Local authority “celebrating” the opening of a food bank at Tameside Hospital.

I’m disgusted. It’s bad enough having to open a food bank at a hospital. It’s bad enough that patients are being admitted due to malnutrition related illnesses. Please read my earlier blog to recap on the details.

Tameside hospital is struggling, it’s in a very poor area and Ashton Under Lyne was chosen to be one of the pilot areas for Universal credit as well as many other “trials”. This ensured that the folk of Tameside suffer, and  suffer we do. 

I saw this photo on Facebook. It shows the opening of the food bank at Tameside hospital.. I see several things that are wrong with this.. 

We should not be “celebrating” the opening of a food bank. The government wants us to open food banks. They do their work for them… Feeding the poorest in society. Now I’m not saying that people should be starving far from it. This should not be happening. Instead of celebrating this we should keep be lobbying the government and campaigning against this governments war on the poor.

Perhaps the thought of missing a photo opportunity was too much for them. They should have thought about this carefully first. Am I the only one thinking that they are sending the wrong message out? Where are the anti government placards stating that food banks shouldn’t exist? It seems that they think that gold chains are more suited for the occasion.

If a food bank is opened it should just open. Simply that. The good people that put the hard work into running food banks would much rather have food donations than a load of officials stood there smiling whilst the ribbon is cut.

It’s disgusting and it’s obscene that we even have the need for foodbanks. To say I’m angry at this is an understatement.. 

Am I the only one that irony of a Mayor cutting the ribbon whilst wearing solid gold chains? I see this as an insult to the poor of this country who can’t afford to eat. The wealth contained in those chains is something that they can only dream of. 

I’m surprised that they didn’t have the party poppers out and a nice spread laid out for the Mayor. I wasn’t there but I do hope that they didn’t. How insulting would that be? 

I do hope that all the officials attending donated some food. But more importantly I do hope that they are all personally lobbying and campaigning against this governments evil war against the poor individually. Just because “their political party” is campaigning is no excuse for them not to. 



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8 thoughts on “Local authority “celebrating” the opening of a food bank at Tameside Hospital.”

  1. This shouldn’t be a celebration.. Before this Corrupt Government got its stuck into the sick & the disabled(of which I fall into this Demography).. These where there as a last resort.. Not to be opened by a Major.. How low has the British gone under this Corrupt Government!!!?????


  2. Whenever an organisation or business has an official opening with the lord mayor with gold chains, it conveys that their business is thriving and making enough profit to have such an opening. It also suggests that the business is well established and will be providing a service for a long time.

    This really angers me to see the blatant evidence that this government has no intentions of reducing poverty levels so that poeple can afford to buy their own food from a supermarket. Surley these food banks are only a temporary measure to support people with basic needs until they are on their feet again, right? Not a way of making secure permanment savings for this Tory government, at the cost of people being stuck in this poverty trap with no ways to climb out?!!


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