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Army recruiting at the Jobcentre. My concerns. 

A while ago I voiced my concerns on here about the army recruiting at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. I’m sure that this is common practice at quite a few Jobcentres but no one seems to want to speak about it. 

When I first saw this I was very concerned. Not only because they were openly recruiting but the way in which they were doing so. 

I and my comrades were approached by claimants walking in and out. The words of one claimant I have never forgotten. He said ” I was approached by a member of the army recruiting team. They said to me that there was nothing here for me, nothing at all going for me. I may as well give up.”

He then went on to say ” you’ve got no choice you’ve got to join the army. It’s the only thing for you to do. You won’t get sanctioned”.

The claimant refused saying that he would never join the army. No amount of underhand threats and coercion would work. They didn’t believe in war and certainly didn’t want to be put in a situation where he might have to hurt someone. 

He walked out of the Jobcentre and said he had never seen anything like this before. 

The unemployed are not to be used by army recruiters like this. If someone wants to join the army there are enough army recruitment offices and mobile pop up stands around for people to enquire at if they should wish to. 

It’s very concerning but sadly not surprising that the DWP are facilitating this. It would solve a problem for them and they don’t care about the consequences. Many people who have to use a Jobcentre are vulnerable and should not be taken advantage of in this way. The recruiters themselves were very young and were certainly not experienced in the complexities of the DWP. 

Today I saw this article and it indeed rang alarm bells in my head. Why are the army recruiting so desperately these days? We aren’t officially at war with anyone but I’m sure something could well be planned. My knowledge on this subject isn’t vast but I do know that war is wrong and problems should be solved through talking and peaceful agreements and not the killing of innocent people. 

Suicide is already at an all time high especially amongst claimants and those who fail the DWS cruel back to work medicals which are conducted by companies such as ATOS and Maximus. Both are ran in much the same way. It’s a massive worry and encouraging vulnerable people to join the army will only make things worse. The army is not the answer to sanctions. 

I thought this especially poignant because rememberance Sunday will soon be upon us. Do we really want to have to remember more fallen soldiers? Too many have fallen already and the most vulnerable in society should not be used as cannon fodder for the elite. 

But we are fighting a full on war against the poor and working poor and we do need to fight this. No guns or bombs needed. We do need to take a stand like I have said before. Tell this government that this is not ok. 

My deepest condolences to those who work in the steel industry and have lost their jobs. This should not have happened. 

I’m disgusted at this governments plans to cut tax credits. I will be a victim of this and have already received my warning letter from them. I can see it being a very cold winter if this isn’t stopped. 

Please support the campaign to stop the trade union bill going though. As a very active trade unionist the implications of this are terrible. We will be fighting this though. If you aren’t in a union please join one. If. You are not working then you can join unite in the community. 

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