EHRC Breaks Promise To Investigate DWP Role In Deaths

As reported by Benefits And Work the EHRC (Equality And Human Rights Commission) has broken its promise to investigate the role that the DWP (Department of Work And Pensions)have played in the deaths of vulnerable claimants. This has left the DWP not needing to answer any questions as to the role that they played in their deaths

Instead the EHRC are now asking the DWP to create new policies in relation to claimants with mental health issues and learning difficulties. This will replace the promised investigation.

This is despite promises made by the EHRC in 2019 that they would start an   investigation into the deaths of vulnerable claimants.

The EHRC used the pandemic as an excuse to not start the investigation.

The Commission has now declared that it  only intends to enter into a Section 23 agreement under the Equality Act 2006. This will oblige the DWP “to commit to an action plan to meet the needs of customers with mental health impairments and learning disabilities.”

Keep in mind that the DWP are a much larger organisation that receive more funding  than the EHRC. 
This will no doubt result in the DWP will dragging their heels in creating so called policies that will be nothing more than good intentions that probably won’t be actioned upon.

Whilst I don’t have any details as to why the EHRC have changed their minds I can say that at best they’re very niave putting far too much trust in the DWP to do the right thing.

The DWP has an appalling track record of discrimination against vulnerable claimants, ignoring their basic human rights and making life extremely hard for them.

Despite my disappointment with the EHRC’s decision I’m not surprised. The DWP will do anything to avoid any actions taken against them making promises that they’ve got no intention of keeping whilst doing the bare minimum to comply.

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11 thoughts on “EHRC Breaks Promise To Investigate DWP Role In Deaths”

  1. Have I mentioned to you already about the rights under Article Six to have our rights determined within a reasonable time? If the DWP are deliberately rejecting claims that they ought not, and in the process clogging the appeals process to an unreasonable extent, then that is introducing unreasonable delays. This would seem to be a breach of Article Six, and the victims could claim compensation for that breach. The claim forms at the small claims court are much simpler than the forms to claim benefit, and there are exemptions on court fees for people on low incomes. ________________________________


  2. People with mental health issues/mental illness and learning disabilities should be asked if they want DWP help or whether they would prefer to be granted a sick note, paid PIP/ESA and not be pestered by Jobcentres or their Providers.


    1. … Rather than being automatically subjected to DWP attention under the assumption that work cures all ills, or that all people are even capable of doing work.


      1. I’ve just been turned down for a part time cleaning job at Aldi ffs, just about says it all doesn’t it. I think they should just let older unemployed retire early, there’s no hope.


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