Time to remember, time to put pressure on the Department of works and pensions. 

It’s a strange thing, if you or I were to kill someone or knowingly cause another person physical harm then we would expect, quite rightly to get punished for it. 

Since 2011 many many people have died and suffered as a result or this governments and The Department of works and pensions actions. I’ve seen the results of this myself, in my home town. The so called flagship town for Universal Credit. 

Not everyone realises that the DWP and the government are refusing to give anyone the estimated figures of those deaths. I say estimated because I’m very sure that any figures that they release will be around 1/4 of the actual reality of the situation. The DWP have been called upon to release these figures, I suppose they want the election to be over before they do this. Why? Because who will knowingly vote for a political party with so much blood on their hands. 

I call upon the DWP to do the decent thing and to release these figures. We need to know the total amount of suffering that the Con/Dem government and the DWP have inflicted. In other countries this would be called a national disaster. People starving, children going hungry, pensioners going cold, levels of homelessness higher than they have ever been. But in this country people turn a blind eye, if it’s not happening to them they aren’t bothered. Thank goodness many people are bothered. 

Someone said to me the other day that they vote for what’s good for them…. We need to change that. We need to vote for what’s good for everyone, not just yourself. Use your vote wisely, I know I am. Vote for an anti austerity party, locally and nationally. To make a change we have to take baby steps. 

Many thanks to my friends in unite in the community and unite, Penny from The People’s Assembly, my comrades in Tameside Against The Cuts, Boycott workfare who are doing amazing things, my Green Party colleagues and my anti fracking friends to mention but a few. We all battle everyday to help make this world a better place. Maybe one day we will succeed. 



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