People forced into work despite government lockdowns and self isolation.

This year has already set off to be a bad one for so many of us. For many people like myself suffering with Long covid are fast approaching our year anniversary since first becoming ill with Covid 19.

There’s still a perception by many that if you become ill with Covid 19 that in a week or so you’ll be better and ready to face the world agin.

The truth is that it isn’t as simple as this, even a mild case can make you extremely unwell, forcing you to feel guilty for being ill and you don’t want to complain too much because friends can get sick of hearing about it.

So many covid and long covid sufferers are forced back to work before they’re ready. This is often because of pressure to return put on them from their employers, and financially they’re not able to stay at home and recover.

The pandemic has highlighted the gap between the haves and have nots and the economic inequalities are very clear to see. For someone with no financial worries they’re able to stay home and spend their time at home starting hobbies and being able to have good quality shopping delivered to them.

Low income workers are most likely to have to go into work despite lockdowns because they can’t afford to stay at home and isolate. The relief packages that the government are inadequate and many still cant access these because they’re excluded from doing so.

The government has failed to support the poorest and most vulnerable throughout the pandemic. The extra £20 that they offered to universal credit and working tax credit claimants was and most likely wont be extended to people that desperately need the top up. Whilst £20 a week is still extremely low its helping people enormously. It’s been the difference in being able to buy some gas and electric, pay a bill, buy some food or put credit on their mobile phones.

They’ve also systematically failed to protect the nation especially the poor and disabled. They’ve entered lockdowns far too late with lockdown rules being complicated and unclear. They’ve also instructed the public to come out of lockdown far too early ensuring the spread of the pandemic.

Lets be clear, decision to lift restrictions isn’t because the government believes its safe to do so, its driven for financial reasons. The economy must come first at all costs despite the thousands of people that are still dying.

The decision to reopen schools isn’t because they believe its safe to do so either, its because they want parents to return to work even though its not safe.

Schools aren’t safe places despite the government still trying to say that they are. Teaching staff and school staff are dying because they have to go into work to teach children. It’s a huge misconception that all schools are shut. They aren’t and never have been.

The truth is that the UK was already in poor health before the pandemic arrived. Adults and children were and still are hungry, many are forced to live in poor quality housing that does nothing to benefit the health of the tenant.

Homeless people were and are still forced to sofa surf, become street homeless or having to live in hostels that are often dangerous and impossible to keep covid safe. The pandemic didn’t end these problems instead its exacerbated it.

Disadvantaged children are also suffering. Many parents and children are still going hungry despite the offer of free school meals in term time. The government is still determined to take their free meals away from them in the February half term. It’s shocking that they want to take food away from children, but its the Tory way and they’ve got a track record for doing so.

Unemployment levels are rising every day and the DWP and government are still determined that claimants should be actively seeking work and fulfilling their job search commitments. This is hard enough without the pandemic but the government never fails to miss an opportunity to punish the poor. After all they still think that its ok to sanction people in the midst of a pandemic.

This week Tory MP Therese Coffey the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions declared that the public are to blame for becoming ill with Covid 19, stating that we are all overweight and unhealthy. To blame the public for this is preposterous. It’s impossible for many to go shopping to buy the best foods for many reasons including food bank dependence and not enough money to do so. People eat what they can afford to, thats quick to cook because they’re living in fuel poverty.

The real blame lies at the feet of the government. They’ve totally failed to protect the public, putting their needs over that of the nations safety. The government has consistently failed to declare lockdowns early enough and the lockdowns that are declared are inadequate. Also forcing the public out of lockdowns too early because commerce is more important to them than safety.

Whilst many are living in psychological distress, the government appears to be continuing with their inadequate plans without a care for the nation. We need an independent public inquiry into the governments failing to protect the public.

We deserve to be treated much better than this. Whilst the government fails to put any importance to a persons life, many of us do. We need to take collective action and lead the way forward, supporting each other because the government will never take responsibility for this.

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I feel like my brain is working a tad better now, and hopefully the awful Covid fog is leaving. I appreciate your kindness and patience throughout my covid journey.

As for me I’m plodding on, trying to raise awareness and helping others.

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I have a goal this week of being able to order a Morrisons food box for a family that’s struggling. Some fresh food would do them the world of good.

Thank you and please keep safe xxx

5 thoughts on “People forced into work despite government lockdowns and self isolation.”

  1. Coffey also said that foodbanks are the perfect way to help people, like they’re actually proud that foodbanks exist! Instead of hanging their heads in shame, the Tories celebrate the fact that at least 2 Million people in 21st Century Britain can’t afford to eat. Coffey enjoys her pub lunches though.


  2. In trying to protect the economy and the NHS at the same time, the government has fallen between two stools. Numbers dying don’t seem to matter; the restrictions are designed only to slow the rates of infection, hospital admissions, and so on


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