Home Secretary backs police with new powers to help locate human remains.

For years now Alan Bennet has been trying to access documents left by Brady to his solicitor that could give light to wear Keith is buried.

Hindleys and Bradys crimes were and are unforgivable. Despite Hindleys attempts to take any blame away from herself and to clean up her reputation failed and quite rightly so. She was equally as guilty as Brady, some argue even more so.

Bradys solicitor has for years constantly refused to hand over the briefcase despite may requests from Alan Bennett and his family. This has been extremely upsetting for Alan and his family.

It’s a sad fact that many disappearances, murders and suicides cannnot have closure because of a legislative gap which has made police officers unable to access vital information.

This has left the family of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett unable to have closure. Home Secretary Priti Patel is now backing the police with new measures to track down human remains in a move that is designed to bring closure to the families whose loved ones have gone missing.

Keith vanished in 1964, when he was just 12 years old. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley later admitted to his murder, but his remains have never been found.

Brady put several suitcases in secure storage before his death. Police have applied for a warrant to open the cases, but this has so far been refused by the courts on the grounds that any evidence in the suitcases cannot be used in criminal proceedings, as Brady is dead so cannot be prosecuted. The executors of Brady’s estate have declined to hand them over to the Bennett family.

The proposed new powers would give police the legislative basis they need to apply for a warrant to access this information. The granting of any such warrant would be a matter for the courts.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

“I can only imagine the years of pain and turmoil that the Bennett family have faced following Keith’s tragic murder – no family should have to suffer the heartache of not knowing where their loved ones are buried.

“I am determined to give police the powers they need to access all available evidence and hopefully bring some closure to families in cases like these.”

Alan Bennett said:

“Keith’s story will be known to many, but what may not be known is the struggle which our family has gone through to try and seek closure.

“I have fought long and hard on behalf of my brother to bring about the necessary changes and to ensure his case is not forgotten.

“I want to ensure a positive legacy for Keith, so I was pleased to meet with the Home Secretary and to hear about the work being done to support my endeavours.”

The new powers will empower officers to seize evidence which they believe may help locate human remains outside of criminal proceedings, subject to a warrant. This would help in missing persons cases, suicides, and homicide cases where a suspect is known but cannot be convicted – for example, where the suspect is dead.

It is hoped that these powers will remedy the gap in the law and help provide closure to families when information comes to light about the location of their loved ones who have gone missing, or where people are presumed dead and their remains have not been found.

The measures will form part of a major forthcoming Bill to reform the criminal justice system and provide better support to police, victims, and the public.

Lets hope that Alan and his family get the answers that they need soon. The briefcase and its documents are the last things that Brady had control over. He ensured that his solicitor would never disclose or hand over the documentation inside the briefcase.

Accessing the briefcase will end the decades of control that Brady has had over the families of those who he and Hindley murdered. Closure is needed and as soon as possible.

I live in an area where one of their victims lived, indeed I live very closely to the house that one of their victims lived. Their murders have never been forgotten by my local community and the communities of the other victims.

Alan has worked extremely hard trying to retrieve these documents for years. Brady when alive was almost gloating when he refused Alans demands, then he ensured that his solicitor wouldn’t hand them over.

No murderer should be able to have this amount of control over the remains of their victims and the grieving of their families, but Brady knew that he could do this and he enjoyed having this amount of control over their victims families.

I really hope that Alan and his family can find the closure that they need. I congratulate Alan for his years of hard work trying to change this. He’s amazing.

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3 thoughts on “Home Secretary backs police with new powers to help locate human remains.”

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  2. Reblogged this on Tory Britain! and commented:
    Tragic story, so much pain for tge Bennett family to go through, and for such a long time without any closure, Hyndly and Brady were evil personified, I hope they’re both burning in hell for evermore.
    Also sorry to hear your daughter has been unwell, I hope she’s on the mend now that she’s been released.
    Best wishes to you both.


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