Your children aren’t a priority the Jobcentre is. Yesterday’s demo.

Yesterday was a wet and cold day and people entering the Jobcentre were more demoralised than ever. We used to have time to set up and get ready but people now wait for us and pop over to say hello, to lend some support and to ask for advice. We see this as a positive sign because people are becoming slightly more empowered and enlightened. They know the way they are being treated is wrong.
A lady who had just left the Jobcentre walked over to me, she is a young single mother with a young child. She said that she feels like she is being targeted by a certain Jobcentre employee. I asked for her advisors name and it was a name that I recognised, the advisor was the same advisor that had tried to target me in the past. The advisor had told her that her child doesn’t matter because the Jobcentre is her priority. She isn’t to make appointments for doctors or the hospital for her child because the Jobcentre is a priority. She was also told that she has to look for full time work when at the moment for this lady her requirement is to look for part time work, she was also told that like she said to me she had to walk the streets for hours on end and do endless job searches. All this is wrong and with our help she will be challenging this and changing advisor. She said she’s making her life hell and I can fully understand this because the advisor is certainly trying to do this. Now this concerns me a lot because this advisor has been disciplined before about making threats like this and it obviously doesn’t mean a thing. Rather than being punished I sense that this advisor was given a pat on the back and told to carry on, why else would they still be carrying on with the same rhetoric?
Another young lady told me that she was sanctioned for not attending two appointments that she didn’t receive letters for. Yes it’s the curse of the missing letters striking again. She was given a three year sanction for this whilst she was pregnant. She has now had her baby and is claiming income support, but survived on the kindness of friends and family.
As a human being and a woman I feel that this is totally wrong and needs to be stopped. The sanctioning of pregnant women should just not happen, to take their every means of support is taking their unborn babies lifeline away. As they said to my daughter tough your pregnant not Ill get on with it.
Well we won’t stop fighting this and to everyone suffering at the hands of this government we love you and you must carry on fighting, don’t let them win.
Another cause worthy of a mention is a local cafe named cafe seraphina which has started doing suspended coffee for anyone who needs a free coffee. They are also going to be working alongside us with other exciting projects to help the poor and homeless. Please pay them a visit if you are in Ashton under Lyne.
Please keep fighting I know I am.

17 thoughts on “Your children aren’t a priority the Jobcentre is. Yesterday’s demo.”

  1. I live in Northamptonshire and had a work focussed interview recently, I was told not to bring my children with me as they’d be a distraction and while I was waiting for my appointment I noticed signs up EVERYWHERE stating no food or drink was allowed, phones had to be turned off (I was being glared at constantly by one of the desk jockeys as I was playing a game on my phone to keep myself busy, no sound on either) and when I decided to properly look, I noticed no signs for disabled toilets, or toilets of any kind either! Surely this isn’t right?!

    The person I had for my interview wasn’t the most eloquent of gents, what made the whole interview even more uncomfortable was he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my cleavage either! (I wasn’t flaunting it, I just happen to be big chested)

    Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get out of there! If this is the way job centres around the country treat people I’m not surprised demonstrations like yours are gaining momentum. Bravo for doing it, I can whole-heartedly say I support you 100%


    1. Thank you!! All what you are describing is normal but they cannot by law prevent you from bringing your children with you. There’s no toilets no disabled facilities and your not allowed to have your mobile turned on. This Jobcentre needs reporting for this because they are acting unlawfully! Personally I’d be inclined to bring as many children in as possible after this!!!


  2. Tehre is a way to get the so-called big parties out of ruling government in 2015. This is the best election in history for small parties and none of the big parties will be able to form a government on their own in a hung parliament because we will see the lowest voter turnout in UK history.

    Or will we?

    Because the poor, in or out of work, however young or old, now outnumber all other voters in hundreds of marginal MP seats in England, the biggest population, and the Welsh and Scot parties will win big anyway in Wales and Scotland.

    See how at:


  3. Hi, keep up the good work, you are a lifeline for the people that are unfortunate enough to have to use that Jobcentre. I am hoping to come over to offer some support within the next couple of weeks, as I live in Manchester. What time do you usually arrive?


  4. Hi Chralotte, her is my account of the people I spoke to at the demo today. I and still incredulous that people in authority are now aware of the devstating effect these sanctions and the bullying is having on people. How on earth is this still allowed to go on?? It is a humanitarian crisis.
    A very quiet demo today but emotionally exhausting. I am constantly hearing stories from very obviously chronically ill people who have sent GPs note after GP’s note to the job centre. The job centre is either refusing these notes saying that they are not good enough, or ignoring them altogether one lady who is very ill & disabled had her money stopped for 3 months ,all over christmas and was freezing cold as she couldnt put the heating on, and is now in debt to her landlord.purely because of incorrect action by the jobcentre. they now refuse to give her the back-pay thet they owe her. The job centre staff were so rude to her GP on the phone, that she felt the need to apologise to him on their behalf! She now has to go in to the job centre every day, and they have put her on a computer course…even though she has bad memory problems…

    Another man suffers depression and has been worn down by them. He has researched every method to help himself with mental illness and has received only cruelty from them. He wants to give up. I tried to persuade him not to.

    A man with chronic liver disease was refused PIP because he could work a microwave.

    this needs to stop! It is needless and cruel.


    1. The people in authority are entirely aware of the devastating effects of work programmes, workfare and Jobcentres. The state pension is wrongly called a benefit. See under my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT at:

      Exactly the same kind of politics and politicans’ mindset acted exactly the same that killed 5 million in the 19th century, with the workhouse and the New Poor Laws that forbade feeding the starving on the street.

      This was done by the Tories and Liberals (now called Lib Dems).

      These political parties have never cared about the poor and always done things to leave them in penniless starvation.

      The work programmes done by private companies and UK Jobcentres today, were tried and failed in Australia 17 years ago.

      Welfare admin costs are double any dole funding, which is reducing to the starving, whilst increasing in admin costs, both state and private providers.

      There is no national debt and is not a deficit, which is an entirely different thing.

      The UK has had a deficit for 300 years to no ill effect.

      A major international finance statistical people (OECD) says that UK’s national debt is only about average of all nations.

      We are the 6th richest nation on earth.

      The Jobcentres go digital in March, so there will not be staff in them.

      Yet the Department of Work and Pensions have trebled in number the DWP Sanction decision-makers.

      Whilst Jobcentres and work programme offices deny access to toilets and to a glass of water, yet demand many hours of attendance. Office staff and alleged criminals both have these rights by law.

      1 millin unemployed without welfare.

      1 million people aged 60-64 on some kind of welfare, denied state penson payout since 2013 as women, as were men with rise from 65 to 66 and higher from 2013.

      Older men and women with a state pension payout of next year, facing nil state pension or with official government forecasts of a mere £55 per week with no top ups.

      Both of these set of over 60s face nil state pension for life from next year.

      So nil job,
      nil benefit,
      nil disabled / chronic sick benefit, even coming to 2nd world war disabled veterans,
      taxed ESA,
      tax coming on DLA / PIP,
      ESA sanctions as well as Jobseekers,
      loss of Housing Benefit even to someone aged 66,
      all ages liable for Bedroom Tax,
      sanctions and workfare even if disabled / chronic sick, all ages up to 66 and older
      nil state pension for life coming after 2016.

      The national debt has risen because of welfare and pension reform, aka abolition and all the massive rise of welfare admin costs by the tens of billions.


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