Merry Christmas one and all. The baby that survived his mothers sanctioning.

10687207_697282403722649_5533992748708273346_nI look at this photograph of this baby and I see a miracle. This is the baby born to the lady who was sanctioned whilst she was 23 weeks pregnant. Ashton Under Lyne Job centre told her that it was tough she was pregnant and not ill so she should just get on with it. Luckily his mother didn’t starve, although if it wasn’t for the kindness of others she would have done. She was traumatised. It wasn’t bad enough that she was forced to attend a totally unfair workfare placement whilst she was 23 weeks pregnant… nope Ashton Under Lyne Job centre had to go that step further and sanction her for not breaking the law.. for confirming the fact that she was pregnant with B&Q when they asked her. This sanction was totally illegal and contravenes every human rights law that exists. She was left without heat, food and the very basic elements needed to live. And as a result of the stress I am sure her baby was born 5 weeks early. Are we living in Victorian Britain? No we are not but it is a country that the Victorians would recognise. In fact Charles Dickens would probably use this story as a basis for one of his novels.

We need to stop all these illegal sanctions and we need to hold this government responsible for their actions. I for one will not give up with this campaign. Remember when you look at this photo of this baby remember that he is very lucky to be here.. it could have been very easily another story and another two deaths hidden from the death statistics that the government fail to release… why you may ask? Because they will not be able to retaliate against the public outcry. This is murder and legalised eugenics in mine and others eyes.

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  1. Whenever I see sanction reports lately, the name of this one Job Centre keeps cropping up. Maybe some targeted social surgery is required….


  2. The Greens have the answer, but will not put the policies that are on The Greens’ policy website into The Greens 2015 manifesto pledges.

    You might ask your local Greens candidate for MP for the 2015 general election why, as The Greens will in the new year be voting in their policies for their 2015 election campaign.

    The Greens actually better the 1945 benefit regime, by replacing all the cruel benefits regime so you would not need to deal with the DWP / Jobcentres / private assessment companies, and have guaranteed money for basic stuff in life.

    What is on The Green’s policy website – summary:

    – automatic and universal Citizen Income, in or out of work, just all citizens get it, to the level of the basic tax allowance (which this government is saying will be £10,600 for the tax year 2015-2016).

    – Full State Pension for all citizens, same amount as Citizen Income,
    irregardless of National Insurance contribuiton / credit history,
    which at the moment is being used as an excuse to bring about
    LESS NOT MORE state pension for
    women born from 1953 and men born from 1951.
    See details in petition and the information below it:

    Without benefit and without state pension, the low waged or no waged over 60s have no right to Cold Weather Payments or the pensioners’ Winter Fuel Allowance.

    And equally get hit by Bedroom Tax and benefit sanctions.

    The Citizen Income would have helped this lady and baby not to have all the stress of a benefits system that threatens so many lives every day.

    Ask The Greens to ensure those policies are on every billboard very soon, as well as in The Greens’ general election pledges.

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  3. He’s lovely!! Humanity will prevail Charlotte.

    In the New Year I think we need to open up a new front of campaigning aimed at promoting disobedience by DWP workers of orders to carry out sanctioning, to send people on workfare, and to refer people to work capability assessment.

    There is a need to distinguish politically between workers and managers. You are already effectively doing this by fraternising with the PCSOs and PCs who are sent with orders to render the protests less effective. We need to do the same with the DWP workers, to appeal to class solidarity. (Remember the old tactic of sticking flowers down the barrels of rifles – it works).

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  4. A beautiful nipper, all the best to them both, lets all have a better year next year, and above all lets never surrender to this vile Tory scum vision of “Big Society”

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  5. This is wonderful news! Thank you most sincerely for your campaign against benefit sanctions and for highlighting the human rights violations of the Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. (At the current time I cannot publicly reveal my actions in this matter).

    Wishing you and your readers a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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