Is it all just one big joke?

Yesterday Baroness Jenkins implied that the poor are going hungry because they don’t know how to cook…. Now we all know that isn’t the case. We do know how to cook. Infact most of us are very skilled at making something from next to nothing and making what should be one meal for one person stretch to feed all the family. We all know how to eat cheaply. What we don’t always have is the resources to do so. We don’t always have electric and gas to cook with. Even more importantly we don’t have the food to cook with. I noted that she referred to herself making porridge… Well I for one see the resemblance that porridge has to the workhouse gruel that used to be served up. It was of no nutritional value.. However it was just enough to keep you alive if not Ill already. Porridge is simply not enough to live on… I think she and her ilk could do with spending a month or so with those of us that can really make a meal out of nothing. We do not lack the skills we lack the resources.
Why do we lack the resources? We lack them for very simple reasons. The massive rise in energy prices which enables using either gas and electric out of reach for many.
Another reason is sanctioning, the delay in receiving of money due to benefit changes…. Usually when the gods of ATOS or your local Jobcentre declare you fit… Bedroom tax… This costs me £20 a week.. I don’t eat a lot as a result.
Poor wages… Wages that aren’t enough to be able to afford food and energy. Zero hour contracts…. Never knowing when your next work will come about that combined with claiming universal credit is a disaster.. Even if you work a 12 hour day you are expected to job search for 11 hours…. When are you supposed to sleep?
These issues need addressing and I and others intend to keep spreading awareness and helping others.
This is indeed a war against the poor and that includes the working poor.
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3 thoughts on “Is it all just one big joke?”

  1. Imelda Marcos, before leaving with the nation’s plunder, claimed the Filipinos could always rely on fish when rice became too expensive. (While I was staying in Leyte, of MacArthur fame, a 9 yr old boy was murdered for a $25 sack of rice.) But the villages stand on the shores now to catch minnows – the fish have been eaten. “Eat the rich!”


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