A very interesting document. Please read… And please share…..

Today I received a very interesting document. It consists of the governments latest plans regarding sanctions. It makes very interesting reading. That is if you don’t get too angry and stop reading. For this reason I have taken out the “worst” bits. I shall put a little explanation alongside each one. Sources of this document etc shall remain nameless but you need to read this and share it.

LIE!!….Sanctions make people too scared to live, too scared to do anything but what the Job Centre tell them to do. SANCTIONS KILL.

Support is also given with job-searching and skills but at its heart the system relies on people seeking employment for themselves. It is therefore critical to get people to comply and we know sanctions play an important role in encouraging claimants to comply. DWP research shows[5] that:
72 per cent of JSA claimants and 61 per cent of ESA claimants said awareness of sanctions made them more likely to follow rules; and 63 per cent of JSA claimants and 44 per cent of ESA claimants said awareness of sanctions made them more likely to look for, or take steps to prepare for work.

Lie number 2… People leave because they either commit suicide, starve or take themselves off the system altogether because they cant deal with the stress anymore. Most do not find work. They either do the above or are on the work programme.
And for the most part where people do comply with conditions of entitlement, the majority leave benefit quickly, over 80 per cent of new claimants to JSA leave the benefit within 6 months.

AND THEY LIE AGAIN….So basically there are no rules… that’s why they get away with the usual “we don’t think that you have taken enough measures to look for work”. This is usually a lie and in over 85% of cases its proven to be… but they aren’t answerable to anyone.
Where claimants do fail to comply they have the opportunity to explain why they have failed. All evidence is considered by an independent decision maker and where the claimant had good reason no sanction will be applied. There is no prescriptive list of what is considered good reason – it should be based on an holistic appraisal of the claimant’s circumstances.


A sanction will never be imposed if a claimant has good reason for failing to meet requirements.
Claimants are always made aware of their right to appeal before any sanction is imposed. Claimants may appeal any decision to sanction their benefit by requesting a mandatory reconsideration by DWP. DWP will reconsider all decisions before any appeal, so that only unresolved disputes go to an appeal hearing. If the decision remains unchanged claimants may appeal to the First Tier Tribunal.

We have improved the hardship payment process so that no one is sanctioned without being told about hardship payments. We have sped up the hardship payments process across our Contact Centres, Jobcentres and Benefit Processing sites to ensure claimants receive payment within three days of representation, where appropriate. This commenced on 14 July 2014.

We have accepted in principle a number of Oakley recommendations including the recommendation to pilot a new approach using warnings and non-financial sanctions following a first failure to comply with conditionality on the Work Programme. We will consider further the potential options and likely timescales of testing such an approach.

We have also adopted a different approach for sanctions which will be implemented under Universal Credit which is designed to drive better engagement and compliance. There are four levels of sanctions which depend on a claimant’s conditionality group. We are also introducing open-ended low level sanctions, e.g. for failure to attend an appointment. Therefore, it is in the claimant’s gift to end the sanction to emphasise personal responsibility.

This is all very scary. Scary because they actually believe their lies and scary because there are many unwritten implications here, The one that unnerves me the most is non-financial sanctions…

Please share, please start shouting, please start telling the government that this isn’t right. To leave a person without the ability to eat or drink breaks just about every human right law that exists and they need to be held accountable. Sanctions kill that’s the reality.

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  1. Every now and again it is worth reminding ourselves which section of the population formed the Government’s test bed for imposing destitution – asylum seekers! Red Cross food parcels are their equivalent of the food banks.

    Here is a link to a report of the Red Cross on destitute asylum seekers in Greater Manchester, (note that some have been destitute for over a decade) :

    Click to access Greater%20Manchester%20destitution%20report.pdf

    The truth is that human beings matter no more to the capitalists today than they did a century ago when they were put through the mincing machine of World War 1. The British capitalist class accepted the introduction of the ‘welfare state’ in the aftermath of WW2 because, as one of the most politically shrewd Tories, Quintin Hogg (Lord Hailsham) said at the time, ‘Either we give the people social reform, or they will give us social revolution’. Now they feel confident enough to roll back all the concessions the had to make.

    We will win the fight against sanctions, workfare, homelessness, destitution, human rights abuses when the capitalists once again fear revolution. But next time we need to ensure that their worst fears are realised!!


  2. I have heard horror stories, a person who had been sanctioned for 3 months previously was sanctioned for having dirty trousers,, the reason “He may meet a potential employer in JCP and it would give a poor example” on 17% of available vacancies are advertised at JCP he had more chance of stepping in rocking horse s**t, I did an appeal for someone with emotional issues and struggles to maintain and organise a diary, he had been given 4 different letters giving different dates for an appointment, I telephoned on his behalf to confirm which date, after @15 mins trying to convince them I could speak on his behalf I was told a completely different date, he went on that date and was told it was the wrong date and was sanctioned for 4 weeks! I won’t give a transcript of my response but it was overturned

    I mayself have been called in to the local JCP tomorrow (Saturday) to discuss my work (I have set up my own advice provision and do a 3 hr drop in one day a week-no funding I do it on a voluntary basis because the new “branded” advice set up isn’t coping so i was asked by my community to set it up as they know my background) I wonder who’s complained?


  3. The Greens have on their policy website but not in their 2015 manifesto policies that would end all this mindless cruelty by the DWP, private welfare contractors and Jobcentre staff.

    The cost of welfare admin is rising by the billion, as the money going to the starving is decreasing by billions each year. So welfare reform has added to national debt, whilst causing an ever greater burden on the NHS from the huge rise of malnutrition hospital admissions. Even death means huge funding burden on the Police, ambulance, NHS, councils dealing with pauper funerals, et al, that means no money is being saved by the state, and the national debt is rising not falling.

    The Greens’ policy would entirely end the need for the bulk of the DWP admin on welfare and state pensions and entirely end the requirement for private contracts.

    The Greens hide away on their website the solution that is life saving:

    – replace all benefits with a universal and automatic Citizen Income, whether in or out of work just the same, to the level of the basic tax allowance.

    – Full State Pension to all citizens just the same, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, to the same level as the Citizen Income.

    Both would have a supplement to those living alone and for those who are disabled.

    The state pension policy alone saves the poorest over 60s (over half) denied state pension altogether by the flat rate pension, or on far far less of already lowest state pension of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.


  4. [ We have also adopted a different approach for sanctions which will be implemented under Universal Credit which is designed to drive better engagement and compliance.
    Therefore, it is in the claimant’s gift to end the sanction to emphasise personal responsibility.]

    This type or use of language is the Government/corporate PR approach to dealing with those they hate (unemployed disabled poor). Death sentence semantics.

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    1. Course it does and so does the constant grinding down of your soul by the job centre. If you are hungry your body goes into survival mode. All you want to think of is food and money and how to get the money to get the food to survive. Crimes like shoplifting have trebled and police officers have been known to hand out food parcels to people that have been caught shop lifting for this reason. It’s all flaming wrong and it needs to stop.

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  5. I have an aunt who lives in Kent,her partner suffered a horrific road accident and will basically take over 3 yrs to recover,she contacted me asking what help they could ask for-they have a few savings so means tested benefits are out of the question, so I told them to apply for PIP,(I’m based in Sheffield so couldn’t physically help)I gace her the number and told her what to do
    When she rang she was told by a DWP”adviser” that they couldn’t help until her partners work refused to pay sick pay for him??? is this because many in the DWP don’t know their own rules or is it a trick forced on them by the Government to stop people applying? my thoughts are the latter,
    Any way she actually believed them-well after all no one knows more about the welfare system than the DWP,,,right?
    Last Sunday my Dad told me what happened, I immediately wrote down every non means tested benefit and it’s criteria and emailed her,tellin her to apply again and not take any more bulls**t ,

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  6. There is an urgent need for a judicial review so that staff and managers at Jobcenters are criminally indicted for stitching-up claimants.

    Tomorrow’s meeting of the Work and Pensions Committee:

    07 January 2015 9:30 AM
    Benefit sanctions policy beyond the Oakley Review
    View details
    Witness(es): Tony Wilson, Policy Director, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, Philip J Connolly, Policy and Communications Manager, Disability Rights UK, Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive, Employment Related Services Association, Paul Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, Mind and Matthew Oakley, author of the independent review of JSA sanctions validated by the Jobseekers Act 2013; Keith Dryburgh, Policy Manager, Citizens Advice Scotland, Professor Peter Dwyer, Professor of Social Policy, University of York, and Principal Investigator, Welfare Conditionality project, Nikki Hart, Blackpool Food Partnership Co-ordinator, Methodist Action North West, Chris Mould, Chairman, The Trussell Trust and Dr David Webster, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

    The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

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