Man forced to put his disabled child and his other children  into care because of an illegal Jobcentre decision.

Sounds a bit far fetched doesn’t it? I can assure you that this is true..  Spoke to this man on Thursday at our weekly demo. He was very understandably angry and upset. He’s lost everything that he loves in life… The reason? The Jobcentre he says.

Before this situation came about this gentleman had a family and a partner. They got along, even though one of their children had cerebral palsy and by this mans account was very disabled.

They managed, but his partner became more and more stressed and upset. The enormity of looking after a disabled child became too much for her. I really don’t think that they were getting the advice or the support that they needed. I’ve found that this happens a lot. Sometimes families and situations like this get overlooked, and can sometimes have the appearance  of being able to cope, when in reality the situation is different.

This man said that he had supported his partner and children but it all became too much for her and she had a nervous breakdown. She was admitted to hospital and was that ill she never was able to return to the family home. I ask for no judgement on her behalf. We don’t know how hard her life had been and her situation.. She did her best for her children. As a result he was left alone with his children, one of them being severely disabled.

He put in an application for DLA and carers allowance and income support for himself. He had to be at home to look after his children. They had been through so much already and he very obviously had to be there to care for them.

He thought that everything was going to be ok.. Yes it was going to be hard but he would cope. That he said was his job as their parent. But all this changed in a matter of weeks.

The Jobcentre called him in for a back to work interview. They unlawfully told him that he had to look for work and start claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). Yes we know that he did not by law have to do this, indeed his place was to be at home caring for his disabled child and his other children.

He said his whole life felt like he was on a treadmill. He had no rest. They kept sanctioning him because they said he hadn’t looked for work enough. He said he had, but he also had to care for his children. Then the sanctioning started. One sanction after another. He was going hungry, and he didn’t know what to do.. He just saw himself as a failure to his children. He said to me “I couldn’t even provide £70 a week for them. I’m a failure as a parent”. So he took the only option that he thought he could take at the time. He contacted social services and told them that they would have to take over the care of his children. He couldn’t provide for them. He could give them love but it’s not enough he said.

On Thursday I saw a broken and angry man. He said that he has nothing really to live for and is a failure. He couldn’t even provide £70 a week for his children he says. He also said to me that now they are in care they get everything that they need, everything that he couldn’t provide because the DWP refused him the basic human right of being able to bring his children up in their home environment.

To add insult to injury he will now be on another sanction because Ashton Under lyne jobcentre are now sending him to a workfare programme at an Age Concern charity shop in manchester. He can’t afford the bus fare and they won’t provide the bus fare either.

This man wasn’t known to us at the time of him loosing his children, or at the time of the Jobcentre telling him illegally that he had to return to work. Of we had known him then we would have helped him and this might not have happened. It’s no use saying that he should have done this, and he should have done that… It’s too late now. He wasn’t supported enough by anyone and that is very indidcitive of the state that this country is in at the moment.

Make no mistake the DWP commit illegal crimes like this all the time and they get away with it. This is the whole purpose of the blog, to expose, highlight problems and to deal with them. To enlighten people of their basic human rights regarding the DWP and how to enforce them. One day I really hope that they are held accountable for their crimes. And yes they are crimes in my eyes.

As you will understand this story upset me greatly. I had to take a day off from campaigning to deal with the whole injustice and cruelty surrounding this issue.

Please donate to keep our campaign and blog going. This isn’t just a few hours a week it’s really taken over my life. Many thanks.

28 thoughts on “Man forced to put his disabled child and his other children  into care because of an illegal Jobcentre decision.”

  1. I hate the IDS type of low-life DWP scum who perpetrate this kind of atrocity on defenceless people. Not only do I hate them for their crimes, but also for causing me to know what true, visceral hate is like. I will rejoice in their downfall, subsequent prosecution and conviction for mass murder &c.


    1. We tried but like I’ve said before it’s hard to pin people down. He was very angry and stressed and wasn’t hanging around.. We took his number and have been trying to contact him. We can’t help someone unless they want us to help. It’s not easy outside the Jobcentre


  2. Hi. I appreciate the work you do in uncovering, supporting and writing about the injustices people face in dealing with the system. The shame that is heaped on individuals in crisis should be returned many thousand fold to the DWP, ministers and those upholding it. That is where it belongs.

    Has anyone asked FOI, how many families are breaking and being supported by social services ect? As you say this is not unusual for families to break under pressure. The cost of foster care ect is not cheap. Mental health care ditto. What is it costing the state to pick up the pieces of broken families? That is the language governments understand. I care about the human cost but I guess these days piece of mind and security is a luxury not a right. For the want of securely covering basic living costs whole families are ripped apart.

    A True Story
    I saw a clip of a big knarly whale bothering people in a little boat. Filmed from another boat, it looked scary. Likely the second boat would be required to rescue? The whale was being a bother, hassling and frightening the occupants of the little craft. It seemed possible soon they would be overturned. Then a bloke, bravely figured the whale was not trying to hurt them but just asking for help. The whale swam in again and again showing how he was in trouble. The guy tried and missed to help and then finally he retrieved some rubbish from the whales mouth that prevented his feeding. The whale happy for the help waved and left. He wasn’t a bad whale he just needed help. I really admire the guy for looking beyond his safety and realising his help was needed in that moment. I hope he will always remember the privilage it was to be called upon in such an amazing way. Would we all step up like that if called upon?

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  3. Totally sickening the way this nazi Tory government are treating all disabled people, benefit sanctions where they leave people with nothing must surely be illegal as you must be able to afford to eat, us disabled get shat on by this corrupt government yet illegals get treated like royalty, everyone needs to fully expose the real sick acts and illegal ones performed by this government, if they are performing illegal acts then tho needs to be fully exposed as well as the vile hate ministers and the DWP etc who are behind these illegal acts, also time for wca assessments to be stopped until they are fair to all disabled people and only fully qualified drs and other health professionals must be allowed to undertake these assessments and no drs decision on a persons health must ever be allowed to be over turned especially if I then means they are put back to work only to die shortly after doing so. This government must be fought against and destroyed and a British pm must be in power, someone who has the balls to do what I right for the British people and our country unlike this spineless little 2 faced moron who I not fit to run a Te party let alone a country and then goes on holiday when there I a major problem to be sorted out.


  4. There are good people who work for Jobcentre Plus and there are bad people who work for Jobcentre Plus. It is the bad people in JCP who need to have Section 6, Human Rights Act 1998 brought to bear on them and the prospect of being taken to court to atone for their actions dangled over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

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  5. A truly terrible story. Are there sites or sources where people can get advice and info on their legal rights in such situations? If they do exist, they should be linked and circulated as widely as possible.


  6. As a child I spent 13 years in the care of Social Services. I would like to make it blatantly clear that social services are just as bad as the DWP. Those kids will be lied to, they will be told things they want to hear and it will be lies, most of the time. Those kids will come out the placements without trust, without knowing anything, except hatred for the system that put them there, and hatred for their parents, because the Social Services will tell them they were given up on by their parents. They will not be told the reason why the parents had given up, unless they are lucky enough to be able to obtain their files after they become 18. They will more than likely be seperated at the earliest opportunity, to make it easier to integrate them into becoming so-called valuable members of society. in reality that means more pain. If they are lucky they will not suffer abuse at the hands of predatory staff, but they will face a nightmare of bullying at school. If they are very lucky, they may get weekends and holidays with their father, but its unlikely they will be anything more that a few days here and there.
    I am now almost 50, and hardly a day goes by when I dont relive some aspect of that time. The social services I experienced destroyed my childhood, I can only hope these poor children remember their experience in ”Care” better than I did, and they do not need the years of medication and therapy it took to make me realise it wasnt my fault, because those kids will think that. No matter what, every child that goes into ”care” comes out still believing it was their fault they were in there.
    As a parent, my heart goes out to the parents of these children. The system in this country is deigned to destroy the lives of every single person born into the working class, the sick, the disabled. I used to be proud to be English, now I am f*****g ashamed of my country and its niaivety in the b******t propaganda spread by the mass media.
    As a disabled person I am f*****g asshamed of the state of the so-called support structures in place being systematically torn apart by the current and previous government, led by that two-faced scumbag Cameron. How can a so-called Christian, and parent of a now deceased disabled child, be so misguided and vindictive towards those who are not the cause of the current state of our economy?
    Sorry this was not meant to be a rant.

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  7. This is how Dave is orchestrating his Big Society…full of Common purpose and family wrecking! Social services are as much a danger as the DWP!

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  8. Stories like this make me sick. Surely there are people in the DWP who know what they are doing is wrong. Their time will come, they will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

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  9. Why didn’t Social Services start by sorting out the situation with the Job Centre? They could have referred him in to specialist support services and given him the ability to tell the JC+ to get stuffed. The DWP shouldn’t have done what they did but SS are the ones who really failed him.

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    1. They both failed. It’s no use saying what if now though it’s happened and we need to prevent it happening again. Just shows how your life an change in such a short time. So wrong and so cruel. He handed his kids in though.. Now he’s in no financial situation to take them back. He said that now that they get everything to send them home where they will have nothing would also be cruel. Sad, very sad. He clearly loves his kids.

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