It’s not fair. Daniel Blake died I have to live this hell. 

I promised a long time ago that I wouldnt post more than two blogs per week, it’s too much and people will get fed up. I changed my mind today though after a conversation with a man that I know. 
Recently an acquaintance of mine got sanctioned. He’s not well and had missed an appointment. Some would say that this is his own fault, but when someone isn’t well enough to work and are deemed fit then this will happen a lot. It’s inevitable and allowances should be made but they aren’t are they. 

Anyway last week both his friend who lives nearby and myself were trying to keep him going. He was very depressed and angry, not a good combination. It’s a sad fact that because of circumstances like these the suicide rates for men are continuing to rise every year. 

His friend spent a lot of time with him, I met him for a coffee and had a good chat. It seemed to help and he is now in a much better place. Thank goodness for that because I and his friend were worried. 

Today on the walk to school to pick my daughter up I saw his friend. It was pouring down with rain and he stopped to say hello. He went on to tell me his story. 

He’s an older man, and in constant pain. So much pain that he has to take large amounts of painkillers to just get by. And he’s angry, very angry. 

He had failed his medical, appealed and failed that also. He said “How the hell can I work? I’m in constant pain, I have to take painkillers that make me sleepy.” Now he has to go through the whole rigmarole of signing on and doing endless job searches. 

He told me that every day is hell. He wakes up not wanting to be here. The sooner he dies the better he says. 

He stated and quite rightly so, that how can it be fair that big corporations don’t pay their taxes, the prime minister says that we have to ensure austerity but at the same time she gives the DUP £1 billion. To day he’s angry is an understatement. And I totally agree with him. 

I asked him if he had seen the film I Daniel Blake. He said yes, he had and that it was rubbish. To be honest I was puzzled by his reply but he expanded on it. 

He told me that it’s rubbish because Daniel died, it’s not fair he said. Why couldn’t that have happened to him he wanted to know. It’s the best way out of the system and most likely the only way out for many. 

He didn’t think that the film was rubbish, far from it. But he was envious that Daniel had died. 

What kind of a society do we live in that makes a person feel envious of another person’s death, even if it was fictional? 

Every day people wake up in the sad realisation that they are still alive and they have to cope for another day. 

As the gentleman said to me, one day there will be a massive enquiry into the deaths and suffering inflicted on thousands upon thousands each day. 

One day we will hold them accountable for their actions. Some of us, including myself are brave enough to do so. Because we are angry and have nothing so have nothing anyway so have nothing to loose. 

We can do this. 

And please spare a thought for each and every person feeling disappointed that they are still alive every day when they open their eyes. Their suffering is real, but it shouldn’t be like this.” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>.

9 thoughts on “It’s not fair. Daniel Blake died I have to live this hell. ”

  1. Tell your friend that if at least 6 months have passed since he was refused ESA, he can make a new claim despite losing his appeal, and even if it is for the same condition as before. I am currently runnning two blogs which give information about benefits issues, and . I am aiming to turn it into a subscription service, and I know some people will disapprove of charging for benefits advice. But I will be posting a lot of free advice on there.


  2. I can relate to that, looking forward to dying as a welcome reprieve from the unending misery of claiming Benefits. Never mind the quite realistic Daniel Blake, it’s when your life starts to resemble a Mike Leigh script that you know your’e in trouble! I wish they would have lowered State Pension age to 55 instead of putting it up to 67. I’m just wishing the next 10 yrs away, it can’t pass quick enough!

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  3. O Lord God
    I have no idea where I am going
    I do not see the road ahead of me
    I cannot know for certain where it will end
    Nor do I really know myself
    And the fact that I think
    I am following Your will
    Does not mean that I am actually doing so
    But I believe
    That the desire to please You
    Does in fact please You
    And I hope I have that desire
    In all that I am doing….

    …therefore I will trust You always
    though I may seem to be lost
    and in the shadow of death
    I will not fear
    For You are ever with me
    And You will never leave me
    To make my journey alone.

    Thomas Merton.


    1. There is a lot to be said for keeping Faith in the face of adversity. I once quoted from Psalm 23 along the bottom of a Sanction Appeal form, and guess what, the Appeal was successful and the Sanction was overturned!

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