Goodbye Captain Tom what about the others?

This week has been fairly interesting not only for me but for so many of you. As the government quite rightly is vaccinating the most vulnerable people theres still a lot of shit being thrown at the poorest and most vulnerable.

We said goodbye to Captain Tom and quite rightly theres been lots of publicity surrounding his death. Captain Tom should never have become a public name in the first place. The NHS should be properly funded by the government . So whilst Captain Tom was doing laps around his garden and raising money for NHS support services, the government was clapping him on knowing that this would detract from their wrongdoings.

Captain Tom starting fund raising for all of the right reasons , and I’d like to thank him for doing so. Meanwhile the government saw it as an opportunity to distract people from their faults, . The NHS and NHS support services will continue to be massively underfunded which during a pandemic is a dangerous thing to do.

The government never misses an opportunity to jump on charitable acts and deeds especially if the money raised will help to fund an area that they’re failing to fund correctly. Take for example food banks, the Tories like to turn up for photo shoots when a new foodbank is opening whilst ignoring the fact that we shouldn’t need to have foodbanks in the first place.

It also never fails to amaze me how quickly they are to turn up for these photo shoots outside foodbanks etc. They really like to rub peoples noses in it and they certainly don’t care about people being hungry. Neither do they care about elderly people fundraising for the NHS support services. It takes the onus off them to be a responsible government and fund these services themselves.

There’s nothing that the government likes more than deflection. One minute they’re praising the charities for helping people, the next they’re calling disabled and vulnerable people as ‘useless eaters’, whilst at the same time constantly attacking them through the lack of funding for essential services that they need. Lets not forget that they and the DWP are constantly punishing them through the evil DWP system, making them attend DWP ‘medicals’ etc.

Disabled and ill people are put under more scrutiny than any other social group. Their every movement is judged both by the government and by members of the public that believe the right wing benefit scrounger rhetoric. Every day is a battle for so many, a battle that they shouldn’t have to fight.

Whilst the government called upon the public to clap for Captain Tom, they failed to address the over 100,000 people that have died after contracting Covid 19. They also failed to address the thousand of people that have died as a result of the governments pernicious and punishing social security system.

I see it like this, everyone that has died as a result of Covid 19 is worthy of a memorial and a day of remembrance. The government won’t keep them in their thoughts. The nation is in mourning over the loss of loved ones, friends and colleagues. Where’s the publicity about their life’s? Meanwhile the government is busily scrambling to hide the mortality rates surrounding this awful virus.

Every day NHS staff are being abused by members of the public because they’re caring for people suffering with Covid 19. Where was the governments opposition to all the Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists? I can’t believe that I still have to tell people that Covid 19 is not like the flu, and it presents itself very differently.

No one deserves to be abused in this way for doing their jobs, it’s bloody wrong. The government have done a fantastic job dividing and conquering people. They’ve destroyed communities, stripped local authorities of essential services and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

I can and will never forget the thousands of deaths that they’re directly responsible for. The only way that we can get through this is by being there for each other albeit in a socially distanced way. Our campaigns haven’t stopped, we have had to adapt to the pandemic.

Flag waving doesn’t solve anything either. if anything it antagonises people. Whilst the opposition should be points ahead of the Tory Party they’re lagging behind with no clear plan. Put the flags away and start opposing, its what the public need them to do.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has lost a loved one either through Covid 19 or otherwise. Their life’s were and are important and we must never let the government forget this.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Captain Tom what about the others?”

  1. I don’t think the Tories would be welcome at my local foodbank, and woe betide them if they ever turn up whilst I’m there!
    The Government are still trying to worm their way out of making the Universal Credit increase permanent, £20 per week, whilst others such as myself on JSA never got the increase to begin with. I just received a letter saying that my JSA will be going up by 35p per week in April. Not even the price of a bottle of milk. The good news is I had my first Covid jab last week, the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, and will get the second dose in April. This was thanks to the Council listing all the foodbank staff and volunteers as ‘critical key workers’, and I am immensely grateful for that.


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