No blog update this week. .

Dear readers and subscribers, I’m very sorry but there’s not going to be a blog post this week.

I was told that my son had died on Friday and I’m trying to deal with it and organise his funeral etc.

I will be writing a new blog post as soon as I’m able.

There is a crowdfunding page relating to this on both my Facebook and Twitter account.

Thank you , solidarity Charlotte.

16 thoughts on “No blog update this week. .”

  1. Oh my God Charlotte I cannot even imagine , the death of a child is ithink honestly the worst possible thing that can happen to a person. I am so sorry for your loss and also to your daughter xxx


  2. Dear god, Charlotte. I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you. We’ll see you again one day, I hope.
    The trick is to keep breathing……


  3. True Empathy, the loss of a child is life-changing. Any time you need to let go and need a sounding board – just let me know. I’m here and you are in my thoughts xx


  4. So sorry to read this on top of everything else, this is truly the worst thing to happen to you (and your family) I’m sorry for your loss and hope you find the strength you will need to get through this. All your supporters are with you, take care and RIP for your loss. X


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