Help needed! 

Shoutout for help!

 You may or may not remember that over a year ago I wrote about the awful troubled family scheme implemented by the government. Well it’s been proven to have only been successful in 2% of cases.

In different areas the TFP is called different things:

Confident Families (Wigan and possibly other areas)

Stronger Families (Doncaster and possibly other areas)

Priority Families (Nottingham and possibly other areas)

Working Together with Families (Preston and possibly other areas)

Families First (Bradford and possibly other areas)

 I’m wanting to do a follow up article on this and I’d like to speak to anyone who has been forced to go on this scheme, or who weren’t even told that they were on the scheme and then later found out. 

Anyone that contacts me will remain anonymous out of respect for privacy, unless they state that they want people to know who they are. 

I can’t state how important it is to get the reality of being forced to undertake these schemes out there. Unless we speak about it the public will remain unaware! 

Many thanks ! 

Many thanks!

5 thoughts on “Help needed! ”

  1. Have shared this Charlotte – further if anyone has any recent experiences of a Tribunal for PIP that they would be willing to share (anonymously if preferred) I’d love to know


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