Cost Of Energy Forces Small Businesses To Shut. The UK Economy Is Broken With No Sign Of Rescue

Not only are millions of people going to be cold and hungry due to the ever increasing cost of energy. Small businesses will be forced to shut because they will no longer be able to pay the extortionate energy costs forced upon them.

Small businesses are hugely important to local economies. They bring growth and innovation to communities. They also help to boost economic growth by providing employment opportunities for people that might find working for big businesses difficult.

The pandemic had a very detrimental effect upon small businesses forcing many to shut their doors The surviving ones are now facing a new struggle, vastly rising energy costs combined with the also increasing cost of living.

There is no price cap given to small businesses and many are now being forced to pay astronomically high energy bills without any help offered by the government and prospective Prime Minister candidates.

Increasing their prices aren’t the answer either. Theres only so much that a customer will pay before walking away having to shop elsewhere. This will leave many small businesses little option but to shut. This will render both business owners and employees unemployed forced to claim social security, undoubtably leaving them at the mercy of the DWP providing little if any understanding and support.

No longer can we take for granted that the local chippy down the road will still be open, the local pub might be forced to shut, the local cafe or restaurant even hairdressers as well, leaving town centres and local communities desolate places providing nothing for the community.

It’s easy to dismiss the importance that local economies play in the bigger scale. They’re vital for the growth of the national economy and their closure will effect it greatly.

Rumours of an upcoming recession have been murmured by financial organisations for quite a while. This is resulting in some big businesses to no longer trade with the UK.

The announcement that we are facing a recession caused many to rethink their investment strategies after all who’s going to want to trade with a country in deep financial trouble?

It’s not only small businesses that are being affected though, some larger businesses are facing financial difficulty leaving investors to sell their shares and walk away leaving them in a very difficult predicament indeed either forcing them to be shut or taken over by another business larger than themselves.

I fear that the upcoming recession has been greatly underplayed by the government. It’s going to be devastating for the country as a whole and along with the effects of Brexit the pariah of the western world, after all who in their right mind would want to invest in the UK when it’s in such a mess.

Small businesses need financial help to enable them to conduct business as soon as possible but I don’t expect the government to care, after all they value nothing but themselves and their tax dodging friends.

Enough Is Enough.

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3 thoughts on “Cost Of Energy Forces Small Businesses To Shut. The UK Economy Is Broken With No Sign Of Rescue”

  1. The Gov’t dont give two hoots about the plebs (their voting public). If they did, it wouldn’t be British Gas trying to help people pay their bills by giving out a grant (which there are a ton of hoops to jump through).
    It’s all part of the shadow govt’s (WEF/WHO/Rothschilds/Claus Schwab/Rockerfeller etc..) plan to depopulate the planet.


  2. I even heard on the radio that chip shops are in danger of going bust because the price of potatoes is set to rise dramatically due to crop failure caused by drought. If it’s not Covid or the Ukraine war to blame it’s global warming.


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