The low levels that Ashton Jobcentre will go to to sanction people.


23 week pregnant woman sanctioned.

The above woman (wearing costume so the Jobcentre staff don’t recognise her) was sanctioned when 23 weeks pregnant. The reason you may ask…. for attending a work fare interview (work for nothing) at B&Q.

Whilst at the interview they noticed that she was pregnant and they said yep we will put you on light duties…. The jobcentre decided otherwise… in their words “we are sanctioning you because you told them that you were pregnant”.

So in other words she was meant to break all health and safety laws in the uk and not declare that she was pregnant. How on earth can this be right? It isn’t. She was heartbroken. She had walked a few miles to this workfare interview and she saw it as her last hope of not being sanctioned.

Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre knowingly target pregnant women. On one of our demonstrations 3 young women who were pregnant had told us that they were sanctioned. This is so wrong.

When asking the Jobcentre “advisor” how they were going to feed their unborn baby they were told… “tough your not ill your pregnant”.

This is the attitude at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. This is why myself and others demonstrate. We need justice for the normal working class person.

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43 thoughts on “The low levels that Ashton Jobcentre will go to to sanction people.”

    1. Dang! posted to soon… .
      What I intended to write about in that post was that then behaviour of the DWP staff is typical of what I thought was called ” The Zimbardo Effect “, but in fact is called ” The Lucifer Effect ” which was defined by Philip Zimbardo. ( but you probably knew that already )
      This behaviour is to be found in most organizations. My personal experience of this phenomenon comes from my personal experience of the UK psychiatric system.


  1. My sister was at this job centre when she was pregnant at 25 weeks with her son now 3 years old they sanctioned her because she only lasted 1 week at work. They sent her cleaning the portable toilets in nanchester city centre!!!! They havnt a brain cell between them


  2. i was told by the job centre to just lie about being pregnant at interviews 8 years ago. i ended up being hospitalised with severe morning sickness, im pretty sure an employer would have noticed that….


  3. I was 27 weeks pregnant in 2011 and they send me to clean public toilets I refused to do this which related to sanctioning my claim


  4. I wonder if the person who wrote this article would contact me I would like to help this lady after going through a very similar thing 4 years ago


  5. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is a bit more detail on the story Pride’s Purge published last night, about a young woman thrown off benefit by her jobcentre because she was pregnant. This article reveals that she was not the only one. Three other women have also been so maltreated.

    I mentioned on my comments on Tom Pride’s article on this that it is the result of two strands of Tory policy. On the one hand, they seem to feel that denying women a separate income will strengthen the family bond, by forcing them to rely on their husbands or partners for support. Secondly, they see pregnant women and those with children as simply a drain on employers’ resources, and so seek to repeal the laws protecting their right to a job and equal pay and prospects as male employees. You can see this attitude on display most days of the week in the pages of the Daily Heil. If these policies become widespread, it will have the effect of throwing pregnant women and single mothers out onto the street. A truly horrific prospect, and one which should be the shame of the jobcentre involved and its superiors and decision makers.

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    1. Hi Joe,
      I damn well hope that the Guardian do publish an article on this.
      This lady now needs to throw everything at these bastards…. go to the GP, MP, midwife & CAB. It’s been my experience in the past that the more people you involve in your plight the less places there are for the perpetrator (in this case, th DWP) to hide!
      God bless this poor lady and all those helping her X


  6. That is exactly what bedworth job Centre told me too when I was five minutes late for some back to work type activity five and a bit years ago.

    That was before food banks and I was so hungry


    1. I attended my interview at Hyde job centre and my adviser wasn’t there because apparently she was on strike meaning she was actually sat at home so I got sanctioned for missing that appoIt mento even though I proved I attended and have been sanctioned 8:10 a day because I phoned in sick because of depression and they pretty much laughed at me on the phone


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