her and are there for her. My thoughts are with her.


An older lady walked out of the Jobcentre, she stopped and stated that ‘They make you feel like you are a five year old in there’ and that the security guards are even worse. She finds them very intimidating and I can attest to that fact. Some of them must think that they are in the employ of the DWP, when infact they are employed by G4S and are only one step away from being in the same shoes as the claimants that they intimidate.


A lovely woman walked over and started to talk to us, she told me that her friend had mentioned us. She told us that she claims ESA and also PIP and already has a good support worker. Shes a very clever and articulate woman.

She told us that a representative of a local housing provider had been to see her to ‘advise’ her about Universal Credit which is being completely rolled out in Ashton Under Lyne in March. The representative panicked her and didn’t take into account her health conditions and left her in a state of panic.

Advice  was given to her and she is now arming herself with as much information as possible. The representative told her that she has to start saving money to pay her rent due to the wait for Universal Credit payments. Rent is a priority she was told. Thats as may be, but when you have no money how on earth can you save, its impossible isn’t it.


A young man stormed out of the Jobcentre looking very upset. He didn’t want to talk, I hope that he is ok.


I advised a lady who was posting a sicknote to send it by first class postage and to get proof of postage. This will back up her claim if it becomes lost as they often do. Shes had an awful time with her ESA and their crooked assessments.


I spoke to a lady who looked furious upon leaving the Jobcentre. She told me that her advisor was leaving, its an advisor that has worked at Ashton for some time. I used to have the same advisor on occasion and they are one of the more reasonable ones. Anyway today she had to see the person taking over their job. In her words this advisor was ‘horrible, didn’t listen to me, tried to catch me out on everything and I just wanted to get out of there’. I advised her of her right to complain and demand to change advisors.

Yes this is still a legal right and people should exercise this right whenever they encounter a problem like this. If you have a decent MP then go and see them, it doesn’t take long to sort out. Jobcentres hate MPS becoming involved because they know that they will be held accountable to some degree.


A man walked out of the Jobcentre and whispered to Gordon ‘The way they treat us in there is awful’. Says it all doesn’t it.


The last incident could be rather shocking to some readers, but not to others.

When the demo ended we made our way over to IKEA for a free cuppa and some warmth. We were also having a meeting.

As I was walking over to our table I was stopped by a woman and a man that I have spoken to many times in the past. Due to no fault of their own they were made homeless and are getting legal advice about this. This is bad enough isn’t it, but they have children and as a result of their becoming homeless their children have now been taken into care.

They asked for help regarding housing for both themselves and their children,but were told that the duty of care goes only to their children and not the parents.

I have mentioned this subject earlier in the week via twitter my twitter id is @charlotteh71 with fellow blogger Kate Belgrave, and I have also had personal experience of this attitude towards duty of care when my daughter asked for help with rehousing, and I do know that this does happen, it happens a lot in most local authorities up and down the country.

The duty of care used to go to both children and their parents, and it used to be a priority to keep a family together. This priority seems to have gone, most likely due to a lack of emergency accomodation and cost. The irony is that it costs a lot more to place a child into the care system than it does to keep a family together. So now the parents are street homeless and unless they find accomodation they are not likely to have their children returned.

It’s an almost identical situation as in Ken Loach’s film Cathy come home. The government are tearing families apart, children are being taken from good parents, who’s only so called crime is to have a run of bad luck, to loose their job and then their home. These aren’t crimes, this shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

We bought them a warm meal, gave them some good advice and signposted them to local organisations. They have done nothing wrong except to be poor, and in this governments eyes thats criminal.



I’m sorry if I’ve ranted a bit today, I’m upset. Every week for over 4 years I’ve seen and heard some awful things and it does get to me at times. Everything that I write is a true account and has been witnessed by members of the team, who are wonderful.

How much more will it take before enough people want change? I know that many of us can’t take much more.

Many thanks to everyone that came along today. I know that it’s cold and this winter is never ending but I really do appreciate it and so do the people that are forced to use the Jobcentre.


Please share, tweet, talk about or email my blog to your local MP. Even if they are a conservative MP they need to know what is happening to the poorest and most vulnerable of this country.

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Insulin dependant lady fails ESA medical relying on foodbanks, wheelchair bound homeless man forced to live in rat infested hostel, missing gateway codes, welcome to Tory Britain.

Well today’s demo was busy. I was greeted by John as I arrived at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, he was very early today and that cheered me up immensely. Very soon after John’s arrival Gordon arrived with the food parcels and they more or less left as soon as they arrived. it’s an awful sign of the times when this happens and the cold weather certainly does not help. Everyone agrees that winter does feel never ending this year.

I have been pondering on how I should write this weeks blog, and I have decided that I shall list the accounts of what happened today. Please note that no one in need left without adequate help, support, signposting and when needed a food parcel. So here goes.


The First Lady that I spoke to stopped for only a moment. She told me that she had failed her ESA medical because the DWP had lost her form. Unbelievable isn’t it. Well sadly this isn’t unusual, she was given advice on how to appeal, where to get help doing so and was given a food parcel. She wasn’t given any help from the Jobcentre just a sheet of paper with a telephone number on it. Thank goodness we were there to help her.


I spoke to a man who was working but because his income is very limited he couldn’t afford to buy any food shopping. I advised him and handed him a food parcel, he was relieved that he had someone to talk to that understood and that he wasn’t on his own.

A woman stopped me to tell me that the DWP had lost her sick note, she was devestated and is trying everything that she can to sort this out. I advised her on what to do and handed her a leaflet. Gordon had a chat with her also. She will be ok, but shes a vulnerable person and she shouldn’t be forced to pay financially for the DWPS mistake.

We spoke to a young woman who was wearing totally unsuitable clothes for the cold weather. She appeared to be confused and told me that she had just found out that she is pregnant. We advised her, gave her a leaflet and food parcel and also signposted her to a local organisation where she can get a hot meal and get some solidarity. She appeared happy with that and hopefully things will get better for her.

I noted today that there was more people being turned away from attending their appointment for being ‘too early’. Being early counts as being 10 minutes early. The Jobcentre should remember that if a person were to attend a job interview then it is good practice to arrive 10 minutes early, and afterall they are supposed to be preparing people to return to work. It’s also flaming cold outside and a bit of compassion wouldn’t go amiss would it. It wasn’t overly busy either. I suspect that this is really all about control, afterall all claimants need to be constantly reminded to who is their real boss don’t they, the DWP are in total control of their life’s. it’s awful and soul destroying.

A young couple rushed out, they didn’t want to speak and they looked annoyed. I asked them if they were ok (daft question really) and the young woman told me “They are all pi** takers in there aren’t they”. Sorry I can’t elaborate more on that but they wern’t hanging around.


We spoke to an older lady who is insulin dependent. She has to take insulin several times a day and also eat decent food at regular intervals throughout the day. She had attended her ESA medical and had failed, so with the help of welfare rights is now taking her case to a tribunal. She is understandably worried about this because she needs to eat.

This lady is also a WASPI lady, who should be by rights receiving her state pension. Because the government wrongly changed the goalposts regarding this she can’t and is now at the mercy of a system that cares nothing for her at all. Roy quite rightly stated that she has been dropped off the cliff edge with her safety net being thrown away. She is still in shock that the government would treat her like this. We gave her advice, a leaflet and showed her compassion and solidarity, this did mean the world to her.


I spoke to two homeless men that are at the moment living in an area that isn’t in Tameside, but not too far away, a place called Openshaw. I recognised them both when I saw them because they had both been street homeless in Manchester and I had spoken to them both. One of these men is a wheelchair user.

They told me about the terrible living conditions that they are being forced to endure. They are living in temporary accommodation in a hostel. Whilst they are living there they have to pay a top up amount and they are supposed to get a breakfast every day. The landlord is refusing to feed them, there’s water leaking everywhere and they told me that the place is overrun by rats and mice. They hate it there, but it’s either there or the streets and it’s too cold to be out on the streets.

There has also been a mix up with their money and they are scared that they are going to be thrown out because they can’t afford to pay the top up and they are scared. I had a good chat with them, and I signposted them to a local organisation that might be able to help them with their situation and I also advised them of where to go for help with their payments.

Life is awful for them, hellish infact and it’s the same for thousands of homeless folk up and down the country. From what I have been hearing there needs to be far more stringent regulations put into place regarding these hostels. There are some awful ones out there, it seems that it goes from one extreme to another, from excellent accomodation where residents are given full support and the other end of the spectrum where the landlord just collects the rent and doesn’t want to have anything to do with the care of the vulnerable people living in them. This needs sorting out asap as a matter of urgency.


We spoke to a woman that isn’t entitled to claim contribution based JSA because she hadn’t worked in the previous year. She lives with her partner and he works more than 24 hours a week, therefore she is at the mercy of him for any money at all. She told me that she gets money to go for milk and the odd tenner every now and then. She doesn’t have a life, no independence and it’s eating her up inside. She told us that she had worked all her life, since she was 18 without a break except for last year. She’s paid into a system that refuses to help her in her time of need and it’s rotten. She told me that it’s a good job that her partner is a nice fella or it could be much worse. I agreed, I know women and some men who are trapped at home with an abusive partner because of rulings like this. This government cares nothing for victims of domestic abuse, infact by its own rulings it appears to encourage it. Shame on them.

There was nothing that we could do except offer her advice and sympathy, She thanked us for our kind words.


We spoke to a lady who was very upset as she was leaving the Jobcentre. She had been working previously and was working through her probational period at work. On her last day of probationary work, just before she was about to sign her contract for a permanent job she had a heart attack at work. The company refused her a job and she had to spend a long period of time in hospital.

Upon leaving hospital she claimed ESA and was put in the work related category. She wasn’t happy about this but didn’t know how to navigate the system. Because she was put in the work related category she was given a gateway code that she had to give to the DWP upon phoning them, logging on for work searches etc.

She told us that her code didn’t work, they told her on the telephone that she must find the correct one and she was going round in circles. They obviously haven’t been watching or reading the news because if they had been they would have known that the official policy for a situation like this is to help the person in need. They refused. In desperation she walked into the Jobcentre and luckily she spoke to a nice advisor (I know who you are but won’t name incase of repercussions but thank you) and they offered to help her, and to telephone her within three hours.

She is also telephoning our MPS office, and has hopefully visited the local organisation that we referred her to for some food and a nice hot cuppa. We had ran out of food parcels but I know that if she has gone to see them then they would help her.

She told us that she had 83p left to her name, she had nothing else. She had always worked and this is the first time that she has claimed any type of benefit except working tax credits when her children were younger.

This can happen to anyone folks, a sudden illness, a loss of a job, a berevement or a bit of bad luck can put anyone in this situation. There is an old saying, and I say it often ‘but by the grace of god go I’. Never take anything for granted we can’t because it could happen to anyone at any time.


Today was busy even though the town centre appeared quiet today. I know that there are a lot of people that are ill at the moment, my daughter included so get well folks I’m thinking of you all.


Many thanks to everyone who attended today. Numbers might have been low but spirits, compassion and solidarity were high. We will return again next week and the week after etc etc. Come and join us we would love to see you!



Please share, tweet, email and talk about this blog. If we don’t continue to get these issues into conversation and the public arena this will never change. For everyone that already does, thank you and thank you to everyone that supports my blog and work.

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What’s the point in trying to stop them from sanctioning me? They do it anyway. A man defeated by the system.

I’m going to start this weeks blog by thanking all of my readers, supporters, followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook. Also I want to than all my activist friends for their support.

Today was absolutely freezing cold. Not only did I have to contend with walking the mile to school on what was effectively sheet ice, the wind chill was awful. I really don’t know how anyone that is street homeless survives in this weather. I only stood for nearly a couple of hours and I was chilled to the bone. The national and local severe weather emergency provision is unsatisfactory also. All different authorities use differing thermometers and rulings. Once the weather on their individual thermometers reaches above zero then there isn’t any provision.

They don’t keep in mind that their thermometers can be wrong, and people can and do still die on the streets in above zero temperatures. Today with the cold, and wind chill it’s much colder than they think. Ultimately it’s all about saving money though and denying responsibility. A national system needs to be introduced, where every local authority uses the same temperature measure, ideally the Met Office and take things like wind chill, feels like temperature and rain into account.

Anyway I have digressed from the demo, but it’s a subject that I’m passionate about. I speak to many street homeless folk and I can’t imagine the hell that they go through on a daily basis.


Anyway like I’ve said it was cold, so much so that we had to leave 20 minutes early. There was only three of us, and a couple of friends came to say hello, thank you! I’m always wary that I don’t want anyone to become ill. But I apologise anyway.


The first person that I spoke to today was a lady who told me that she was grieving. There had been a death in her family and she was trying to cope as well as keep up with the DWP regime. She had handed a sick note in, but unfortunately it had ran out so back on the treadmill she goes. I handed her a leaflet which she was thankful for.


I spoke to a lady who was new to the DWP system due to a relationship breakdown. She has two children, one still very young, but her advisor has given her an unreasonable job search time in her claimant commitment. I advised her and she will be taking this further. I gave her a survival guide which she was grateful for.


We spoke to an older man who’s son is claiming Universal Credit . His told us that his son is 50 years old and has a degree. He is looking for work and is doing his best. He told us that the DWP staff are ‘buggers’ who don’t help anyone but themselves. It must be awful seeing his son in this position and worrying about him also.


We spoke to a man who had won two tribunals to reinstate his JSA payments, but the DWP are still refusing to pay him. The DWP have given him all sorts of rubbish excuse that don’t amount to any substance at all, and they are ignoring the tribunals order to pay him his money. He will be appealing this though, he’s very knowledgeable and will hopefully be visiting the Law Centre in Manchester for further help.


I spoke to a few people that were walking out of the Jobcentre clutching colourful, glossy brochures. They informed me that they contain information about a health and wellbeing course at a local college. I will endeavour to get further details of these courses.


We spoke to an older man who looked very despondent. We asked him what the problem was and he told us that he was sick of that place (the Jobcentre). We handed him a leaflet and told him that it would help him, and hopefully prevent him from being sanctioned. He looked at the leaflet, looked at us and said “What’s the point? They do it anyway.” That, readers are the words of a defeated man. His pride has gone, and the system has ground him down as much as it can. This is what the system does to people, it takes a person’s spirit from them, I’ve seen it countless times and it sickens me.


I spoke to a lady who I speak to on a weekly basis. She’s so lovely and always has a smile for us despite having a hard time. She has had the flu, works for 12 hours a week and relies on the top up element of Universal Credit. Because she claims the top up element she still has to do a weekly job search which she keeps to stringently. Today her advisor told her that she hadn’t looked for work enough. Luckily for her she proved that she had done so. She was so close to wrongly having her top up wrongly sanctioned, and thanks to our advice she had the evidence. This is how easy it is to be sanctioned and it angers me.


We handed out 6 food parcels, all full to the top, handed out extra bread, handed out copies of our survival guides, gave comapssion, understanding and sympathy. All of those qualities the DWP are devoid of. I’m very sad to say that we had to leave early, 20 minutes early but we were really cold. I’m still cold. But we will return next week as usual and will be there for the full two hours.

Steve if you are reading this get well soon!

Thanks to my rocks Gordon and Roy for coming today. I’m very aware that it wasn’t easy for you so a massive thank you.



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No electric, no food, failed ESA medicals. This weeks blog.

Dear readers, can I please apologise for the lateness of my blog this week. After the demo, we went for a cuppa to warm up and then went to a meeting. This took time, but it was essential. More news about this at a later date if everything goes to plan.

I’ve had a busy week, and combined with not feeling well it’s been tough. I made a short appearance on The Victoria Derbyshire programme yesterday morning (25th Jan 2016.)  Discussing the need for free school meals for all children, not just years 1 and 2. A doctors appointment has also been made for tomorrow so hopefully all will be well soon. Anyway enough about me.

I arrived slightly early because I was expecting a visitor at the demo. A lovely man named Stuart who wanted to come and help out. I jumped at the chance, its lovely meeting new people and he didn’t hang around, he got stuck right in and started to help. He has knowledge of where some work is available locally so he informed suitable people.

As soon as I arrived near the Jobcentre I was stopped by a lovely couple whom I have mentioned in previous blogs. Their run of bad luck never ends and even though they now have somewhere to live they had no money for electric. They had asked elsewhere but no one could help but I did. So they got food and electric which at the moment is all I can do for them.

The food parcels arrived and as soon as they did most of them were taken. Various people took them all with various problems. One lady is working but is struggling to get by. This happens A LOT and it’s by no means unusual. I referred her and everyone else to local organisations where they can receive extra help.

I spoke to a young man and his father. He had been refused his Universal Credit claim because he hadn’t responded to a letter that they had sent. The problem here is an old one, he didn’t receive a letter, nothing arrived. He challenged this and his advisor told him that it wasn’t their fault, it was his fault he should have somehow known that a letter was going to arrive on a certain day. He didn’t so now he’s having to go through the rigmarole of appealing etc.

I spoke to a man who had failed their ESA assessment. To be honest this is very common, hardly anyone passes their assessment these days. It was in the news recently that ATOS ‘Don’t mind” if recording interviews was permitted again, and equipment is easily available to do so. This then leads me to the question ‘Why aren’t you implementing this then?’ They aren’t and I think that they are just playing lip service, thinking that we are fools.

We spoke to several gentlemen who are finding life hard, they can’t cope really but carry on not knowing what for. They come for a chat and its lovely seeing them. Remember a kind word can make all the difference to someone’s life. We should all try to do this more.

We spoke to a man who is struggling with a previous employer. He had been working for a local factory through an agency. Why on earth they can’t just employ people themselves? It’s a ploy to enable them to pay employees less and dodge paying tax.

Anyway, the agency have told the DWP that he has earnt more than he actually has, and they are refusing to provide him with wage slips etc. The DWP will not tolerate anything that he tells them so now he has to appeal this. He’s frustrated, and understandably so. He was signposted everywhere suitable for help etc and I wish him all the luck in the world.

This is another reason what I don’t like agencies. Many exploit people and they often get away with it. Shame on them.

It was cold and busy today outside the Jobcentre.

I was talking to the man who arrived early on his mobility scooter. JC+ staff sent him outside to wait on the pavement in the cold wind as is their practice. He told me that he’d worked all his life and never been interested in politics. He’s changing his mind now I think.

We spoke to lots of people today, helped lots and handed out Survival Guides, food parcels, solidarity, help and advice. Please don’t underestimate the amount of work that we do and we help people when they are feeling at their lowest. Seeing people overcome their problems is the best thing in the world.

Apologies for the short blog, I’m tired, not feeling great and need to get some rest.

Thank you to EVERYONE that came and helped, you are all brilliant. I really do appreciate you all. Roy it was lovely to see you today, and thank you to Stuart andthe gentleman who reads this blog and came along. I really do apologise for forgetting your name, I’m hopeless with names and I really do apologise. Thank you so much.

A massive thank you to everyone who reads, shares, and supports the campaign and this blog. Thank you so, so much. If I could give you all a hug I would do.

Thank you!


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Your son has died? Never mind put some make up on and get on with looking for work. More despicable occurrences and more at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. Today’s demo.

Hi readers, I thought that this weeks demo would be quiet. We were low on numbers due to the cold weather and illness, and I had mistakenly thought that we might be quiet. I was wrong.

I arrived a few minutes early and much to my surprise Gordon was already there waiting with the food parcels. It was freezing and I was wearing many layers and thermals, as was Gordon. I do appreciate that I am lucky to have them and thank you. Most of the people that I speak to are wearing very unsuitable clothing, thin cotton jackets, cotton trousers, shorts and even summer shoes. Appropriate clothing is a luxury that many cannot afford, and this government should be ashamed that the poorest are not able to clothe themselves appropriately. I’m not talking about fancy clothes either, even a winter coat would be a start.

As soon as I arrived, the food parcels more or less disappeared to people whom had failed their ESA medicals. One of whom had already lodged a mandatory reconsideration, one whom had already requested an appeal, and the final one who was just about to start the process. Not one of these people are able to work, they are basically at the whim of a system that cares nothing for them or their disabilities and illnesses. And the worst thing about this is that they know that the whole system regards them as being worthless, that the government would like them to disappear because they aren’t wanted. I do my very best to tell them the opposite. That they are important, that they are loved and that worth more than those in government at the moment. It’s hard work trying to keep people going when the system and the media are so set against them from the start off.

Good news! A man that I have been talking to for over for years now has finally had an offer of work. He had a lengthy conversation with Gordon, and he is quite rightly delighted with this news. I must say that he has done this off his own back, and had not taken the advice off the various work programmes that he had been forced to attend. All of them had told him that he must not put his qualifications on his CV because it would put employers off employing him, nor should he apply for jobs relevant to his qualifications. Luckily he ignored this and hopefully he will soon be starting employment.

I spoke to a man whom I had previously spoken to. He updated me on the progress of his case, having previously contacted his local MP. He told me that the advice that I had given was correct and that his MP had helped to sort out his DWP related problem straight away. Take it from me, the DWP do not like any form of communication from MPs. They know that there will be a record of it, and that any query will be chased up. If you have a good MP then it’s always wise to go and visit them.

I spoke to a man who had failed his ESA medical, but unfortunately I hadn’t seen him until today. He was quite open in telling me that he is an alcoholic who is trying to recover, and that he has recently had a stroke. Unfortunately he had failed his medical, and was not claiming JSA. Thank goodness we have the short reprieve from Universal Credit. He’s had no money for a couple of weeks but should receive a payment next week. I did advise him of his legal rights and encouraged him to attend a local support organisation, as I have everyone else, but many aren’t ready yet. Some are though and thats a good start.

I spoke to two older ladies, both with walking sticks. They went into the Jobcentre in the misguided hope of getting some advice. They didn’t get any advice from them but they did from myself. The sick note belonging to one of the ladies husbands had gone missing despite handing it into the Jobcentre. I gave appropriate advice and asked her if they were ok for food etc. She told me that she was ok, that they were managing to survive on her money but its a struggle. This is not the way that we should be treating older people is it? They deserve much more respect than this.

I spoke to the boyfriend of a lady who had recently failed her ESA medical. Her child died not long ago, and understandably she is still grieving, is still suffering from this loss and as her boyfriend told me is going through so much mental anguish that she’s finding it hard to cope with everyday life. Shes on the waiting list for therapy but until she get a place shes basically on her own.

She had failed her ESA medical, and is now claiming JSA. Please can I state that I hadn’t had the opportunity to speak to her before the medical, to give advice or to take her, hence the reason why she is now claiming JSA. Thank goodness for the break form Universal Credit.

Her boyfriend told me that she had attended her signing on appointment and saw her advisor. She informed her advisor of her loss, that she was finding it very hard to cope and of her failed ESA medical. His answer was this. No sympathy, the opposite. And what I heard disgusted me. He told her that she should just put some make up on and get out there. Yes those were his words. So now make up is the new miracle cure for the death of a child, and of course this is dismissing the fact that not all women want to wear make up. It was entirely inappropriate that this comment was made in the first place, and her partner lodged a complaint which so far has been ignored. I advised him to visit or telephone his MPs office and they will make an official complaint. Their MP is a good one so hopefully he will do this.

We live in an age where this kind of treatment is becoming normalised and accepted. The media are actively promoting it as are the right wing newspapers. Please folks, let’s remember that it shouldn’t be this way, that no one deserves to be treated like this and we must fight against it.

I spoke to a lady who has been forced to attend a daily access to work course… The course lasts for 30 minutes per day. Yes 30 minutes, and she has to travel from another town to get to the Jobcentre. This is costing her £4 a day in bus fares because it’s too far to walk, and all for a useless course that isn’t teaching her anything that she doesn’t know already. We must not forget that the main aim of these courses is to remind people of their so called place in society, that their so called boss is the DWP and they must obey their every command. Its scandalous.

I spoke to a woman that wants me to accompany her to an ESA medical. Unfortunately it is on the same date as I am taking someone else, so we are rearranging this for a time when I can accompany her and meet her beforehand. I felt awful but I can’t be in two places at once, and she wants me to take her. I don’t mind so hopefully she will contact me asap.

I spoke to a man who was late handing in his sick note because he had an epileptic fit. He had also failed his ESA medical and I advised him of his legal rights and of the appropriate action that he should take.

Lastly, I spoke to a man who had been told that he had an appointment with his advisor to scan his ESA documentation. The appointment had been made, he had double checked it before he set off from home but when he arrived at the Jobcentre they told him that there was no such appointment. They told him that his appointment didn’t exist. It did and he is now taking appropriate action, and is also doing so with his ESA documentation. This disgusts me but it doesn’t surprise me one bit because this does happen a lot. Sadly it’s become the norm. But he was given good advice.

I spoke to many people today, we helped lots of people. I chatted to folk who just wanted to chat, had a lovely conversation with some friends that I had spoken to on Facebook, checked to see if everyone was ok upon entering and leaving the Jobcentre and handed out food parcels. Gave some folk some milk etc. It’s hard work, especially when it’s winter, freezing cold and there’s not much hope out there. But I will never stop helping folk, nor will my fellow campaigners.

EDIT: Thank you to the nice and helpful advisor working at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre this morning. I’ve heard a few good reports about how helpful, polite and understanding you were. This appears to be a rarity, and I won’t name you in case of repercussions but thank you.

Thank you to Gordon for surviving the whole two hours in the freezing cold and to Christine and John for arriving later. Your comradeship is really appreciated. Also get well soon Roy!!

We are low in numbers in winter and we always welcome new members, even if you visit for just five minutes it will give us the confidence boost that we and the people forced to use the Jobcentre need. So please come and visit!

We will be back next week and every week.


Hi folks, please help me to continue with my blog and campaign work. Thank you!


Thank you to all my readers and to everyone that has and does support the campaign and my blog. It really means the world to me. Thank you.

Man sanctioned for a missed appointment last year.. That he didn’t receive. Inappropriate questioning by advisor. Don’t go to hospital, attend your appointment instead. Welcome to Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

Hello readers, and thank you for reading my blog. It always feels like Thursday comes round very quickly, and because Thursday mornings are usually very busy outside the Jobcentre thats entirely appropriate.

I’ll start with the weather, freezing cold, although not quite as cold as some other weeks and it wasn’t raining, brilliant that made a change both for us and the people having to use the Jobcentre. There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold and not having the ability to dry off.

I arrived at the Jobcentre and was almost immediately met by a lovely lady by the name of Vicky. She had travelled all the way from Salford, which is quite a distance away with some extra food parcels containing goodies such as fruit, UHT milk, margarine etc. Believe me when you have nothing these essentials become luxuries and you treasure them. Vicky was so lovely and chatted with everyone and made everyone wanting help feel at ease. Thank you Vicky so much.

I was then joined by Gordon with the food parcels, and later on Roy, who still isn’t feeling brilliant but he still came along to help people. We are all very dedicated and thank you roy.


The first person to ask for help was a woman and man whom I have mentioned in the previous blog. They are now getting support from a local organisation, and they are really benefiting from that, however they have now encountered another obstacle which has once again left them without money. She requested milk, and a food parcel, so we gave her both and she told me that she would keep in touch to keep me updated about their situation. The good news is that Shelter have helped her with a solicitor and the local organisation are also providing support. But even though the work that we all do is fantastic and is much needed, it shouldn’t distract from the fact that this should never have happened in the first place. I’m a great believer in social housing, and that everyone in need should have access to it. If we had adequate social housing then this would never have happened.


I spoke to a young man whom was shy to talk at first. I know how he feels, I would be also, but after some kind words from both myself and Vicky he opened up and told us his situation. His situation is this, he went to check his bank for his payment over Christmas and there was noting there, his bank account was empty. He managed to contact the DWP and they told him that they had decided to sanction him because they said that he had missed an appointment the PREVIOUS year. Yes folks, a year ago. He was adamant that he didnt miss an appointment, and I believe him. Why do I believe him? Because this happens a lot, far too often, and anyone who helps people like I do will tell you the same. It’s almost as if they have a sick and twisted lottery going on at DWP HQ, where they choose a person to be targeted like this. Being a young, single male with no dependants does increase his chances of winning this sick lottery and he was chosen.

He had no food over Christmas, and had to rely on the kindness of others. When I offered him some food, the first thing that he said to me was ‘I haven’t got any money, I can’t pay for this’. I told him that money isn’t needed, and tears ran down his face. He has promised to appeal this sanction, and I do feel that he stands a good chance of winning his appeal. He has also agreed to access other local organisations. At least he now has a  bit of hope, hope that he previously didn’t have, that the government had taken away from him. Its abhorrent that they continue to target individuals like this, but I will continue to fight against this evil system on behalf of those who can’t.


I spoke to a street homeless man, who’s tent had been slashed over the festive period. Why and how people can get kicks from targeting vulnerable people like this is beyond me, but they do. We had a short conversation, he finds it hard to trust people, and it’s taken a couple of years for him to build his trust with me. But one step at a time, and hopefully he will start to engage with other organisations. Knowing that he is ok, is very good though, if I don’t see the usual faces around town I get worried, and I know that others do too.


We spoke to an older lady who is 63 years old. She had failed her ESA medical and has been forced to sign on. She has numerous medical conditions and there is no way that she should be forced to sign on, for heavens sake she’s 63 and should have been entitled to her pension. We advised her to appeal this decision and she told us that she hadn’t been advised of this by her advisor. She took a leaflet, and told us that she would submit an appeal as soon as possible. It’s sickening that a government can treat older people like this, it both upsets and angers me, in  my eyes this can never be right, never.


I spoke to a woman and a man entering the Jobcentre. I stopped them because the man had no shoe on one foot and his ankle was twisted slightly, he was also using a makeshift walking stick. I immediately asked them if they were ok and they told me that it was their first time signing on, and they had been warned that they had to attend. Getting medical attention should have been their priority, but they were afraid that if they went their claim would be dismissed. I informed them of their rights and handed them a leaflet. But being so scared of a system that is designed to punish them, has forced them into not putting their health first. To put it simply, it’s inhumane, horrendous, well I have other words also but I don’t like swearing on here. The amount of control that the government now has over the poorest and most vulnerable in society is obscene. Their first thought is that they must comply to a system that hates them, that actively discriminates them and abuses them, much like an abusive relationship only a person cannot walk away from the system. even if they manage to find a job, it has to be a well paid, full time job and there aren’t many of them around now, especially for people that aren’t highly qualified.

I spoke to a lady who was leaving the Jobcentre after her appointment. She asked me if it was usual for the advisors to ask lots of probing questions about her children. She also told me that she was aggressive with her tone of questioning and she felt intimidated by this. I informed her, that no it isn’t usual, that her advisor should not be prying into her personal life, after all they already had all the details of her children for her claim and no further help was needed with this. She also informed me that she felt that this advisor had tried to target her from the start of her appointment, by telling her that she wasn’t fulfilling her claimant commitment. She told her advisor that she was, and she went through her weekly activity step by step proving that she was doing. She told me ‘It’s not fair, I know that I’m doing everything right, I’m not stupid. Just because I’m young and have children does not mean that I’m stupid. I’m just glad that I could prove her wrong and I challenged her, others might not have done’. In my opinion, this advisor was acting out of order, had decided that she would target this young woman and failed in her attempt to do so.

I advised her to make an official complaint and how to do so. This is very effective and if she does this, she won’t have to see that advisor again and it would make other advisors think twice about targeting her. I had to do this once and it works. If you are undergoing the same problem then please make an official complaint. If you have a decent MP then do it through them. It works and is very effective.


Even though there was only a few of us there today we helped lots of people, gave people hope, support and solidarity. We also provided food, and some warm packs that had been donated. We handed out approximately 12 food parcels in two hours. That’s a lot but they were needed and are needed every week. They are essential. and we will return next week and every week to do the same.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, you all give me hope that one day this might change. Not overnight but it might change and when you have nothing else hope does help doesn’t it. Many thanks to my readers and for everyone who supports my blog and the campaign, without you it would be hard to carry on, and I know that I don’t say it enough but THANK YOU so much.


I now have to attend to my daughter who has caught a sickness bug, so if I’m delayed in responding to you that is why. I’m hoping that it is a 24 hour bug, it’s that time of year.

Keep well everyone and solidarity to you all.


Hi folks, please help me to continue with my blog and campaign work. Thank you!




No we won’t print off proof of Universal Credit claim for one of our courses but we will give you a telephone number instead… Universal Credit hell.

Ok first may I wish each and every one of my readers a happy new year and I hope that the new year treats you better than the previous one has. Of course I understand that this is impossible unless something drastic happens in the near future, and that isn’t likely is it.

Anyway today was our first week back after the festive period, although we didn’t have any time off, we were helping people outside the Jobcentre last week in appalling weather and that help was desperately needed.

I arrived as usual and as I did Roy was already there waiting for me in his car with the food parcels. I really do appreciate this Roy, because I do know that your health isn’t brilliant at the moment. Please get well soon!

We placed the food parcels in their usual place, and I really had no idea that they would be taken as quickly as they were. I should have known better really because Christmas and New Year payments were paid early and as a result people had spent their money on basic necessities early. Its a no win situation for them, and Christmas can put a lot of pressure on a person to spend money on presents for family members that they don’t want to let down. It’s awful being poor, awful living in poverty and giving someone a present no matter how small it is makes you feel like you still fit in with society, that you don’t feel like an outcast because of your poverty.  And you know what they say, those who have the least give the most. Basically the whole festive period can be a rotten time.


The food parcels were taken very quickly because of the above reasons and for other reasons that I shall list below. No one should have to live hand to mouth, but it’s now quickly becoming an acceptable way of living which disgusts myself and others.


The first lady whom I spoke to has had a rotten time. She has children, and had worked all her life. Due to circumstances beyond her control she became ill and has had to apply for ESA and other benefits related to her children. They have been living off bits of food given to her by her mother and also depending on her parents to provide money for gas and electric.

I spotted her looking towards the food parcels and I asked her if she would like a leaflet. She said yes and we started to chat about her situation and how she has been coping. I told her that she could take some food if she wanted to, and she said yes, she needed it but had been too proud to say so. We had a good chat and I signposted her towards other local organisations for further help. I am hoping that her ESA claim goes through in the very near future although as we know that won’t be the end of the arduous task of trying to survive and cope with the seemingly constant medicals.


I spoke to a man who was drenched from head to toe. He had no coat, had lost his wallet and had nothing. He asked for a food parcel, I gave him one and referred him to a place where he might find a coat. He’s a young man, about to start his life instead he is having to live like this and quite simply it’s unacceptable.


I spoke to a lady who is on the path to recovery and she comes to see me every week. She’s doing so well and her smile said it all. What a wonderful lady I’m very proud of her and everyone else in similar situations.


I spoke to a man who is waiting for his Universal Credit claim to go through. He’s been waiting a long time now, but that isn’t unusual. The six week wait is a myth, I know that I’ve said this before. The wait is much, much longer.


I spoke to an older lady who was also waiting for her Universal Credit payment to go through. I know that she applied not long before Christmas so she won’t receive a payment until at the very least, the last week of January. I advised her that she can get an interim payment, but she then told me “How on earth am I going to pay that back? I owe money everywhere, to friends, family and I’ve taken loans out. I can’t afford to pay anything else back.” I gave her a food parcel, and advised her to get some financial advice from a local organisation. She looked so depressed, fed up and thin. Just by looking at her I could see that she hadn’t ate for a while.


I spoke to a chap whom I have been speaking to for around 3 1/2 years now. That’s how long he has been looking for work and he is trying his best. He is highly skilled and has kept up to date with his his qualifications and experience. He spends a lot of time at the local library and he really can’t try any harder.

He told us that he is concerned that the agencies that advertise on the Universal Jobmatch site could be sending claimants details to junk mail organisations and outlets. This is a genuine concern, because I found myself that once I started to use Universal Jobmatch a while ago I started to receive lots of junk mail, so there’s must do also. It’s already been proven that many of these so called jobs either don’t exist or are duplicated. If applying for jobs through an agency on this site, please find out the name of the company advertising the job and contact them directly. I know not all of them will accept this, but I have heard of successful job applications when this has been done.

He also went on to say that a tougher stance needs to be taken against Universal Credit, he feels let down, not supported by any political organisation and this is a major concern.


I spoke to a lady whom had been forced into self employment by her Job Coach whilst claiming Universal Credit. She told me that she couldn’t cope, it has made her ill, so much so that she has to now claim the sickness element and is now handing in sick notes. She did tell her advisor that she really didn’t think that she was able to cope with self employment, but her Job Coach ignored her. Now she is ill thanks to the DWP.


I spoke to a young man who is new to the whole system. He had worked from leaving school, and due to no fault of his own had lost his job, so he is now having to undergo the whole Universal Credit system, which can appear impossible at best.

He told me that he had just completed a course at a local organisation after being referred there by the Jobcentre. He went on to say that he had proudly passed his exam and has now been referred for another course by the DWP. You don’t get much choice in the matter really but he told me that he enjoyed the courses.

To start this course he needs proof that he is claiming Universal Credit. A print off letter from his advisor, or anything similar that will confirm this. Now you’d think that this would be a simple enough task wouldn’t you… Well no it isn’t. His advisor refused to print off a letter, or anything to substantiate such claim, and instead handed him a telephone number and told him that he would need to telephone the number and a them instead.

It’s not the first time that I’ve encountered this issue, this happens all the time, but come on they demand that he attends the course then the pressure should be on his advisor to provide him with the relevant documents. Common sense does not prevail within the DWP though.

So he left to make the telephone call. The result of this will most likely be that they will send a fax to the Jobcentre later today to his advisor, for his advisor to do a print out that takes 10 minutes at the very most to do. Its ridiculous, and a farce that they seem to gain some kind of sick pleasure out of.

He walked away stating the obvious.. “It’s bloody ridiculous.. It wouldn’t take five minutes to do this, they want me to attend the course. The world has gone mad hasn’t it” I had to agree with him, I mean who wouldn’t?



I spoke to a gentleman that I regularly have conversations with. He had been homeless and has now been offered a flat, and he was so excited to tell me the good news. He is looking so much better and looked very smart. He nearly had me in tears when he said “Thank you for helping me, I couldn’t have done it without you. You never gave up on me, you showed me where I could go for help when I needed it and when I was ready I accessed this help. You saw me at my worst, when I was at rock bottom and never gave up. Thank you.



Today was a tough day as usual but what else could I expect. We will be returning next week, and the week after etc. Please come and join us we will give you a warm welcome!

I want to thank all of my readers for supporting the campaign and the blog, you all cheer me up and keep me going as well as the team that is. Thank you!

I’d also like to thank my union the NUJ for the help towards the food parcels and to everyone else that has helped also. Thank you!  Big shoutout to Pauline and the gang. But most of all a massive shoutout to everyone that is having to endure this cruel system. You are all my heroes. I know exactly how hard it is and I hoe that one day it does get better.


Please share, tweet, and talk about my blog. Send a copy to your MP even if they are a Tory. Its very important that we keep the conversation going. Thank you!


Hi folks, please help me to continue with my blog and campaign work. Thank you!