DWP Blocks Essential Sanctions Research

The DWP is effectively trying to block essential and possibly life-saving university research. This research undertaken by Glasgow University with it’s purpose is to find out whether there is a link between benefits sanctions, ill health and suicide.

The research involves Glasgow University linking anonymised DWP data with NHS records. This could and most likely reveal that people that have been sanctioned have been prescribed antidepressants and people that already have existing conditions have resulted in their health declining. The research will also reveal the figures for those attempting to take their own life and sadly for those that have taken their own life.

When Glasgow University informed the DWP that they were starting their research in 2019 the DWP suggested that they would support the project. However since the project began the DWP have continually placed barriers up to try and stop this research to continue.

This comes as no shock to campaigners like myself. The DWP know how badly sanctioning people affects both their physical and mental health..

The DWP have spent years giving excuses to Glasgow University demanding that the research needed tighter security which they complied with. After these measures were put in place the DWP moved the goal post again insisting that Glasgow University must apply for permission to do the research all over again.

This has caused huge delays for the project. Professor Nick Bailey stated that the research should have been completed in 2020, but it has yet to start.

The chair of the Commons work and pensions committee, Stephen Timms told the Guardian “This emerging pattern of obstruction suggests that a culture of secrecy is entrenched in DWP. It must wake up to the harm that it is doing and commit to a new spirit of openness.”

There’s little doubt that the government will either delay or prevent any project that reveals the reality of how people suffer when they’ve been sanctioned.

It will continue to be the case until politicians stop ignoring the immense suffering of thousands of people. Although there are some politicians that don’t ignore this such as Debbie Abrahams who regularly speaks and campaigns against the cruelty of the DWP and their policies.

Ignoring the suffering of thousands of people will result in thousands more deaths. What is needed is for the opposition to start actively opposing the government on DWP related issues.

This isn’t likely to happen in the near future and MPs like Debbie Abrahams are loan voices in parliament trying extremely hard to change things. In the absence of this sadly DWP related issues and problems are going to get worse.

What is needed is for the opposition instead of concentrating about the ‘world of work’ they need to also concentrate and campaign on behalf of those unable to work.

Something has to happen and soon. With energy bills set to rise again in April and people already struggling I fear that thousands will die as a result of being cold and hungry.

It’s impossible to budget money when you have none in the first place

The conservative government has blood on their hands and they’ll never be able to wash it away.

A massive thank you to everyone that subscribes, reads and shares my articles. This makes a massive difference and it raises awareness.

This week was the first aniversary of my sons death. I’ve found it very hard to cope with but I’m still here.

Thank you to Benefits And Work for uncovering this story and for the hard work that they do.

I don’t receive any payment for my work and to say it’s a struggle is massive understatement. I’m reliant upon donations to continue to blog and campaign.

If anyone would like to donate and can afford to there’s a donate button at the top and side of this blog post.

A huge thank you to everyone that has helped me. You’ve literally kept this going and I’m eternally grateful.

6 thoughts on “DWP Blocks Essential Sanctions Research”

  1. And the latest news is that my Housing Benefit has been suspended for no fault of my own, because the Council think that I’ve got a new landlord, which I haven’t. They can’t seem to understand that my landlord is a private property company with at least two partners who have different names and two bank accounts, none of which is anything to do with me.


      1. What’s also worrying me (apart from getting into rent arrears) is if the Jobcentre gets wind of this will they say it’s a “change of circumstances” so we’re transferring you to Universal Credit and have closed your claim for JSA. I signed on yesterday and nothing was said so I didn’t mention it either so might be OK with that one, but you know what they’re like!

        What did happen though yesterday was the Work Coach referred me to Reed for “extra help” with my jobsearch. And referred me to something called ‘Works Better’ to see some woman to be interviewed for a job at a metal anodisers in town, trouble is it involves working 12 hour shifts rotating weekly from days to nights. Hardly suitable for someone over 60 with health issues. Anyway, the Works Better woman was delayed and a small group of people had appeared all waiting to see her so after sitting there for ages I walked out, went home had a cuppa and some toast as was feeling a bit groggy (type 2 Diabetes and hiatus hernia) then walked back but had just missed her by two minutes, anyway someone put me down as having attended because I had come back. Walked a few miles in the process though!

        I am getting beyond sick of the DWP now, the Jobcentre and Housing Benefit. Can’t wait to reach State Pension age!!! (if I live long enough).


  2. The DWP are like a rogue department, either that or the Nazi Department for Propaganda during WW2.

    I’m sat in the library doing my obligatory jobsearch as per usual, just to keep the Jobcentre Work Coach (aka Dole Clerk) happy so as to avoid having my Benefits Sanctioned, and I’ve just seen this in a job description;

    “This is a part-time role (a few days a week) with a potential of full-time hours in the long term. It will suit someone who is looking to get extra work on their days off or is happy to working around 3 days a week.”

    “Working hours:

    Monday to Friday (as and when required – agreed week in advance)
    Start 7am and work until finish (anything between 4pm and 7pm).”

    That sounds pretty hopeless to me. They are unable to guarantee number of days or hours. This is what Universal Credit is designed for, to allow the employer maximum flexibility at the workers’ expense.

    Then the Work Coach sent me some nonsense about doing a online training course at home in Customer Service. I haven’t got Broadband and there is no Wi-Fi signal in my house. Besides which I successfully completed a Customer Service and Retail course run by Interserve over two years ago and am still waiting for the certificates!

    The whole thing well and truly takes the p***


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