Punished for being in temporary accommodation 

Imagine this. Your whole life has been a nightmare and you grew up knowing nothing but abuse. You manage to struggle through this but still manage to have a career and a good job. The person that has abused you as a child still continues so you escape. You travel miles away from home to an unknown place and are after a struggle offered a place in supported accommodation and you  feel safe for the first time ever but you’ve had to give everything up. You have to go to the Jobcentre to make a claim because the women’s refuge tell you too. Your also advised that you can’t work because the service charges and the rent are too high. You tell this to your work coach but they say tough we are going to sanction you. As a result this woman became penniless and owed the refuge hundreds of pounds. 

This is a clearly wrong. This in itself feels like persecution. Luckily this lady is strong and is fighting this. She is a hero in my eyes. It shows how vulnerable people are disregarded by the dwp and this government. Their needs aren’t catered for. This issue needs addressing now. If she wasn’t a strong person this could have thrown her back into the hands of her abuser. 

When will this stop? I for one will never stop fighting this evil system. Please come and join us. 

6 thoughts on “Punished for being in temporary accommodation ”

  1. By all predictions by the expert pundits after 7 may Labour will get sufficient to rule in government, even with the help of the Scots SNP (more state pesnion than English for the Scots) and Welsh Plaid Cymru (Living Wage for Welsh).

    God forbid there is even talk of a Tory and Labour coaliton,
    as the Lib Dems are the gone party happily
    (who made possible all this cruelty by the Tories).

    There is a way to get the Tories from ruling anything after 7 May.

    By putting a pencil cross against new logos on 7 May in areas where sitting Tory or Lib Dem MPs in England got so few people putting a cross by their name in 2010, that the poor could easily put a new MP into government in England.

    The poor now outnumber all other income levels in hundreds of such areas, in registered to put cross against new logos on 7 May.

    These natural allies to Labour could grant an unassailable means of Labour ruling government for next 5 years, keeping their own identity so utterly changing Labour to end austerity and welfare and pension reform.

    These are:

    – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) –
    running 111 candidates this time, but getting nil media coverage, which should be their right as running in
    1/6th of seats.
    Offering such as:
    – linking state pension to average wages again
    – reverse rise in retirement age, so give young people more chance of jobs.

    – Class War – Double Dole and Pension

    – Mebyon Kernow of Cornwall
    (in previous council elections offeres to cut council boss’s salaries
    and grant all basic grade staff a living wage.

    It would be helpful indeed to help the poor, for Labour to fund the
    electioneering ads and media coverage of these parties in England when they run in areas with a sitting Tory or Lib Dem MP,
    with only a tiny amount of pencilled crosses against their name in 2010
    and yet the poor now outnumber all the other voters in those
    voting areas.

    See more at:


  2. There we have it these so called charitys who deal in slaves for monies who then strangely sell you down the river for that coin


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