Good Law Project To Sue Ofgem

I’m a bit late publishing this my apologies.

I wish the Good Law Project every success. Ofgem have acted terribly and have failed in their duty to protect the consumer and to file important reports that should have been submitted before their announcement last week.

One thought on “Good Law Project To Sue Ofgem”

  1. The Energy Crisis: Who’s Cashing In?

    “It is being described as a national emergency. Energy bills are soaring and families across the UK are struggling to cope. Millions are falling into fuel poverty and are wondering how they will heat their homes in winter. But not everyone is suffering from the energy crisis.

    Reporter Bronagh Munro investigates the big companies that are profiting from rising bills and asks whether some are cashing in at our expense. ”

    This clearly shows why re-Nationalization is the answer, just as Jeremy Corbyn said.


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