Disabled sanctioned for 3 months over christmas and forced to attend the Jobcentre daily.

Our demo yesterday was quiet but emotionally exhausting. We are hearing a lot of stories from people who are very obviously chronically ill. These people are all Ill and had sick notes from their doctors but the Jobcentre yet again are saying that these sick notes aren’t good enough. They are ignoring a lot of  sick notes and in  some cases loosing them and claiming that they didn’t exist. One lady who was obviously very ill and disabled has her money stopped for 3 months all over christmas. She was freezing cold because she didn’t have the money to put her heating on due to having pay as you go metres. She didn’t realise that she could get her housing benefit paid to her on a zero income basis either so she is now in debt to her landlord. She challenged her non payment and won but the job centre have refused to pay her the back pay that she deserves and is entitled to. On top of all this the job centre staff phoned her doctor up just to see if she was ill. They were so rude to the doctor that she felt the need to apologise to her doctor on their behalf. To add insult to injury they have now made her attend the Jobcentre every day to complete a computer course…. Part of her illness is that she has memory problems. Hearing this story I can see that they have broken many rules but even when you complain nothing happens. They seem to think that they are invincible. 

Another man who suffers badly from depression has been totally worn down by the staff in the job centre. He’s tried everything to help himself even researching his own illness in the hood of understanding it. He says all that he’s received off the Jobcentre is cruelty. He was at the point of giving his life up, he couldn’t take anymore. My friend persuaded him not to and he’s still with us thankfully.

A man suffering from chronic liver disease was refused his p.i.p payment because he could still use his microwave. 

How cruel can they get? It seems that they have no limit, they have a bottomless pit of cruelty that they delve into with great pleasure when encountering the most vulnerable in society. This just cannot be allowed to continue. It’s beyond cruel.

An event well worth attending this week in manchester. I have attended each year since it was created and had hoped at one time to create a peoples assembly in Tameside but it didn’t happen. People are too scared in many cases to join in any political activity even if it would help them get a voice.


Don’t forget to watch dispatches on the 2nd of March. I worked closely with them on this and another programme. We need to stop this governments crimes against humanity!!

38 thoughts on “Disabled sanctioned for 3 months over christmas and forced to attend the Jobcentre daily.”

  1. The Lib Dems collaborated with the Tories for all this benefit cruelty, and the Pensions Minister is Lib Dem Mr Steve Webb who is presiding over the
    end of the state pension coming with the flat rate pension next year.

    See why udner my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    There is one political activity that the poor can do.

    The poor now outnumber all other voters for the first time in UK history.

    The working age claimant count, plus the working poor on tax credits, are tens of millions of voters today.

    Not one newspaper is showing those who would end starvation and benefits cruelty:

    – Class War

    – The Left Unity Party

    – Socialist party of Great Britain (Socialist GB)

    – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

    TUSC is fielding candidates in the 1/6th of seats
    that should give them free TV coverage
    but TUSC are not getting any.
    TUSC is also fielding 1000 candidates in the 6000 council elections this year.

    The links and information about such parties are on my little website that you may care to reblog and share on your social media Facebook and Twitter.


    Because there have been elections in the past where Labour got more seats than the Tories but did not rule.

    Never again will these so-called big parties get sufficient votes to rule the nation on their own.

    Otherwise, the Tories will still rule after May 7th and the next thing they plan is:

    – cut current state pensions

    – re-assess disability benefits for world war two disabled veterans

    – cut council grants from the high they were of around £14 billion in 2010 down to a mere £2 billion for the whole nation by 2020.

    – Billions more cuts to benefits to unemployed and people in work just the same


  2. Someone close to me was sent for an ATOS assessment as their incapacity benefit was being switched across to ESA. This person is waiting for a hip replacement as the hip joint has been completely worn down of all cartilage and is basically just bone grinding on bone. They were also recovering from cancer at the time. The cocktail of pain medications they need to take every day keep them quite spaced out, lack of sleep at night due to the chronic pain, difficulty travelling/walking etc…

    All in all, it would take a special kind of moron to declare this person fit for work – They found them fit for work and the ESA was denied and incapacity benefit withdrawn. They had to apply for Job Seeker’s Allowance, but at their interview they were asked to sign a declaration which stated they agreed that they were physically fit and able to seek active employment, and if they weren’t willing to sign it their application would be denied.

    So we have people who really aren’t fit for work, and who have been declined ESA due to the utter ineptitude of the people at ATOS and the DWP decisions makers, who are faced with the choice of lying and saying they are fit to seek employment on their JSA application, or face being without any financial support whatsoever.

    No wonder we have a rising number of foodbanks and foodbank users across the UK.

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    1. It’s disgusting this is what happened to this woman. They will threaten you tell you lies and intimidate you just to get their figures down. It’s so wrong!! It’s all about getting people off social security at any cost!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Ashton-under-Lyme jobcentre here show that there is no depth of cruelty to which they won’t stoop. The main story here is of a very ill and disabled lady, who was refused benefit and forced to attend a computer course at the Jobcentre. Although their decision has been overturned, she has not been paid her backpay. A man with depression was left suicidal by their maltreatment, and another man with liver disease also refused help.

    The whole DWP needs an overhaul. And the Ashton-under-Lyme jobcentre staff need mass sacking and prosecution. Two people have died in the street because of sanctions from them. and that may well be the tip of an iceberg.


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    Who the hell do the people in this jobcentre think they are? They are with-holding legal monies to people – they are in effect stealing money from those who have won appeals, are entitled to benefits and are enjoying it! I think the police should be called to attend and make sure that monies due to people are paid. How very dare they!!


  5. Who the hell do the people in this jobcentre think they are? They are with-holding legal monies to people – they are in effect stealing money from those who have won appeals, are entitled to benefits and are enjoying it! I think the police should be called to attend and make sure that monies due to people are paid. How very dare they!!


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