Cleaning up after Covid 19.

Last week I updated my blog in which I told my blog readers that I have had my Covid 19 vaccination. I didn’t become ill after it except for tiredness (which I have anyway) and the feeling that I was getting a virus.

Sadly I didn’t grow two heads and Bill Gates hasn’t been in touch yet. The vaccination didn’t hurt either so thats a bonus. When you get notified that you’re eligible for your vaccination go for it.

This week I decided that enough was enough and I had to start cleaning and tidying my house after having Covid. I’ve also had long covid for almost eleven months. Thinking about it was far easier than actually doing it. As is par the course when I plan to do anything.

Last year after my first infectious bout of covid my social housing provider decided that they wanted to fit a new kitchen to replace my decrepit old one. I thought that this was really good news but then I had to empty my kitchen ready for them to start taking my old one out.

This was a complete nightmare because A I have a tiny house and I was suffering with long covid and other complications. I did ask my landlord to ask them if they could delay it but the answer was no.

I’m not being ungrateful but it was very difficult to do. We had to move everything that we could upstairs and the larger items into my living room. I was so happy that we actually managed it with the help of my older children and the kitchen that was fitted is gorgeous.

Anyway why am I talking about this?

After the kitchen was fitted I had subsequent relapses of pneumonia and pleurisy and because of this I was only able to bring the basics downstairs so that we could use the kitchen.

This resulted in my house being an absolute state for so long. Boxes, bags and other containers were stuffed in every room upstairs and the box room was full to the top with things that needed moving.

This week I decided that I couldn’t live like this any longer. Previous to me becoming ill I liked to have a clean and tidy house. It wasn’t immaculate but it was cosy and we liked it.

It was for this reason we started to sort the kitchen stuff out and put them in the appropriate places and throw away anything that we didn’t need or want anymore.

It was hard work and I still cant believe that we managed it and we were so proud of our efforts. I even managed to sort out my front garden. I also need to do the back garden but that will have to wait until I’m feeling up to it and when I can afford to pay someone to take the stuff away.

Whilst doing this I was reminded of how hard it is for anyone that is disabled or ill to keep on top of their housework. It’s a nightmare when you’re not able to tidy up after yourself and also if you don’t have a car to take things to the local tip.

When my local council decided to start recycling they swapped our bins around, the biggest bin being used for bottles and tins. Whilst this sounds like a good idea the amount of items that they accept for recycling is small leaving us with a small bin to fit all none recyclable items in. This has resulted in overflowing bins and fly tipping by unscrupulous people that are paid to take rubbish to the tip but instead dump it in local country parks etc.

I’m sure that you don’t want to read about this, but I’m truly grateful to have beaten covid and have a new kitchen fitted.

I’m grateful that I’m still here and I’m angry about the governments lack of care for people during the pandemic. This week Johnson told us that we should get used to people dying.

We should never get used to people dying because of the governments neglect. I’m furious. So many people have died and will continue to die because of their neglect. I hope that one day they’ll be punished for their neglect.

I apologise for the content of my blog this week but I like to tell it like it is from my experience of things. Even though my worries are small compared to other peoples worries and concerns they’re still important. Getting the truth out there is extremely important.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. A huge thank you to everyone that has done and does this.

A massive thank you to everyone that supports my blog and campaign. I couldn’t do this without you. Physically Covid 19 has changed my life. Financially its been a big struggle.

If you would like to donate to keep my blog and campaign going theres a donate button at the top and side of this blog. Thank you so much!

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