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Shocking Statistics Show 350,000 More Children in Poverty Than Last year

According to statistics released today by CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) 350,000 more children are in poverty in the U.K than last year.

This shows that 29% of all children in the UK are growing up below what is regarded as the breadline. In total that’s 4.2 million children in the UK, I’ll repeat this again 4.2 million children in the UK are growing up in poverty.

One of the main contributors to this sudden rise since 2022 is the stopping of the £20 universal credit uplift that happened half way through 2022.

At the same time £3.1 billion has been spent on Pupil Premiums and Early Years Entitlement for two-year olds that were introduced in 2008 has risen since 2021 from £2.5 billion to £2.7 billion a year whilst spending on the Early Years Entitlement for two year olds has fallen from £0.5 billion to £0.4 billion.

Forecasts of continued growth in child poverty mean that the current estimated £39.5bn annual cost will reach £40.4 billion in 2027 in today’s prices.

Commenting on today’s DWP’s child poverty statistics and CPAG’s own research on the economic costs of child poverty, Chief Executive of the charity Alison Garnham said:

“Children pay the highest possible price for poverty – they pay with their health, their well-being and their life chances. Our research shows the country also pays a heavy financial price.

Today’s DWP figures show that investing in social security is the way to remove children from poverty. Indeed, the Government did lift many kids from poverty with the £20 universal credit increase, but it plunged them back again with a subsequent cut.

In the face of today’s grim figures, and with another rise in inflation, it’s inexcusable for Ministers to sit on their hands. The Government must extend free school meals, remove the benefit cap and two-child limit and increase child benefit. The human cost for the children in today’s figures is incalculable. The economic fallout for all of us is vast. But if the political will is there, child poverty can be fixed.”

Meanwhile as the cost of living and energy price crisis continues to worsen even more children will be plunged into poverty leaving many to go hungry and at the same time foodbank donations are falling as the price of groceries increases leaving many having to close their doors to those in need.

It takes a truly evil and callous government to knowingly put the health and wellbeing of those most vulnerable at risk whilst they continue to profit from doing so.

The sooner this government has left office the better, to deliberatlty cause the suffering of 350,000 children and more is totally unforgivable.

Those responsible for making these decisions sleep well at night because they don’t care one bit and it’s pointless reaching out to them for sympathy.

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

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Johnson Resignation. The Emperor Has No Clothes

Johnson declaring his departure and supposed resignation was a bit of a none entity much like the ministers that he’s recruiting to fill the positions of the 59 ministers that departed the night before.

Not once in his speech did he say the word resign, nor does he have any intention of leaving until October. This leaves many wondering how long will he cling onto power, desperate to keep the remnants of his position. It’s also very concerning how much chaos he will potentially create until he leaves.

His predecessor Theresa May was in office for 1,107 days compared to Johnsons 1,080. Instead of accepting defeat and having the common sense to move on and let someone else do the job he appears desperate to stay on for as long as possible, potentially hanging on for at least another 28 days to make sure that his reign is longer than hers.

Not once has he accepted defeat nor has he in my opinion put the interests of the country first. He’s continually put his own selfish needs first. As Thangam Debbonaire says: “Every single Tory MP, every single one, should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves how we got here…they propped him up. They were complicit.

Complicit in every single decision made by Johnson.

Keir Starmer has also popped his head above the parapet, threatening to table a confidence motion if Johnson tries to cling on in No 10 after he has resigned. However as stated previously Johnson didn’t mention the word resign once in his speech, so what happens now?

The truth is that Johnsons departure cannot happen a moment too soon however it is far from good enough. We have to do everything in our power to stop such a corrupt, lawless administration into becoming in power or close to being in power again.

We have seen a government run roughshod over the rights of others whilst at the same time employing ministers accused of sexual misconduct to remain in power, have parties during lockdown whilst thousands were dying and families not able to attend their funerals.

We have also witnessed the government engaging in what seems like never ending interference from Russia putting our national security at risk whilst accepting donations from Russia and even appointing Russian oligarch Evgeny Lebedev into the House of Lords.

During the last twelve years of Tory rule we have seen our precious NHS nearly totally decimated and burnt to the ground, whilst at the same time destroying the life’s of disabled and poor people with their cruel, heartless policies.

The UK is already in the midst of a cost of living crisis which is not being addressed properly if at all. This is also leaving millions of people unsure about their future, and even employment.

This winter will be cataclysmic for thousands being forced into even more poverty unable to pay for basics such as heating, electric and food.

What is needed is for the Conservative party to trigger a quick succession process, ignoring Johnsons pleas to stay until October. A working administration is needed now and at the greatest urgency and speed.

Remember the men that wield the dagger very seldom wear the crown and it will be interesting to see if any of those wielding the dagger will remain in power. Or will Ben Wallace the odds on favourite be the next Prime Minister?

Time will tell.