Energy prices expected to rise by £830 to £2,800 in October.

The current price cap, which is set to rise in October, is £1,971 a year which was already a £693 rise (54%) from the previous cap six months earlier.

Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley told the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee that in October it will increase to “in the region of £2,800”.

With this announcement comes the question of how people are going to be able to afford this extortionate price increase.

Already we are seeing thousands of people unable to use their gas and electric because they can’t afford it, no longer is they’re going to be a choice of heating or eating, they won’t be able to do either.

Whilst campaigners such as Martin Lewis are questioning the government as to how the public are going to cope, their words fall upon deaf ears and are ignored by the government that clearly appears not to care.

The truth is that we are dependant upon being able to heat our homes. It’s essential to have an electric supply to get by on a day to day basis, especially if disabled and have additional needs. Being forced to live in cold dark homes puts people at a very high risk of becoming ill or even dying.

It makes no difference how much you can budget and save when every penny is having to be spent on the ever increasing energy prices, although the likelihood is that bills won’t be paid because of a lack of ability to do do.

Not only will this affect the consumer it will also affect the energy suppliers that are dependant on their customers paying their bills to continue trading. I suspect that many more will be forced to shut therefore leaving both the consumer and the economy in a very precarious position.

The truth is that yet again the obscene energy price increases are yet another devestating choice that’s been made by the government. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t care how the average person will suffer and what a detrimental affect this will have to the public and to the economy.

It’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and something has to give before we start to see the serious ramifications of the ever increasing energy costs. I and others predict that thousands are at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying. We must do everything that we can do to prevent this from happening.

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3 thoughts on “Energy prices expected to rise by £830 to £2,800 in October.”

  1. I won’t get the £400 energy rebate from the government cos it’s being paid via the energy suppliers either by DD into your bank or deducted from your bill or in form of a voucher for those with token meters. None of which applies to me cos my supply is in landlord’s name and there is no separate supply registered to my flat or in my name. I pay the landlord for electricity via a crappy old coin meter that takes the old pound coins, the sort of meter that many flats and bedsits had 40 years ago.


  2. I’m watching the BBC news on TV right now and they are expecting a government announcement on what help is being made available within the hour…
    Don’t know how it affects me personally as there’s been talk of increasing UC but I’m on old JSA, and talk of energy rebates of some sort but my electricity is in the landlord’s name not mine and I pay them in cash.


    1. As you may have heard a package of grants and rebates has been announced, though I haven’t heard anything yet specifically relating to Benefits. These seem to be a series of various one-off payments to all households, and some specific to the poorest and disabled who are deemed to be most vulnerable. I’m still waiting for the last one, the £150 we’re all supposed to be getting :


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