Food parcels gone in less than five minutes. Once again frustration and anger.

Today was yet another stressful demo. They usually are, but some weeks are worse than others because people are getting extremely fed up with being treated like they are sub human.

I arrived at Ashton Jobcentre at 9.55. I was five minutes early, and in those five minutes, I could gauge what the mood would probably be like.  The weather was awful, although not the worst that it has been and I felt cold.

Gordon arrived with the food parcels and the queue of people waiting around the Jobcentre for them started to approach us. I asked how they were, and how their situations were. One man told me that he was going to get some help later and he was taking a friend with him.

A lady that collects a food parcel every week looked a shadow of herself. She looked unwell and cold. I asked her if she was ok, and she told me that she thinks that she might have a chest infection. Poor woman, having to rely on food parcels and being unwell. The government are trying to suck the very life out of people. I gave her a hug and some supporting words. There’s not a lot more that I could do and that in itself is heartbreaking. I want to change things but I physically can’t.

I spoke to a young man fed up with the system. I said hello and asked him how he was. He’s a new face and I hadn’t seen him before. He said that ‘It was shit, they are shit and he is shit.’ He said with disgust that all they (the Jobcentre advisors) do is treat people like rubbish.’ All he wants is to be treated with respect and kindness. Such a basic requirement that is lacking.

I spoke to a WASPI lady who has to sign on every week. She’s not long off claiming her pension, and the anger at having to do this was very apparent in her eyes, that is when she looked up. A lot of people forced to use the Jobcentre avoid eye contact because they feel oppressed, targetted and have no confidence at all.

We spoke to a single father of children. He didn’t tell us how many but that isn’t the issue and nor should it be. He’s a good parent and doing his best for his children. He has been forced to claim universal credit, and he says that it has ruined his life.

He’s struggling to keep up with his job searches in between looking after his children, feeding his children has become a struggle and getting the Jobcentre to understand that he is a single father has been a nightmare. He went on to say that at last, they have reduced his job searching hours but that wasn’t without a struggle.

We gave him some much-needed solidarity and advice, made sure that he had food to take home and his mood lightened. He and others should not be living like this. The stress that he is feeling will be passed inadvertently to his children. I fear that even if this horrendous regime was stopped tomorrow, the effects would last for generations to come.

We attempted to speak to a young man who was furious last week. He returned this week, and he was angry but not as much as last week if that makes sense. You need to understand that even though he’s directing his anger at us, his anger is really meant for the DWP and the government. I think that he will speak to us in a few weeks, and I’m not easily swayed so I’ll wait.

Two young men walked in the Jobcentre walked in saying that they’ll never get sanctioned… ok… let’s see how that goes. We will be there to help them when something does happen to them. It’s very easy to be young and confident in situations like this. The system is created to destroy people though and we always keep that in mind as should you.

I had a lovely conversation with a lady who we had helped previously. She thanked Roy for the advice that he had given her. She also said that the survival guide has been a godsend to her. Today she just wanted to chat about how awful the government is. She pointed out that it isn’t fair that the government gave a billion pounds to the DUP whilst people are suffering. Nor is it fair that the sanctioning system exists. It’s cruel and kills people she said, and she is sadly correct.

Whilst talking to her she brought up a very good point, one that I have also been making this week when I and fellow blogger Kate Belgrave were having during a little rant that I had on Twitter this week. The Point was, that whilst all of Jeremy Corby’s policies and speeches were brilliant and are brilliant, they are still lacking in something. People like the lady that I was speaking to don’t feel like they are being adequately represented. They still feel left out of everything and are really wanting to be represented. Like she said, “I may not be working but I still deserve representation because I am a person and I do matter”. Well said to her. She does matter and I will continue to push this point across.

We spoke to many people today about so many issues, all important to each and every person, we never forget this because in my eyes they are all heroes for managing to survive this pernicious system.

Many thanks to all the team for coming along today and helping those who are in desperate need. Christine, Roy, Gordon, John, Gerry and Mervyn you are all amazing. Sue, who couldn’t make it today because she is unwell, get well soon we missed you.  I am blessed to have you all by my side.

I didn’t take any photos today for a few reasons. It was raining, I was busy and using my camera phone really isn’t an option anymore because it’s worse than useless. I will hopefully take some photos next week.


Big shout out to DPAC for their ongoing support, solidarity and their amazing week of action this week. You all rock, and if I could be there, you know that I would be with you.

Another massive shout out for my comrades at Preston New Road protesting against the unwanted fracking plant being constructed there. This is being built without Lancashire councils approval and also without the local resident’s approval. You are all heroes, and you have no idea of how proud I am to have you as friends and comrades. I love you all.

Please read, share and talk about this blog. It’s important that we keep up this conversation, the government want us to go away and we refuse to.

Please donate help keep the blog and campaign going. This has become a full time job for myself, and anyone spending any time with me will attest to that. Thank you!” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>.


For anyone that’s interested, I’m speaking at the NUJs meeting this month and will be talking about the boycott The Sun petion that I started after the Manchester bombings. It’s free to attend and is at the Three Minute Theatre, Aflecks Palace Manchester 2pm. As a member of the NUJ it should be an interesting and lively discussion!

13 thoughts on “Food parcels gone in less than five minutes. Once again frustration and anger.”

  1. Charlotte if your boycott the sun petition is still running could you send the link?
    I work in a priMary school in one of our most deprived wards and we just broke for the summer. I’m already worried sick bcoz I know it means a lot of the kids will be going hungry without the free school breakfast and lunch and without the uniform swap shop might not even have decent clothes to wear. Also they might be living in dark homes where the pre payment meters might not have even the emergency credit left.
    For myself I’m currently in great pain with my back problems and arthritis which isn’t helped by the heavy school cleaning job I do but of course I have to carry on because should I leave I’ll be sanctioned.’s a horrible world. You do an amazing job! Thinking of you. Kat. X


  2. Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    You do a fantastic job Charlotte & I’m sure everyone you give a food parcel & advice to appreciate you giving the time that you give. We’re not in the best of situations & we do live from day to day but We are nowhere near what the people who come to you are in. I think you must have the worst Jobcentre in the uk. I know these are just words & they don’t help you when you’re on the street freezing & seeing what these poor people are going through.


  3. I would love to see a new way of the people, who join together to support each other and create new ways of living. A different system that doesn’t talk of employment, work, profit and cost. A world where we join together and hold the means to sustain ourselves, without leaders, corruption and constructed expectations…a world where we can feed ourselves and spend time enjoying life, helping those that need it and sharing our skills and passions. For now that is just a dream. But people like you who help others every day, are a little bit of that other way I dream of. So I know good and compassion exist. Step by step.


  4. Sorry Nigel, can’t agree. For the first time since 1945 the Labour Party is putting forward policies which will help the poor, the sick and disabled. they have promised to repeal the bedrootax, stop disability assessments and reorganise benefits system. I have faith in them for the first time for many years.


  5. Charlotte why these people don.t feel represented by Labour is because they aren’t being represented by Labour and they Labour don’t really care about the poor and the disabled and the dispossessed because they have no value, they are not valued, Labour continue to chunner on about their interest groups, the organised public sector workers and all hard working workers but the sick and the disabled who cant work but are being forced to participate in the charade of constantly proving that they are actively seeking work by applying for jobs that they either couldn’t do or which actually don’t exist, maintaining this charade while ignoring the most vulnerable in our society who have literally been thrown under the bus of Welfare Reform by organised Labour, the Trade Unions, Labours paymasters.


    1. I was a bit dissapointed that Labour didn’t announce any plan to scrap Universal Credit altogether, only saying somethoing about making some adjustments to it, but at least they have set up a working group to study the feasibility of introduceing a Universal Basic Income, and that must give us hope. It’s a start, but we’ll all have to keep pressing for it, keep it on the agenda, raise public awareness of theconcept and don’t let the politicians. forget about it. An Unconditional Universal Basic Income is the way forward, a means of more equitably redistributing the wealth, creating a fairer Society and providing people with the flexibility to work part time. The present situation is unsustainable and inevitabley must Change. (apologies for typos, the type functions on these sites don’t work right on my phone!)


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