Energy Prices To Rise Again. Are We Heading For A winter Of Discontent?

Martin Lewis recently announced that energy costs are predicted to reach an all time high both in October and January. This will leave thousands of people that are struggling to pay their energy costs unable to do so.

This raises the questions:

How will disabled people live?

How will low income families live?

How will the elderly live?

How will children live?

How will single people live?

How are we all supposed to survive this?

One thing I do know is that the government aren’t in any rush to help the public, they’d rather be scrapping amongst themselves to be the next Conservative Party leader than to help the public with an ousted Prime Minister at the helm.

As soon as the predicted energy price rises were announced both Martin Lewis and campaigners such as myself have requested that the government provides more help to everyone that is eligible after October and in January.

The response was silently deafening….Radio silence, not a word and absolutely no reasoning as to why they’re allowing energy prices to rise to an unbelievable high. It doesn’t matter how much people are told to budget it’s impossible to budget with zero money to budget with.

Winter in the UK can be pretty brutal, cold and unforgiving. I predict households will be forced into desperation to heat their homes. Some might see no option other than opening up disused fireplaces, forced to do so because of the rising cost of energy bills leaving them no longer able to use their central heating.

Desperate times result in desperate measures.

Meanwhile whilst vulnerable people are already struggling theres news from the US bank Citi and Centrica the British Gas owner.

According to Centrica, the British Gas owner will be announcing a return to giving dividends. They are also planning to return £0.5-£1bn to shareholders either through shares or repayment of debt.

These plans will go ahead at the same time as energy bills are predicted to hit £3,300 in January compared to £1,971 at present. This is due largely to soaring gas prices. Citi bank also sees scope for profit from both the company’s nuclear, energy markets and trading divisions. This will be reflected in the production volumes and volatile commodity markets.

This could result in a half-year dividend of 1.1p which is expected by the bank with a 3.8p payment for the full year.

Whilst the public are struggling to pay their energy bills and keep up with the increasing cost of living crisis, Centrica have decided to give each other a pat on the back for a job well done. It’s Machiavellian and cruel beyond belief.

You couldn’t make this shit up.

This winter will truly be a winter of discontent for millions of vulnerable people. We need a general election and a Labour Party government and it can’t happen soon enough.

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7 thoughts on “Energy Prices To Rise Again. Are We Heading For A winter Of Discontent?”

  1. If my fuel company raises my rate again I’ve already told them they’ll be singing for it. I’m not sacrificing food or rent payments to the profiteering bastards. I wish I did have an old fireplace I could open up! As it is, I expect I won’t be at home except to sleep this winter. I’ll have to hang out in pubs/libraries/cafes/ art galleries/museums/ the tram to keep warm.


  2. Labour Party really Charlotte? we’ll be no better off with those load of shitesters, I’m totally surprised you’ve said that, you do know that Starmer whipped the Labour Lords to abstain on feeding children on UC don’t you?


  3. Labour Party really Charlotte? we’ll be no better off with that load of shitestirs, you do know that Starmer whipped the Labour Lords to abstain on giving Children free school meals to those on UC don’t you? I’m surprised you said that you can’t wait for a Labour Government. I’m fed up with people saying you have to vote for the lesser EVIL well I won’t demean myself by voting for a party that undermines my core values.
    Sorry Charlotte.


    1. There wasn’t a whip but so did the green party abstain and there were valid reasons you probably wouldn’t understand given your response.

      Their was a problem with the whole Bill as the Tories tried to rush it through without a Minister there to answer questions or refer to House of Commons. The whole thing was a Government fit up shambles.

      Never the less Labour said if the Amendment would come to the House of Commons they would vote for it.

      The Tories voted it down

      Educate yourself and read the debate otherwise don’t criticise what you don’t understand.


  4. The cost of living crisis is a crisis of Capitalism, the prevailing neoliberal model of which has now reached its inevitably unsustainable crisis point; 1% of the population being in possession of at least 80% of the wealth, much of which is being hoarded in offshore accounts instead of being reinvested in infrastructure. The solution might include redistributing the wealth through the re-Nationalization of energy production and provision, as well as the introduction of a Unconditional Basic Income and a functioning non-punitive and more generous Social Security system with a robust safety net. Unfortunately neither the Tories nor NuLabour 2.0 are at all likely to implement any of this.


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