Pregnant and sanctioned just in time for christmas… Sanctioned and frozen to death….The latest news from Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

Today was our usual demonstration day. The wind was howling and the rain and hail was pouring down. We were cold but we turn up every week.

We will not let the victims of the Job centre down.

Whilst handing leaflets out a lady that had said hello to us on previous occasions came running out of the Job Centre. She was upset, crying, she screamed “Why does this place treat you like this?” She is pregnant and has been put on the terrible universal credit scheme.

These schemes really know how to make anyone suffer. She had fulfilled all her job search requirements.

When she turned up at the Job Centre to sign on they said that she hadn’t turned up for an interview that she never received a letter for.

They couldn’t or most likely wouldn’t show her a copy of this letter… that’s if it even existed in the first place. They refused to give her a hardship form which they are legally obliged to do.

Having spent all of her phone credit on phoning for jobs which she didn’t have a chance of getting because she is pregnant.

The police happened to turn up for our demonstration… they turn up every week…. they are on our side… they went into the Job Centre to get her a hardship form… and they refused them as well.

Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre really do think that they are not answerable to anyone. We hope to see her next week.

After talking to this lady I was stopped by a homeless chap who wanted to congratulate us on our hard work.

He said that he hated this Job Centre. His friend who lived on the streets with him had been sanctioned after being taken off the sickness benefits that he was on and was put on Job seekers Allowance.

He had severe mental health and addiction problems. He was sanctioned, and without warm clothes and very little food he fell asleep on the streets and never woke up.

He died of hypothermia. People had passed him and thought that he was asleep.

He didn’t stand a chance.

And what do the Job Centre staff say? “We are only following orders.” Most don’t feel any guilt or remorse. And we know that this government doesn’t either.

We are holding a memorial service outside Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre next Thursday. We will be laying a wreath and we are desperately in need of funds to do so. We ill be doing this in memory of every person that has died as a result of this governments war against the poor. We wont forget them. Please come, bring a flower, bring some words to say but more importantly bring yourself.

78 thoughts on “Pregnant and sanctioned just in time for christmas… Sanctioned and frozen to death….The latest news from Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.”

  1. Please encourage every single person who is sanctioned to appeal the decision straight away. Appeals can be very successful especially when support is provided by cab, welfare rights advisers etc.allowing the sanction to go unchallenged can have severe penalties for future sanctions.appeal every single one. The tribunal service need to be bigger down with these to highlight how many are applied incorrectly and cause severe hardship to people already struggling with I’ll health, mental health, homelessness etc.


    1. I certainly do over 85% of sanctions are overturned at appeal. This we have seen. Not everyone likes cab for their own reasons so they either come to us or go to welfare rights. we tell people to ask for their hardship form straight away at sanction. But the job centre have started to refuse this which is very wrong. it’s terrible and I won’t stop until they stop


  2. Not been in long, Well what a great day but it was such a shame to have met the good people under the circumstances outside the job center of death in Ashton. One thing is very clear in my heart and mind and that is we can not loose. Me and my friend were welcomed with love and respect to no end.

    I can and will vouch for the people doing the good fight over there and implore you to go and support them, in fact ask yourself why you are not !

    we have briefly looked at the footage we took and there is some great content that will be put together for great effect.

    I will update as and when.

    Can I wish everyone a great festive season but let it be known that the people who have passed and who are suffering have my thoughts and love.

    Take care all and be vigilant.


  3. I think it would be a good idea to look at the training regime that DWP staff get, I am aware that psychological advances are made on the employees. How can somebody get out of bed, go to work and sanction people knowing they are pushing them to suicide? well it is quite easy….you have to re-arange their thought processes and switch off all empathy, give bonuses/commissions and protect them to all ends…If nobody has heard of neuro linguistic programming then I suggest you have a look into it, It has been used for decades and can be used to positively help people.

    Today we are seeing so much of this pseudo science being used to CHANGE people into big society (NU SPEAK ALERT!) Here are a few links that prove that DWP staff (as well as other evil departments/agencies of government) are mostly unknowingly brainwashed to obey murderous policy, It has been proven that this so called training (normally labeled ‘diversity’ training) can cause mental illnesses because it is not a one fix all solution and imo has not been totally proven, it also is not monitored with any oversight, you or me can get qualified and practice without a licence.

    just take a look at this linked in …link, she boasts that she has been trained by the co creator of NLP, this makes me sick, do look at her position. Do not be mistaken by the double speak she is most definitely doing a good job because they are doing exactly what the government wants them to do, kill!. If anyone can log into linked in and see the full profile please look for Common Purpose, they seem to be a key denominator.

    other links as evidence:

    welfare to work attendee left a reference here

    registered providers to DWP here

    there are hundreds of these relationships, Do ask the DWP staff how their NLP training went, they do not like the light shinning on them wink wink.

    This should show the HOW bit to the picture, I have always wanted to do a FOI on how many DWP staff have left due to mental illness but it is not so easy that one and also how many shady payouts to keep quiet have happened, I found all this info and facts looking into the NHS last year, its the same everywhere, CHANGE is an alarm bell be vigilant folks.

    I think it is only fair to say that the minority of people in these positions are genuine and are trapped but they do not last long in positions where they have empathy because it is BANNED


  4. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I’ve been meaning to reblog this post for a week or so now, but just got caught up in other things. This describes two horrendous cases of official cruelty and callousness at Ashton-Under-Lyne jobcentre. One involves a young woman, who was thrown off benefits because she was pregnant. She was then sanctioned from JSA because she missed an appointment about which she was not informed. The jobcentre staff steadfastly refused to give her a hardship payment claim form, even when the police intervened on her behalf.

    Also in this post is the case of a homeless man with serious drug and mental health problems that prevented him from finding work. He died of cold and hunger on the streets after the jobcentre sanctioned his benefits. The blog’s author states that the staff at the centre simply excused themselves by saying ‘we were only following orders’, and showed absolutely no remorse. It’s the Nazi response at Nuremberg, and it’s high time it was challenged.


  5. Hi Charlotte, just a heads up to say ‘you have mail’ sorry about the delay.

    I think it is worth saying (as sad as this all is) This strategy that the DWP are enforcing is all entwined within the bigger picture, I remember reading a document I found online a couple of years ago, I think it was called ‘DWP phase 3’ It was mostly all NU speak and double speak of which I have come to understand somewhat. It explained that they was going to do some of the things we are seeing now but I never knew it was to be so brutal and psychopathic.

    I do have a hypothesis that is based on solid evidence about where the DWP are going and it entails the basic income for all, I researched this early in the year. the BIfA is quite a popular movement and was really bolstered from some in the old occupy London movement (where is he going with this I hear you ask lol) Now some may of heard about the Robin hood Tax (George Sorros supported) and more lately the RESET to mention just two grass root movements that adopt this system.

    The DWP with universal credits (and all the other draconian things) being put in place are looking (imo) to eventually break the welfare state by killing people and creating the most shocking horrors so that we all clamor for justice, now as some may know we have lost all control over anything that matters regarding our sovereign rights to govern ourselves on November the first, all stolen by treasonous acts and laid at the throne of the EU dictate that resides in the modern tower of Babel. What the EU have planned for the whole of Europe is the Basic Income for All and they have had this in the pipeline for years, It is happening in some other countries within EU as I type. It is also happening in Brazil (home of the Agenda 21 conference..alarm bells?) So basically (no pun intended) the welfare state is being broken as to be replaced with the BIfA and I think that will come strait after they blanket the whole country with the universal credit, when/if you look at the protocols of both it becomes very clear that this is the case and you can see how similar they are.

    So the BIfA explains how the EU will tax the big banks, sounds fantastic but do read a lot more into it, the funds from the banks will give everyone a basic income tax free to every living person in the fortress of the EU, there is a lot of details I could put here to show how devious this is but all I will say is that the banks will be paying you your benefits…..This I think is to be the replacement of the welfare state and I am sure that the goal posts will be moved and the rules changed when they are successful, A corporation dictating how you live, even if you live at all, No cheques and balances and no oversight from a dictator called the EU commission…I could go on, food for thought. Never forget that once hungry you do anything for crumbs.

    I am left as I have been for some time now with the sickest feeling because of how far they go to effect ‘their’ change over us, it is eventually going to be global if we let them get away with it, bit by bit they have eroded anything that resembles a free society and one of the most hurtful things secondary to the deaths is that they use the words we are so desperate to hear….and on the horizon we have the TTIP deal, its a very big picture indeed.

    Hegelian Dialect just like most things today….

    sorry if I seemed to go off topic a bit but there are so many angles to the question why. I do expect that not everyone will agree and I promote that. Happy to share my thoughts if it can lead to better understanding on all sides so thanks for reading.

    p.s If anybody wants a few pointers and I am allowed within subject, I will catch up and post the relevant things I have found to date,If not I am sure the mods would cater dependent on amount of interest, if any lol


  6. this is disgusting to say the least, I am aware of the agendas this psychotic one party government is doing but yet still very very shocked and hurt. I would like to have a chat with you (seercharlotte71) in regards to turning up on Thursday and maybe interview someone as to get this a bit more exposed, I do have contacts in the alternative media that could help. If this sounds like a positive way forward for the group and victims then please add me on facebook mark fragz smith and I can explain in more detail…Many thanks and keep up the great work. p.s feel free to use my email used to comment.


  7. anne summers…. i believe there is a form you can get, possibly from a chemist, that when sent in will exempt your son from prescription charges. not sure if its called green form or similar but have a word with your chemist.they will know.


  8. One thing that strikes me reading this blog, everyone is blaming Cameron etc. I deal with front line cases everyday, in the Rochdale area. They all say the same thing the the Tories have done this, Sorry the Tories have not done this, it was the Labour party who introduced the reforms prior to leaving office, We have the Tories to thank for pursuing the reforms and screwing it up, What the Tories have done is introduce it without analysis and thought and cocked up. Labour wanted to roll it out at a much slower speed in fact using dates as 2020-22 to complete the roll out. You need to ask Cameron why is it IDS can still hold on to his job despite the massive overspend the housing benefit bill is now higher then its ever been. The IT systems cannot cope and it will get worse before it gets better. The biggest balls up, fraud is still higher then any other cause, and that it is only .8% of the budget which is easily recovered by applying a mansion tax!


    1. Ah yes very good point, but the Labour Party didn’t introduce universal credit the bedroom tax and the council tax supplement. Neither did they introduce the severe sanctioning regime that this country is undergoing. They could stop this. It’s all so wrong. By the way I’m not a Labour Party member Im a member of the Green Party however I am an ardent socialist who has a fair judgement of what is right and what is wrong. And this is wrong. When I.D.S visited our Job Centre which is his flagship Jobcentre he hid…. The coward wasn’t willing to be held accountable for any of his actions much like the staff who work there. So very wrong.


      1. Seercharlotte71, Completely agree. Would also add this government appears to be more than willing to tolerate (probably encourage) both abuse of their own and the previous government’s legislation and to ignore those aspects it finds convenient to do so. Hence Atos and the terrible treatment dealt out by so many job centres, who carrying on without any fear of their masters calling them to account for their actions. I hope, and suspect, a Labour government would have been far less tolerant of such behaviour. On this it is worth noting that the Labour government had began to note and investigate fraudulent practices by some of the major private employment service providers, before it lost power,. Indeed, I remember one CEO stating that the problem was that good practice of senior management when full filling government contracts was not being adhered to by those at ground level. This at best speaks of bad management or more likely is another example of the modern practice the buck stops with the least powerful.


  9. She is entitled to see any and all documents pertaining to her under the Data Protection Act. If they want to be prissy – which it sounds like they will – they may charge a £10 admin fee for this, but it sounds like you have enough support to raise that.

    Shocked and depressed by this story. Keep up the good work!


      1. Please ask disability campaigner Sue Marsh (@suey2y on Twitter) to raise funds for you. Email me at and I’ll provide you with her e-mail address.

        By the way, is there an e-mail address for the Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre? The UN’s human rights office cannot base their findings and recommendations solely on media reports, and I need to confirm that the Jobcentre sanctioned a claimant on sickness benefits who subsequently died of hypothermia.


      2. @Samuel Miller … and everyone else

        I’ve tried commenting here on how easy it is for people to make *free* ‘Subject Access Requests’ to the DWP for documents (evidence).

        But seercharlotte71 has blocked that, and more, from me… maybe other people have tried too.

        If she is for real… why would she do that???


      1. I live in the centre of a large English city and have a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the social and political tensions building around me. If the Tories remain in control of policies after the next election there’s is likely to be a terrible explosion of anger, hate and desperation around here. I’m old and disabled so can only look on. That aside it’s hard to imagine protesters not receiving varying degrees of sympathy from the majority of residents.


  10. I am a 58-year-old Disability Studies specialist and disability activist from Montreal, Canada who has been communicating frequently and voluntarily, since January 2012, to senior United Nations officials, on the welfare crisis for the United Kingdom’s sick and disabled.

    I am writing to strongly recommend that seercharlotte71 communicate with Mr. Jorge Araya about this tragic case; his contact information is below:

    United Nations Human Rights
    Jorge Araya
    Secretary of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    Groups in Focus Section
    Human Rights Treaties Division
    Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Tel: +41 22 917 9106
    Fax: +41 22 917 9008

    Mailing Address: OHCHR-Palais des Nations, 8-14 Avenue de la Paix, CH-1211 Geneva 10.

    My contact information is below:

    Blog: Hephaestus: Disability Studies
    Blog: My Disability Studies Blackboard
    (Montreal, Canada)


  11. my son hasn’t had a penny to live on for over a month, he signs on at stalybridge, next town to Ashton after twice attempting to sign on and twice feeling suicidal after the way they treated him – i made a complaint and the job centre lied……..he would rather have no money than deal with these people, he has no money for his anti depressents next week…….speaks volumes when someone would rather live on nothing than have to go and sign on………


    1. This is disgusting and I hope that your son is ok. The Job Centre will lie at every opportunity and will continue to do so until we as a country hold them accountable for their actions. It’s certainly a war against the poor x


  12. I just tried the link to prosecute ids too, it seems like the internet police have taken it down. I hate the way everything and everybody is becoming controled and policed. It’s the controlers and policers who have got it all wrong, who do we now turn to to get it put right?


  13. ‘We were only following orders.’ The quote is the same answer given by nazis in the extermination camps when asked ‘How did this happen?’


  14. They hung Nazi death camp commandants for ‘Just following Orders’. This is no excuse in law and this coalition should face a crimes against humanity charge in the Hague like any war criminal does…..


  15. If they are refusing to give out forms that people are legally entitled to then a complaint to your MP, JC manager and the JC district manager is in order. In that complaint i’d also bring up the fact that the nazi didnt show any proof a letter had been sent.


    1. And the no letter tactic is an old one. A friend of mine went to sign on a couple of years ago. She sat down and then the advisor said that she was sanctioning her because she hadn’t attended an interview. She said that she hadn’t received a letter. The advisor went to open her file and the letter was still in her file. My quick thinking friend grabbed hold of the letter and said “is this the letter that I am supposed to have received?” They said yes….and she never received her sanction. Caught out red handed.

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  16. I dont know if you are aware of this petition up at 38 degrees against IDS here is the link. you are in contact with many people you may be able to spread the word and more people may sign. I dont understand why in about a month there are only 4000 od signatures. I would have thought they would be overrun with people signing up…. Anyway, praise to you all . Standing up for and supporting the persecuted unemployed is admirable and just so kind. When you stand up, you speak for all of us, we need more people like you. Only in numbers will we gain the power to change things back to a more humane society.

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    1. Guys, I’m in Canada, but I checked on a petition link to spread the word. I got a 404 error in response, so maybe someone might have taken your petition off? Not sure what a 404 is. I am disabled and lived through Mike Harris’ “war or the poor” but what you guys are going through makes that look like a picnic in the park. I am in bed from pain for 20 hours a day and I know for a fact that under their sick and twisted rules, I would be declared fit for work. I have been posting articles in my facebook group Stop ATOS ever since. If I weren’t on so many pain meds, I would be doing more, as stuff like this is why I want to get into politics so badly.


    1. Nope people are still entitled to hardship payments. We see people claim this from the Jobcentre every day. People are entitled to this!! And they do issue the payments but the payments are half the amount of money that you would normally be claiming

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    2. It’s not a crisis loan or a social fund payment it is specifically a hardship payment which is still available and the forms are available from your advisor. It’s always wise to have one already filled in to hand in straight away for when they decide to sanction you.


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