Our meeting at the Ashton Job Centre today…

Today we were asked to attend a meeting at Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre to “discuss” our protests outside the Job Centre every Thursday. The local police facilitated this and a constable and inspector was present.
I can give you a brief outline of events so far as we will want to see the minutes from this meeting first to check things and to decide what may happen next.
Those present were the the two police officers and 3 members of the JOb Centre staff, namely the manager and two women. One of which was an area manager. Members of Tameside against the cuts and a representative of Unite in the community. The Job Centres alleged concerns were…… People sometimes standing in the Job Centre doorway…. Entering the Jobcentre and taking photographs of staff…. I repeat they are alleged concerns. We have never actively blocked any doorway or indeed gone inside the Job Centre. We come in peace and give much needed help to people attending the Job Centre.

We felt the meeting was productive however we will be discussing it in further detail when we receive the minutes.
However we will not be stopping our protests and we will return next Thursday at the usual time 1pm. The police readily agreed with this as it is our right to protest peacefully.
I will discuss this more when the minutes are received….

They felt the need to block the windows up ready for our protest on Thursday….




And for the Job Centre staff reading this we come in peace as you know.. All want is for you to stop sanctioning people unlawfully. Come and join us outside of you feel that you support us. We will even offer you a cuppa. Peace is our motto.

11 thoughts on “Our meeting at the Ashton Job Centre today…”

  1. I think that the “blocking the doorway” concern is a little pedantic.All of us are mindful of this and inform any newcomers not to block the door. However,we always step aside to let members of the public pass. This sometimes includes prams, wheelchairs & dogs. Then we have to momentarily step into the space by the door. Common sense, not willfully blocking the entrance!


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