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Is the governments proposed pandemic roadmap doomed to failure?

Covid 19 infection rates have been falling across the UK as a result of the national lockdown. Thanks to the NHS the vaccination programme is making good progress and so far appears to be reaching their expected targets.

The national lockdown has helped to stop the spread of covid-19. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of people admitted to hospital with serious Covid 19 related illnesses.

This should not be treated lightly as the threat of the pandemic and once the lockdown conditions are lifted there are still major unresolved challenges which could result in the R rate and mortality levels rising.

Many local and regional public health teams don’t have the tools available to tackle outbreaks despite large numbers of the public believing so.

The Covid 19 virus has the potential to spread very quickly which could result in the virus once again being out of control.

This is very worrying because we are now seeing quicker spreading mutations of the Covid 19 virus emerging which is a trend that is most likely to continue once lockdown conditions are once again lifted.

The government has released its roadmap, but for it to succeed, the government needs to fix the already existing problems with the way that infection data is recorded so that the spread of covid-19 can be accurately recorded.

Therefore it is extremely worrying that the results of Imperial College London’s REACT study and the Office for National Statistic’s infection survey are still not matching with the data that the Test and Trace. Records.

For public health teams to be able to take the necessary actions to prevent infection rates rising, the problems surrounding this needs to be dealt with.

Public health teams cannot be expected to react appropriately when the data that they receive isn’t accurate. Without this accurate data its very difficult to see where the localised outbreaks are and to respond accurately.

One of the downfalls of the Test and Trace system is that it can only provide infection data for people that come forward to be tested, therefore the system can only trace the contacts of those who have imputed their data to contact tracing teams.

Many people aren’t coming forward for testing as a result of the insufficient provision of economic support from the government if they are required to isolate as a result of their test and trace data. This then expands health inequalities between those that can afford to stay off work than those that can’t.

Public health teams are also facing problems in accessing the data that is generated by the Test and Trace system mainly as a result of the system being technically insufficient to provide the needed data and the information that does arrive is too slow to do so.

Despite the governments new Roadmap system it can’t be be successful unless there is improved data access for Public Health Teams for them to act upon.

Improved early warning systems would also help to alert teams to spikes in their local infection rates before they rise out of control. This would also help to identify new mutations of the virus.

For the governments new roadmap system to be successful it’s very important to have an effective early warning system to alert Public Health Teams about rises in local and national infection rates.

The NHS and public and health professionals across the country have worked extremely hard trying to tackle the spread of covid-19. Their combined efforts have lead the country to a place where we can see a way out of the current restrictions that we have faced for so long.

It’s important to remember that our exit from lockdown must be time appropriate and access to reliable data must be improved upon. without this the governments planned Roadmap will fail our hope to return to life as normal.

To avoid a fourth lockdown will requires much more than just a roadmap. It requires an effective early warning system both locally and nationally to rises in infection rates. This also depends upon effective and early action from the government in response to keep the virus under control.

Throughout this pandemic the government has been extremely slow to act upon data given thus enabling the virus to run out of control leading to mutations of the virus. We have seen the government be far to slow to respond to infection rates given which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

We need to prevent future spikes and if possible avoid another lockdown.

To achieve this the government needs to start acting quickly and more decisively, based their actions upon active monitoring of good quality data.

Source Maggie Rae president of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

Covid 19 my vaccine experience.

Yesterday I had my Covid 19 vaccination. I had the Pfizer vaccination and I really couldn’t wait for this day to arrive.

Most of you will know that my Covid 19 and Long Covid experience has been horrendous.

I first became ill with Covid 19 last April and I quickly became extremely unwell. You can read about this in my previous blog posts. I also developed Pneumonia and pleurisy and had numerous relapses.

To say that I was excited for my vaccine was an understatement, I can never forget how ill I have been and I certainly don’t want to catch it again. Not only do I have to think about myself I also have to think about my daughters wellbeing as well.

I was virtually bedbound for around a month except for the odd trip downstairs which completely exhausted me. As a result my illness really scared my daughter, she told me that she thought that I was going to die.

I’ve now got long covid, but its nowhere near as bad as having covid and my health is improving albeit much slower than I’d like it to.

So, putting her wellbeing first and then mine I gladly accepted my invitation for the vaccination. No side effects from the vaccination can ever be as bad as becoming as ill as I was again. Not an option for me.

First I had to work out how to get there. I don’t drive so going anywhere can be a struggle at times. My health isn’t up to bus rides at the moment and it would have taken two bus journeys to get there.

Luckily a lovely friend of mine offered to take me, she had already had her first vaccination and we were both masked up etc.

Once we arrived at the vaccination venue everything was straightforward in a regimented fashion. At no point did I feel unsafe or overwhelmed. I was very impressed with their delivery of the vaccine. The injection itself didn’t hurt and everyone was so friendly.

The vaccine rollout in Tameside and our local NHS area has been superb. They’re really working hard to vaccinate everyone and I can’t thank them enough.

I shouldn’t have to mention this but I didn’t jump any queues in getting my jab. I have underlying health conditions and covid has damaged my lungs.

Right now back to the vaccine. On the day of my vaccine I had absolutely no side effects to speak of, even the injection site didn’t hurt. This is brilliant I thought. This morning I woke with a low lying temperature and just a feeling of being tired, just like you feel when you’re beginning to become unwell with a virus.

I’m not ill though, I expect that I’ll be feeling much better tomorrow. This is really a very small price to pay for ensuring that I will keep myself safe and also others safe including my daughter.

After speaking to other people there has been various side effects depending upon the person, but none as far as I know are as bad as catching Covid.

Despite some people demonising the vaccinations, saying that they’re dangerous and the vaccinations have microchips in them. Yes some people really believe that we are being chipped etc. Mad isn’t it. I blame the so called alternative media for this, praying upon a persons weakness and vulnerabilities.

Ive had people tell me that the vaccines aren’t safe because they haven’t been tested enough. This is complete rubbish. They have been tested and for a change the government funded these tests, ensuring that the vaccines can be released as quickly as possible.

I have friends that took part in the vaccine trials. The difference between the vaccine trials and other trials is that this one was fully funded. They weren’t forced to literally beg for funding to do this. If only the government fully funded everything that they should do.

Of course as with any other vaccination there is a risk that comes with it but the risk is very low. Both your doctors surgery’s and the staff at the vaccination centres ensure that no one that has a risk of developing serious side effects actually has the vaccine.

So what do I think of the vaccines?

As with any vaccination against serious illnesses I think that they’re brilliant. They prevent us from becoming seriously ill from illnesses that used to be commonplace. Vaccines give us the freedom to not be scared of going out and mixing with people.

Back before vaccines staying alive was much more dangerous. Mortality levels were high and fewer people lived for as long as we do now. Of course there were exceptions to the rules, there is in a local graveyard to me. These were the exceptions and not the norm though.

So would I recommend getting the vaccinations? Yes I do. Once you’ve been ill with covid or know someone that has been ill with covid or have died from it, not having it isn’t an option.

Keep safe everyone, isolate if you have to and wear masks etc and wash your hands. Like you I can’t wait until this is all over. I can’t wait to see people again safely.

Do I think that everything will totally return back to normal? I really don’t think so. I do believe that we will create our own new normal and I’m happy with that.

Our children will grow up with more knowledge about viruses and vaccinations. Hopefully this will help them in the future.

What we can’t do though is forget about everyone that has died from this awful virus. Never mind clapping… let’s have memorials built in their memories instead. Ideally I’d like this to be done in every town.

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Home Secretary backs police with new powers to help locate human remains.

For years now Alan Bennet has been trying to access documents left by Brady to his solicitor that could give light to wear Keith is buried.

Hindleys and Bradys crimes were and are unforgivable. Despite Hindleys attempts to take any blame away from herself and to clean up her reputation failed and quite rightly so. She was equally as guilty as Brady, some argue even more so.

Bradys solicitor has for years constantly refused to hand over the briefcase despite may requests from Alan Bennett and his family. This has been extremely upsetting for Alan and his family.

It’s a sad fact that many disappearances, murders and suicides cannnot have closure because of a legislative gap which has made police officers unable to access vital information.

This has left the family of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett unable to have closure. Home Secretary Priti Patel is now backing the police with new measures to track down human remains in a move that is designed to bring closure to the families whose loved ones have gone missing.

Keith vanished in 1964, when he was just 12 years old. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley later admitted to his murder, but his remains have never been found.

Brady put several suitcases in secure storage before his death. Police have applied for a warrant to open the cases, but this has so far been refused by the courts on the grounds that any evidence in the suitcases cannot be used in criminal proceedings, as Brady is dead so cannot be prosecuted. The executors of Brady’s estate have declined to hand them over to the Bennett family.

The proposed new powers would give police the legislative basis they need to apply for a warrant to access this information. The granting of any such warrant would be a matter for the courts.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

“I can only imagine the years of pain and turmoil that the Bennett family have faced following Keith’s tragic murder – no family should have to suffer the heartache of not knowing where their loved ones are buried.

“I am determined to give police the powers they need to access all available evidence and hopefully bring some closure to families in cases like these.”

Alan Bennett said:

“Keith’s story will be known to many, but what may not be known is the struggle which our family has gone through to try and seek closure.

“I have fought long and hard on behalf of my brother to bring about the necessary changes and to ensure his case is not forgotten.

“I want to ensure a positive legacy for Keith, so I was pleased to meet with the Home Secretary and to hear about the work being done to support my endeavours.”

The new powers will empower officers to seize evidence which they believe may help locate human remains outside of criminal proceedings, subject to a warrant. This would help in missing persons cases, suicides, and homicide cases where a suspect is known but cannot be convicted – for example, where the suspect is dead.

It is hoped that these powers will remedy the gap in the law and help provide closure to families when information comes to light about the location of their loved ones who have gone missing, or where people are presumed dead and their remains have not been found.

The measures will form part of a major forthcoming Bill to reform the criminal justice system and provide better support to police, victims, and the public.

Lets hope that Alan and his family get the answers that they need soon. The briefcase and its documents are the last things that Brady had control over. He ensured that his solicitor would never disclose or hand over the documentation inside the briefcase.

Accessing the briefcase will end the decades of control that Brady has had over the families of those who he and Hindley murdered. Closure is needed and as soon as possible.

I live in an area where one of their victims lived, indeed I live very closely to the house that one of their victims lived. Their murders have never been forgotten by my local community and the communities of the other victims.

Alan has worked extremely hard trying to retrieve these documents for years. Brady when alive was almost gloating when he refused Alans demands, then he ensured that his solicitor wouldn’t hand them over.

No murderer should be able to have this amount of control over the remains of their victims and the grieving of their families, but Brady knew that he could do this and he enjoyed having this amount of control over their victims families.

I really hope that Alan and his family can find the closure that they need. I congratulate Alan for his years of hard work trying to change this. He’s amazing.

Dear readers, its been a tough week for me. My daughter was admitted into hospital but all is well now. I’m trying to update my blog more because I really want the truth to get out there. It’s important to do so because the mainstream news miss so much important information out.

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New report shows health inequalities and mortality rates are increasing for the poorest.

In a recent report conducted by the 2020 Marmot review it reveals that life expectancy in England is stalling, while at the same time health inequalities are widening.

According to the review in 2010 and 2018 the gap in life expectancy between those living in the least deprived areas and the most deprived areas has increased drastically. The gap increasing from 9.1 to 9.5 years and for women from 6.8 to 7.7 years.

The length of time people spend in poor health has also increased across England since 2010, going from 15.8 to 16.2 years for men, and 18.7 to 19.4 years for women.

These figures also hide an even steeper social gradient than that seen for life expectancy. Those that live in more deprived areas spend a larger proportion of their already shorter lives in poor health.

The covid-19 pandemic has also enlarged the inequalities between the poorest and the better off.

According to the Marmot review the age standardised mortality rate associated with covid-19 in the most deprived areas in July 2020 was 3.1 deaths. This is more than double the rate in the least deprived areas.

The review shows that between 2010 and 2020 that the following is vital for closing the gap between the better off and the poorest.

Every child regardless of income deserves the best best start in life, a good education and the option to undertake lifelong learning opportunities that will enable adults to widen their capabilities and employment opportunities.

It is also important that people have good safe employment with good working conditions. Working conditions have also worsened thanks to the gig economy, agency work and unstable working hours. All these makes achieving a good standard of living virtually impossible to achieve .

Instead both disabled and none disabled people are reliant upon Universal credit and disability benefits which pushes a person into a never ending spiral of debt and conditionality that they can never totally satisfy.

Despite the government continually announcing that their policies are the best and that Universal Credit supposedly tackles financial inequality there has been little if any effective policies to tackle this.

Tackling inequalities requires more than just empty words and promises said in parliament. Those that make the policies that people rely upon need to work at local and national levels whilst engaging and communicating with the the people that are affected by their policies.

Disabled people should have benefit increases to enable a better quality of life as should everyone else that finds themselves reliant upon disability benefits, Universal Credit and legacy benefits. Whilst household bills and food expenses continue to rise benefit levels don’t rise to tackle this.

Health inequalities can’t be dealt with until people have the means to financially improve their quality of life. It’s impossible to eat healthier when dependent upon foodbanks for food, making the option to eat and heat almost impossible to do.

The government has the opportunity to change the huge and ever growing health inequalities in England as described in the Marmot 2020 review. The government could reverse this inequality if they wished to do so.

The government need to look at the policies that continue to enlarge the gap between the poor and the better off. The Universal Credit system needs to be reviewed and policies changed and monies increased to enable a better quality of life.

Disabled people shouldn’t be constantly harassed by a system that continually punishes them and also deprives them of the monies that they desperately need to survive.

For the country to be able to fully recover from the Covid 19 pandemic it is of the upmost importance that the government starts to tackle and reduce the health inequalities. They should implement policies to reflect this and take away discriminatory policies that currently target disabled people.

Without this we might never recover completely post covid-19 and health inequalities will continue to widen.

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Television licence set to increase in April.

It was announced this week that the television licensing fee is to rise from April 1. The fee will increase from £157.50 to £159 , this being the the fifth year the license fee has been increased.

The increase in price will rise to £3.06 a week or £13.25 a month. The cost of an annual black and white licence is to rise from £52 to £53.

In 2016 the government announced and agreed that the licence fee would rise in line with inflation each year for five years from April 1, 2017.

No reductions have been announced in respect of the pandemic, nor have the BBC taken into the account the financial impact that it has had and continues to have on it’s viewers.

The television licence fee is compulsory for everyone that watches live TV or on BBC iPlayer on any device. It also applies to watching other live programmes on online TV service such as YouTube, Sky Go and Now Tv.

There is a maximum penalty of £1,000 for people that have been watching live television without a license which impacts low income people the most with fines being garnished upon Universal Credit payments and suchlike.

The government had been considering whether non-payment should be decriminalised however not surprisingly they decided not to stop the licence fee increase saying that it would ‘remain under active consideration’.

Whilst the television licence fee might not appear to be a lot to many, for low income people and families it is a cost that they can’t afford to pay. Whilst the BBC has dedicated air time for educational programmes during lockdown many can’t afford to access them. Eat or heat is a priority put before paying for a television license.

The BBC confirmed that 2.7 million over-75s had paid for their licence after loosing their access to a free television license from August 1 2020, leaving a deficit of about 1 million over 75s not applying for a licence.

It’s extremely worrying that so many people are excluded by poverty from accessing educational programmes that have been aired for children. Many families and over 75s might try to watch the television without a licence because they can’t afford to pay for it.

No one should be excluded from a vital service such as the educational television programmes that are being broadcast by the BBC, but they are and as usual the poorest will bear the burden of this more than anyone else.

The impact of fines for non payment is huge. Fines take away money otherwise dedicated to food, energy bills and suchlike, pushing people into even more poverty.

Not everyone can find childcare to go to court to face a magistrate and set a payment plan. In their absence an amount is agreed by the courts that they can’t afford to pay because the courts can’t take their income into account. These fines are then garnished from Universal Credit payments and other benefit payments.

Personally I believe that school children should be able to access their educational programmes for free. I also agree that television licenses should have remained free for over 75’s.

Whilst I agree that the BBC does need to be funded and they do make some excellent programmes, the poorest shouldn’t be the ones carrying the heaviest financial burden of this. Their payment structure needs to be re looked at and revised to enable everyone to have access to their programmes and channels.

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Government to suppress essential Pupil Premium funding.

Pupil Premium is extra funding that is given to schools by the government to help disadvantaged children and those living in poverty that attend both primary and secondary schools.

Schools receive Pupil Premiums for pupils that claim free school meals. It is currently paid at £935 per child for secondary school pupils and £1320 per child for primary school pupils.

According to data submitted last January there were 1.44 million pupils registered to receive free school meals therefore enabling schools to receive this essential funding for their pupils.

By October 2020 the number of children claiming free school meals had risen to over 1.6 million which is already an extra 200,000 children living below the Universal Credit threshold resulting in them being entitled to free school meals.

As a result of the pandemic and despite the governments furlough schemes the e number of people claiming Universal credit has increased dramatically, which has resulted in the amount of children needing to access free school meals drastically.

These numbers are set to rise due to more parents becoming newly unemployed and the eight week wait for Universal Credit claims to be processed.

On December the 17th, the government made changes to their data collection. It was announced that the government would calculate pupil premiums for schools using the October census and not the January census.

This means that any pupil that became eligible for free school meals after the first week of October 2020 would not receive any Pupil Premium funding until they appear on the census next October. Previously these payments would have started in January.

If free school meals eligibility continues to rise as it has been predicted to this could mean that up to 200,000 pupils will miss out on the pupil premium for a whole school year.

This will potentially put schools at risk of loosing around £250,000,000 in extra funding that schools would have received from pupil premiums..

This will inevitably hit the most deprived communities and schools the hardest. Many depend upon the pupil premium funding to fund school activities and other school activities for their children.

Meanwhile the government argued that “The move to the October census simplifies the school funding system, and provide both schools and the Department with greater certainty around future funding levels earlier in the year”

Meanwhile the government continues to use January data for alternative provision schools.

Call me cynical but this appears to be a move to suppress Pupil Premium spending during a period when it is needed the most. The government clearly hasn’t taken the pandemic and the rising unemployment and poverty that is drastically increasing every day.

The government imposed these changes just before schools closed for the Christmas holidays. No notice was given to schools from the Department Of Education so therefore there has been no opportunity for schools to budget for these changes.

Schools are already struggling to find the funding for school activities and even much needed equipment.

The fact that the government has chosen effectively take away £1/4 billion in funding when poverty is rising whilst in the midst of a pandemic demonstrates is despicable. Their lack of care about our children’s education is all too clear.

Whilst the government talks about their ‘concerns’ about children’s education, and their rush to re open schools fully, they openly take away the funding that is needed for schools to do this.

The poorest children and schools will be hit the hardest by these changes and it is obscene that the government has done this when this essential funding is needed the most.



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Where’s the help for parents ill with Covid 19?

I was pondering on how long my Covid and Long Covid journey has been, it’s completely crazy that in April it will be my year anniversary of first becoming ill with it.

I wish that I could say that it’s been easy, that I felt looked after by the government and we both received the emotional support that we needed. However I can’t because they didn’t.

Lets start with following government advice that left me not receiving the medical help that I needed. Back then the advice given was to stay at home and phone 111 for advice. I did this and the phone operators over at 111 didn’t have a clue what to do with me.

Looking back I should have gone to the hospital but I didn’t because I was told to stay at home and coupled with the fact that I didn’t want to infect anyone and I had no one to care for my daughter left me stuck in bed at home.

Whilst I was in bed unable to get up and take care of my daughter she was sat downstairs worrying about my health and praying that I would get well again. She brought me drinks, checked if I was ok and she became my nurse.

Sadly I developed pneumonia and pleurisy as a result of having Covid 19 and I had to see a doctor. I had no choice, I was really struggling. I was given an appointment at my local covid clinic where they diagnosed me and started me on my first course of antibiotics.

I should have gone to the hospital in the first place.

I can’t remember how many courses of antibiotics to treat the above that I have taken. It took a long time to shift and resulted in me being admitted into hospital at last because I should have gone there in the first place. I didn’t because I was following government advice.

Whist I’m a lot better than I was, I’m still struggling with fatigue and breathlessness but I’ve come a long way from where I was. Because my daughter is doing her school work at home she isn’t bringing any viruses home with her. Before this I’m sure that I was rebounding because she was bringing said viruses home with her.

Being a single parent isn’t easy when you’re well and its even harder when you’re not well with a highly contagious virus. No one is allowed anyone to come and help you either because you’re contagious. Everything is a struggle and you have to put a brave face on for your children because you don’t want to worry them.

No one is talking about this and I think that the public assume that support is out there and no one is left on their own. I often wonder how many people and single parents have died as a result of becoming ill with Covid 19, forced to stay at home and unable to go to the hospital because there was no one to look after their children.

Government ‘advice’ has always been poor, thats if you can call it advice in the first place. It was more like lets ignore everyone thats ill because we have to ensure that the economy comes first. We only have to see how long it took the government to shut the schools, even though they’re still not fully shut.

To evidence this you only have to look at the supposed government press conferences to see this. They’ve never given up on their herd immunity plans. Thousands of people have died and will continue to die as a result of their incompetence.

Every day people are dying and the public are becoming normalised to it. The government certainly doesn’t care so why should we many would say.

Personally the deaths of thousands of people never leaves my thoughts. It could have been so different if we had followed New Zealand’s example. Thousands of people wouldn’t have died and the economy would be on its way to returning back to normal.

Meanwhile I’ve got to do everything in my power to get well again, to awaken my brain from its slumber and to free it of the brain fog thats been plaguing me for months.

Yesterday I set myself the task of tidying my bedroom. This is the room where I spent most of my time so I had to tackle it and make it nice again. I did my best and its much better but not perfect. I’m not expecting perfection but it’s frustrating that I’ve not been able to do this before. Still, I was proud of myself for doing it.

When you’re recovering from an illness like this it’s important to set yourself little goals not massive ones. If you fail to do this then it results in disappointment.

I do realise that I’m so lucky to have survived but I won’t stop telling people about the truth about our situations. You can feel grateful and campaign for the rights of others at the same time.

My heart goes out to everyone that has died, to their families, friends and work colleagues. It must be extremely hard to be grieving whilst themselves trying to stay safe.

My thoughts got to every single person forced to work through the pandemic, putting their life’s at risk everyday.

Financially the government has knowingly left so many people in poverty that many haven’t experienced before. Applying for Universal Credit isn’t easy and its obscene that the government hasn’t scrapped the five week waiting time for a claim to be processed. They love to make people suffer.

I won’t apologise for writing about this again because it has changed my life as it has for thousands of other people. We can get through this and one day we will be able to return to ‘normal’ whatever that means for us.

I’ll end it here but please read, share, tweet and email my blog. This does make a difference and it means the world to me.

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Financially Covid 19 has destroyed me. I can’t just go to the shops because most days I’m not up to it and I’m also scared of becoming ill again. Every penny helps.

A massive thank you to everyone that has helped my blog and campaign. Xxx.

Goodbye Captain Tom what about the others?

This week has been fairly interesting not only for me but for so many of you. As the government quite rightly is vaccinating the most vulnerable people theres still a lot of shit being thrown at the poorest and most vulnerable.

We said goodbye to Captain Tom and quite rightly theres been lots of publicity surrounding his death. Captain Tom should never have become a public name in the first place. The NHS should be properly funded by the government . So whilst Captain Tom was doing laps around his garden and raising money for NHS support services, the government was clapping him on knowing that this would detract from their wrongdoings.

Captain Tom starting fund raising for all of the right reasons , and I’d like to thank him for doing so. Meanwhile the government saw it as an opportunity to distract people from their faults, . The NHS and NHS support services will continue to be massively underfunded which during a pandemic is a dangerous thing to do.

The government never misses an opportunity to jump on charitable acts and deeds especially if the money raised will help to fund an area that they’re failing to fund correctly. Take for example food banks, the Tories like to turn up for photo shoots when a new foodbank is opening whilst ignoring the fact that we shouldn’t need to have foodbanks in the first place.

It also never fails to amaze me how quickly they are to turn up for these photo shoots outside foodbanks etc. They really like to rub peoples noses in it and they certainly don’t care about people being hungry. Neither do they care about elderly people fundraising for the NHS support services. It takes the onus off them to be a responsible government and fund these services themselves.

There’s nothing that the government likes more than deflection. One minute they’re praising the charities for helping people, the next they’re calling disabled and vulnerable people as ‘useless eaters’, whilst at the same time constantly attacking them through the lack of funding for essential services that they need. Lets not forget that they and the DWP are constantly punishing them through the evil DWP system, making them attend DWP ‘medicals’ etc.

Disabled and ill people are put under more scrutiny than any other social group. Their every movement is judged both by the government and by members of the public that believe the right wing benefit scrounger rhetoric. Every day is a battle for so many, a battle that they shouldn’t have to fight.

Whilst the government called upon the public to clap for Captain Tom, they failed to address the over 100,000 people that have died after contracting Covid 19. They also failed to address the thousand of people that have died as a result of the governments pernicious and punishing social security system.

I see it like this, everyone that has died as a result of Covid 19 is worthy of a memorial and a day of remembrance. The government won’t keep them in their thoughts. The nation is in mourning over the loss of loved ones, friends and colleagues. Where’s the publicity about their life’s? Meanwhile the government is busily scrambling to hide the mortality rates surrounding this awful virus.

Every day NHS staff are being abused by members of the public because they’re caring for people suffering with Covid 19. Where was the governments opposition to all the Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists? I can’t believe that I still have to tell people that Covid 19 is not like the flu, and it presents itself very differently.

No one deserves to be abused in this way for doing their jobs, it’s bloody wrong. The government have done a fantastic job dividing and conquering people. They’ve destroyed communities, stripped local authorities of essential services and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

I can and will never forget the thousands of deaths that they’re directly responsible for. The only way that we can get through this is by being there for each other albeit in a socially distanced way. Our campaigns haven’t stopped, we have had to adapt to the pandemic.

Flag waving doesn’t solve anything either. if anything it antagonises people. Whilst the opposition should be points ahead of the Tory Party they’re lagging behind with no clear plan. Put the flags away and start opposing, its what the public need them to do.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has lost a loved one either through Covid 19 or otherwise. Their life’s were and are important and we must never let the government forget this.

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People forced into work despite government lockdowns and self isolation.

This year has already set off to be a bad one for so many of us. For many people like myself suffering with Long covid are fast approaching our year anniversary since first becoming ill with Covid 19.

There’s still a perception by many that if you become ill with Covid 19 that in a week or so you’ll be better and ready to face the world agin.

The truth is that it isn’t as simple as this, even a mild case can make you extremely unwell, forcing you to feel guilty for being ill and you don’t want to complain too much because friends can get sick of hearing about it.

So many covid and long covid sufferers are forced back to work before they’re ready. This is often because of pressure to return put on them from their employers, and financially they’re not able to stay at home and recover.

The pandemic has highlighted the gap between the haves and have nots and the economic inequalities are very clear to see. For someone with no financial worries they’re able to stay home and spend their time at home starting hobbies and being able to have good quality shopping delivered to them.

Low income workers are most likely to have to go into work despite lockdowns because they can’t afford to stay at home and isolate. The relief packages that the government are inadequate and many still cant access these because they’re excluded from doing so.

The government has failed to support the poorest and most vulnerable throughout the pandemic. The extra £20 that they offered to universal credit and working tax credit claimants was and most likely wont be extended to people that desperately need the top up. Whilst £20 a week is still extremely low its helping people enormously. It’s been the difference in being able to buy some gas and electric, pay a bill, buy some food or put credit on their mobile phones.

They’ve also systematically failed to protect the nation especially the poor and disabled. They’ve entered lockdowns far too late with lockdown rules being complicated and unclear. They’ve also instructed the public to come out of lockdown far too early ensuring the spread of the pandemic.

Lets be clear, decision to lift restrictions isn’t because the government believes its safe to do so, its driven for financial reasons. The economy must come first at all costs despite the thousands of people that are still dying.

The decision to reopen schools isn’t because they believe its safe to do so either, its because they want parents to return to work even though its not safe.

Schools aren’t safe places despite the government still trying to say that they are. Teaching staff and school staff are dying because they have to go into work to teach children. It’s a huge misconception that all schools are shut. They aren’t and never have been.

The truth is that the UK was already in poor health before the pandemic arrived. Adults and children were and still are hungry, many are forced to live in poor quality housing that does nothing to benefit the health of the tenant.

Homeless people were and are still forced to sofa surf, become street homeless or having to live in hostels that are often dangerous and impossible to keep covid safe. The pandemic didn’t end these problems instead its exacerbated it.

Disadvantaged children are also suffering. Many parents and children are still going hungry despite the offer of free school meals in term time. The government is still determined to take their free meals away from them in the February half term. It’s shocking that they want to take food away from children, but its the Tory way and they’ve got a track record for doing so.

Unemployment levels are rising every day and the DWP and government are still determined that claimants should be actively seeking work and fulfilling their job search commitments. This is hard enough without the pandemic but the government never fails to miss an opportunity to punish the poor. After all they still think that its ok to sanction people in the midst of a pandemic.

This week Tory MP Therese Coffey the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions declared that the public are to blame for becoming ill with Covid 19, stating that we are all overweight and unhealthy. To blame the public for this is preposterous. It’s impossible for many to go shopping to buy the best foods for many reasons including food bank dependence and not enough money to do so. People eat what they can afford to, thats quick to cook because they’re living in fuel poverty.

The real blame lies at the feet of the government. They’ve totally failed to protect the public, putting their needs over that of the nations safety. The government has consistently failed to declare lockdowns early enough and the lockdowns that are declared are inadequate. Also forcing the public out of lockdowns too early because commerce is more important to them than safety.

Whilst many are living in psychological distress, the government appears to be continuing with their inadequate plans without a care for the nation. We need an independent public inquiry into the governments failing to protect the public.

We deserve to be treated much better than this. Whilst the government fails to put any importance to a persons life, many of us do. We need to take collective action and lead the way forward, supporting each other because the government will never take responsibility for this.

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I feel like my brain is working a tad better now, and hopefully the awful Covid fog is leaving. I appreciate your kindness and patience throughout my covid journey.

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Thank you and please keep safe xxx

Trumps gone. Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson must go next.

Well its Thursday again and I’m here hoping that with the departure of Trump will start to heal the wounds that he blatantly opened.

Prime Minister Johnson regarded him as being positive, a good thing. I really hope that his departure also eventually sees the end of the confidence that Johnson had regarding him and maybe his departure.

The inauguration was so uplifting, and seeing Kamala Harris take her oath as the Vice President of the United States was amazing to see. Well done to her, she’s so inspiring for so many women.

Now I’m not so naive to think that America will change overnight, it won’t and nor will they be perfect. It is now clear that we now have a lesser evil in charge and a president that appears to want to right the wrongs of the Trump era.

The memorial that they held for everyone that have died as a result of the pandemic was poignant and the right thing to do. There’s no way that the uk government would do this, most likely because they want the public to forget about the deaths and the suffering.

Today I woke up to the news that Gavin Williamson wants schools to reopen as quickly as possible, stating that they’re safe places when they’re clearly not.

It’s impossible to social distance children in an effective way because classrooms are full and they aren’t designed for children to social distance in. Also the government so far haven’t offered schools any help or funding to do so.

Before schools reopen the government needs to vaccinate teachers and teaching staff has been made from the government to teachers and teachers.

So many teachers and teaching staff have died from Covid 19 that they caught in the schools that they worked at. No mention of this is ever given by the government and the uk press either.

Here’s an article that I wrote about this earlier this week https://universalcreditsuffer.com/2021/01/19/is-the-government-doing-enough-to-make-schools-covid-safe/

As a parent and a Long Covid sufferer I’m extremely concerned that Gavin Williamson once again wants schools to fully re open far too early. It’s also very telling that he cares not one bit about the welfare of our teachers, teaching staff and children.

Lets also not forget about family members that will catch Covid 19 from their children. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Meanwhile whilst we won the battle to keep the £20 uplift for Universal Credit and Working Tax credits, the victory isnt legally bound. Johnson wont commit to extending it either so we really need to continue to keep the pressure on the government to extend the uplift.

Calls have already been made for both Boris Johnsons and Gavin Williamson’s resignations because of their shambolic handling of the pandemic. Un surprisingly the opposition haven’t spoken out about this. That’s shocking in itself.

Apparently Matt Hancock has been told to self isolate, and I’m sure that many are happy about this. No more Mr Creepy interviews for a wile. My question is will his staff that have been near him be self isolating also? No mention has been made of this.

As a parent and as someone that has had Covid 19 and now long covid, I can truly say how lucky I am to have survived this virus. I also know how ill it makes you even when you have a mild dose.

Keep safe everyone.

The government on the other hand are relying quite wrongly that the vaccination is the answer to eliminating the virus. It isn’t. The only way to eliminate the virus is to isolate, have the vaccination, stay at home, isolate and then wait for the second dose. The governments shambolic handling of the pandemic is very telling.

How am I doing?

I’m ok, plodding on but I had a three day migraine which hope is lifting now. I responded well to the latest course of antibiotics so everything crossed that I don’t need any again for a long while.

I’m also trying to wake my brain up after its long slumber. The brain fog can be awful but I’m doing everything that I can to fully wake it up again.

Right now I’m grateful to be alive albeit in reduced circumstances.

Please look after yourselves because you’re all important and you are loved.

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