Covid 19 my vaccine experience.

Yesterday I had my Covid 19 vaccination. I had the Pfizer vaccination and I really couldn’t wait for this day to arrive.

Most of you will know that my Covid 19 and Long Covid experience has been horrendous.

I first became ill with Covid 19 last April and I quickly became extremely unwell. You can read about this in my previous blog posts. I also developed Pneumonia and pleurisy and had numerous relapses.

To say that I was excited for my vaccine was an understatement, I can never forget how ill I have been and I certainly don’t want to catch it again. Not only do I have to think about myself I also have to think about my daughters wellbeing as well.

I was virtually bedbound for around a month except for the odd trip downstairs which completely exhausted me. As a result my illness really scared my daughter, she told me that she thought that I was going to die.

I’ve now got long covid, but its nowhere near as bad as having covid and my health is improving albeit much slower than I’d like it to.

So, putting her wellbeing first and then mine I gladly accepted my invitation for the vaccination. No side effects from the vaccination can ever be as bad as becoming as ill as I was again. Not an option for me.

First I had to work out how to get there. I don’t drive so going anywhere can be a struggle at times. My health isn’t up to bus rides at the moment and it would have taken two bus journeys to get there.

Luckily a lovely friend of mine offered to take me, she had already had her first vaccination and we were both masked up etc.

Once we arrived at the vaccination venue everything was straightforward in a regimented fashion. At no point did I feel unsafe or overwhelmed. I was very impressed with their delivery of the vaccine. The injection itself didn’t hurt and everyone was so friendly.

The vaccine rollout in Tameside and our local NHS area has been superb. They’re really working hard to vaccinate everyone and I can’t thank them enough.

I shouldn’t have to mention this but I didn’t jump any queues in getting my jab. I have underlying health conditions and covid has damaged my lungs.

Right now back to the vaccine. On the day of my vaccine I had absolutely no side effects to speak of, even the injection site didn’t hurt. This is brilliant I thought. This morning I woke with a low lying temperature and just a feeling of being tired, just like you feel when you’re beginning to become unwell with a virus.

I’m not ill though, I expect that I’ll be feeling much better tomorrow. This is really a very small price to pay for ensuring that I will keep myself safe and also others safe including my daughter.

After speaking to other people there has been various side effects depending upon the person, but none as far as I know are as bad as catching Covid.

Despite some people demonising the vaccinations, saying that they’re dangerous and the vaccinations have microchips in them. Yes some people really believe that we are being chipped etc. Mad isn’t it. I blame the so called alternative media for this, praying upon a persons weakness and vulnerabilities.

Ive had people tell me that the vaccines aren’t safe because they haven’t been tested enough. This is complete rubbish. They have been tested and for a change the government funded these tests, ensuring that the vaccines can be released as quickly as possible.

I have friends that took part in the vaccine trials. The difference between the vaccine trials and other trials is that this one was fully funded. They weren’t forced to literally beg for funding to do this. If only the government fully funded everything that they should do.

Of course as with any other vaccination there is a risk that comes with it but the risk is very low. Both your doctors surgery’s and the staff at the vaccination centres ensure that no one that has a risk of developing serious side effects actually has the vaccine.

So what do I think of the vaccines?

As with any vaccination against serious illnesses I think that they’re brilliant. They prevent us from becoming seriously ill from illnesses that used to be commonplace. Vaccines give us the freedom to not be scared of going out and mixing with people.

Back before vaccines staying alive was much more dangerous. Mortality levels were high and fewer people lived for as long as we do now. Of course there were exceptions to the rules, there is in a local graveyard to me. These were the exceptions and not the norm though.

So would I recommend getting the vaccinations? Yes I do. Once you’ve been ill with covid or know someone that has been ill with covid or have died from it, not having it isn’t an option.

Keep safe everyone, isolate if you have to and wear masks etc and wash your hands. Like you I can’t wait until this is all over. I can’t wait to see people again safely.

Do I think that everything will totally return back to normal? I really don’t think so. I do believe that we will create our own new normal and I’m happy with that.

Our children will grow up with more knowledge about viruses and vaccinations. Hopefully this will help them in the future.

What we can’t do though is forget about everyone that has died from this awful virus. Never mind clapping… let’s have memorials built in their memories instead. Ideally I’d like this to be done in every town.

Please read, share and tweet my blog. It’s vital that the truth continues to get out there.

A huge thank you to everyone that has and does support my blog and campaign. It really does mean the world to me and I couldn’t do this without you.

Financially catching covid has destroyed me. Everything is so much more expensive when you can’t go out to go shopping. I’m trying to return to normal and I’m publishing more blog posts to help raise more awareness.

For anyone that would like to donate theres a donate button at the top and side of this blog post. Every penny enables me to continue to blog and campaign. Thank you xx

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