Sunday a day for thought and reflection.

Today has been a day of enforced rest due to lack of money, but no day is wasted.Thoughts and ideas cost nothing and no matter what status you are your ideas are important. I spend most of my days thinking due to not having a television, but that has liberated me and set me free, I’m no longer tied to the box in the corner of the room that has a strange hypnotic effect on most people that watch it.

I described my life earlier this week as consisting of more than a few ducking and diving attempts to save money and to make things stretch. The uk hasn’t seen poverty and deprivation like we have now since the 1930s, indeed very often it is very similar to the bad old Victorian days when the master of the hall or the mill had complete control over their workers, providing provisions like washing facilities and housing just so they could be sure that their workers would be reasonably well and fit for work.

Things have changed now… now the poor are tied to the Jobcentre and to the government in ways that my grandparents even parents couldn’t have imagined. We have the worry of having no money for food because the government see fit to decide that the poor aren’t important. We are important and will continue to be important.

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