First Cost Of Living Payments To Be Paid From 14th July

The DWP have recently announced that the first cost of living payment will be paid in July 2022.

This will be the first payment of £326 will be paid automatically from the 14th July 2022.

Please note that this will be paid from the 14th July and I expect that they’ll probably make these payments in batches.

Don’t worry if you don’t receive your payment on the 14th July because it will be sent to you.

The second instalment of £324 will be paid in the Autumn, bringing the total to £650 for eligible claimants.

As of publishing this the government has no plans to expand these payments in the cold winter months.

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2 thoughts on “First Cost Of Living Payments To Be Paid From 14th July”

  1. Hi Charlotte, am liking the change of tactic In providing people with factual Information, as this helps In fighting the Tory scum, and the Labour scum when the next general election looms.


  2. Apparently there’s also a further £150 for anyone with a disability, and then the £400 energy discounts (in increments) deducted from energy bills at source by the power companies themselves (and which I won’t get because the electricity bill is in my landlord’s name). Just found out today that my Housing Benefit is still in disarray and hasn’t been paid yet for May or June, which means further hassle in chasing up the Council again, who can’t seem to get it through their heads that I haven’t changed my landlord but my landlord has changed their company name and bank account, but it’s the same people, same address, same amount of rent. Duh!


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