Bootcamp for young people next on the Tory agenda…

Yes I was expecting this. The perfect way to grind down our young people… To humiliate them until they just comply with anything that is put in front of them. Make no mistake this means more free labour for big companies to benefit from (often they have links to the Tory party). Also it states that they will have ‘intensive’ from the DWP. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will understand the real implications of their ‘intensive’ treatments. 

Young people need positive messages, paid work, free education to move them forward with their life’s. Unfortunately if you live in an area where opportunity is low, unemployment is high and poverty surrounds you this is hard to do. 

Boot camp is not the answer. What is the answer is kindness, fairness and real paid work. Let’s give the young people in our society something to look forward to. They deserve it because they are our future. 

By the way these imaginary jobs will have to be magicked out of thin air.. They don’t exist. What does exist is unpaid forced workfare and volunteering. Let’s keep volunteering voluntary and abolish workfare!

4 thoughts on “Bootcamp for young people next on the Tory agenda…”

  1. When my late father was unemployed in the early 1930s he was sent to a work camp in Corby (he lived in Sunderland) and spent 2 tears doing compulsory forestry work. Since he was 4ft 11, malnourished and had been an engineering apprentice before the closure of the shipyard this was just a punishment for being poor. Looks like groundhog day to me.


  2. Haven’t we been here before in the days of Norman “on yer bike” Tebbit? As I recall we put him back in his box using the European Courts…..

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