Surviving is an act of civil disobedience. My Covid 19 journey and recovery.

Dear readers I hope that you are OK and well as is possible. I apologise for rambling on about my covid 19 experience but it’s been my reality for what seems like a long time now.

I had contracted bacterial pneumonia after starting with my covid symptoms and I’m now on my third lot of antibiotics because it just wasn’t shifting.

Last week I ended up having to go back to the covid clinic near me. It’s a strange place to have to go to and you have to attend by car which rules out anyone that doesn’t drive. Luckily I could ask my friend to take me.

After following all the instructions I eventually managed to see a doctor. She was very nice and she was very patient with me because I really didn’t feel well at all.
After examining me she told me that my lungs were still crackling, especially my right lung.
She prescribed some different antibiotics and they hopefully appear to be working.

Whilst the covid 19 clinic system does work its not without its faults.

To obtain an appointment at the clinics you have to phone 111 and then go through a couple of phone calls with their telephone operatives.

The first person that I spoke to wanted an ambulance to attend but luckily after speaking to a paramedic I was then directed to the covid clinic.

If you don’t have access to a telephone or you don’t have credit you can’t do this.

I then spoke to someone from the covid clinic who then informed me that they would be phoning me back with an appointment time.

They did phone me back after a hour to give me an appointment in twenty minutes time.
Luckily my friend lives nearby and could do this.

If you don’t have access to a car you can’t attend.
My recommendation if you don’t have a car to attend a covid 19 clinic would be to go to hospital if you feel really ill. Don’t mess around I wish that I had done this in the first place.

Upon attending you have to buzz in at the door. You are then answered and told to go and wait in the car for a phone call from them to go to the door to be seen.

I waited, received the phone call and was let in by a lovely nurse wearing full PPE. She asked me to put one of their masks on which I did.

I was then ushered into a room to wait for the doctor. Once she arrived she examined me and told me that my lungs were crackling, my heart was racing and my temperature as up again.

I explained to her what had happened and she told me to go and wait in the car for another phone call to discuss my treatment etc.

I then went to wait in the car and was prescribed a different course of antibiotics. She told me that if I become worse to either attend again or go to the hospital. Whilst this service is brilliant it’s not the easiest to access if you don’t drive. I doubt that a taxi driver would want to put themselves at risk from catching it and who can blame them.

It’s been a very long journey for me and thousands of others. Our stories are being largely ignored.

Recovering from covid 19 symptoms is extremely hard and it’s a very long journey.

I’ve been asked by lovely people if I was better after a few days of becoming ill. Of course I wasn’t but there is a distinct lack of education regarding covid 19 recovery and the complications that often occur.

Whilst everyone is saying that you must get a test these tests are very unreliable. So many people are getting false negative results.

Please don’t rely on these tests. If you have symptoms then self isolate yourself and everyone that lives with you. This is extremely important, it can save life’s.

Yesterday 324 people died as a result of contracting covid 19 and still the government is relaxing the quarantine restrictions.

The only reason that they’re doing this is to enable their friends to make money.
They worship at the feet or commerce and profit and care nothing about the risk to life.

Like my friend Keith Ordinary Guy says ‘Survival is an act of civil disobedience’.

When I say that they don’t care if we survive they really don’t. As long as some people remain for them to profit from their happy.
The irony is that alot of people that would have voted for them have died or are extremely ill.
You’d think that they’d care about this wouldn’t you.

I’ve been ill for that long that I’ve lost count of the days.
I’ve gone from a fairly active person, always out walking and doing something to being stuck at home reliant upon the kindness of friends and the delivery of a weekly food parcel.

Whilst food parcel food is keeping me going it is by no means really good for you and full of vitamins.
Maybe this is why I keep rebounding. Who knows?

I really don’t want this blog to turn into my weekly moan, but so many people are going through the same as I am.
I’ve tried to carry on and be productive. Yesterday I cut a few weeds down in the garden and today I’m exhausted.

It is what it is and I have to accept that.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone dying and suffering from covid 19 and their families.
Please can we all continue to talk about them, to remember their names and not forget them.

The reason why so many people are dying is because the government has totally and knowingly neglected to protect the public.

Their social distancing rules are extremely unclear and hard to follow.

Remember that they’re still practicing herd immunity by stealth in plain sight.

I can bet that you’ve all seen the queues for IKEA reopening the other day.

When I went to Asda to get my prescription dispensed I was the only person wearing a mask.

It’s sickening to see so many people gathering together like this wearing no face masks etc.
Maybe they think that they’re invincible and aren’t going to catch it.
It’s now become not of they catch it but when they catch it.

So many people are going to become very ill or die as a result of this. It worries me deeply.

Remember that the government is relaxing the rules not because its for our own good but because they want to profit from us.

Each and every person has a price over their heads and the government loves to exploit this.

Whilst the government has left a trail of death, distruction and failure behind them let us leave a trail of love, kindness and solidarity.

They can’t keep their power for forever and we must remember this.

Please keep safe, I think about you all each and every day.

Love to you all xxx.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. A huge thank you to everyone that has and does this xx.

I run this blog and campaign on next to no money at all, especially since I’ve been ill.

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15 thoughts on “Surviving is an act of civil disobedience. My Covid 19 journey and recovery.”

  1. I also had what I believe to be Covid way back in early March. I had the terrible cough, breathlessness, blood in sputum, diahorrea, racing heart, etc etc. I drank plenty of pineapple juice (because it’s apparently very good for a cough) and made it through even though I have asthma and high blood pressure. Had palpitations for a few weeks after but am now totally recovered. Best wishes for your recovery, it’s a long road but you will get there x


  2. You’re not moaning. You’re providing an inside perspective on the reality of this virus. I’m terrified of it as my husband has severe asthma. But we’re better off than many and we live in a lovely community where the local councillors do prescription collection runs every day! I hope you continue to get better.


  3. It’s great that you are beginning to improve. Every time they mention getting in your car to go for a test etc I am yelling at the tv but what about those without a car? They really haven’t thought this out have they?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!!! If you don’t have a car you are well and truly stuffed. It angers me when people say get a test. Errmm I’m weeks into it now, it won’t show up and the tests are very unreliable. Xxx.


  4. I’m so glad you’re improving all be it slowly, I had good news yesterday after nearly 8 weeks on a ventilator a friend of mine finally came home, aftercare is a bit sketchy but his employer is helping out, you see he’s a paramedic he caught the virus at work paramedics are deemed not to be frontline staff so no correct PPE.
    Either people are fed up of lockdown? odd when I thought it was what people were jealous of being at home all the time like disabled people who knew it was boring, or they believe this governments propaganda that its sort of safe to get back out there. It’s been done cleverly so as the 2nd spike grows they can frame it as the publics fault.

    Keep looking after yourself Charlotte receiving and asking for help isn’t easy as you know from all your work but you must for yourself and your family


  5. I get your point about seeing people out & about with no masks as if nothing happened, behaving like it’s all over. The lockdown has descended into farce. Folk are mingling with family, I’ve witnessed that myself with one of my neighbours. Another neighbour took his wife and young daughter to Blackpool the other day. They seem to think it’s all over. Funny you should mention food and vitamins, as soon as I read your words “bacterial pneumonia” I was thinking “vitamin C” , eat plenty of fresh oranges if you can. It might seem like obvious advice but it’s something that struck me right away, and after all that’s how Nostradamus cured people of the Plague (except with concentrated rose hips, not oranges). Take care Charlotte, one day at a time.

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    1. Considering the deaths from plague Nostradamus’s ‘cure’ clearly made no impact whatsoever. It has been proven over and over again that dosing up on vitamin c just means you excrete the excess that you don’t need. It’s a scam to make money out of people’s fears by selling them 1000mg tablets, most of which will end up down the toilet.


      1. Yep I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work however I’ve had my full dose of vit c. I think in times like this you want to try anything and friends have been really concerned about my health xxxx


      2. @ Adrienne

        I didn’t say Vit C tablets, I said fresh oranges, which in my experience of a lifetime of bronchitis and chest infections do some good. As for Nostradamus, he did reputedly save many lives by giving them highly concentrated rose-hip juice and had a load of people going out picking them for him, though of course he couldn’t save everyone or end the plague completely.

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