Trumps gone. Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson must go next.

Well its Thursday again and I’m here hoping that with the departure of Trump will start to heal the wounds that he blatantly opened.

Prime Minister Johnson regarded him as being positive, a good thing. I really hope that his departure also eventually sees the end of the confidence that Johnson had regarding him and maybe his departure.

The inauguration was so uplifting, and seeing Kamala Harris take her oath as the Vice President of the United States was amazing to see. Well done to her, she’s so inspiring for so many women.

Now I’m not so naive to think that America will change overnight, it won’t and nor will they be perfect. It is now clear that we now have a lesser evil in charge and a president that appears to want to right the wrongs of the Trump era.

The memorial that they held for everyone that have died as a result of the pandemic was poignant and the right thing to do. There’s no way that the uk government would do this, most likely because they want the public to forget about the deaths and the suffering.

Today I woke up to the news that Gavin Williamson wants schools to reopen as quickly as possible, stating that they’re safe places when they’re clearly not.

It’s impossible to social distance children in an effective way because classrooms are full and they aren’t designed for children to social distance in. Also the government so far haven’t offered schools any help or funding to do so.

Before schools reopen the government needs to vaccinate teachers and teaching staff has been made from the government to teachers and teachers.

So many teachers and teaching staff have died from Covid 19 that they caught in the schools that they worked at. No mention of this is ever given by the government and the uk press either.

Here’s an article that I wrote about this earlier this week

As a parent and a Long Covid sufferer I’m extremely concerned that Gavin Williamson once again wants schools to fully re open far too early. It’s also very telling that he cares not one bit about the welfare of our teachers, teaching staff and children.

Lets also not forget about family members that will catch Covid 19 from their children. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Meanwhile whilst we won the battle to keep the £20 uplift for Universal Credit and Working Tax credits, the victory isnt legally bound. Johnson wont commit to extending it either so we really need to continue to keep the pressure on the government to extend the uplift.

Calls have already been made for both Boris Johnsons and Gavin Williamson’s resignations because of their shambolic handling of the pandemic. Un surprisingly the opposition haven’t spoken out about this. That’s shocking in itself.

Apparently Matt Hancock has been told to self isolate, and I’m sure that many are happy about this. No more Mr Creepy interviews for a wile. My question is will his staff that have been near him be self isolating also? No mention has been made of this.

As a parent and as someone that has had Covid 19 and now long covid, I can truly say how lucky I am to have survived this virus. I also know how ill it makes you even when you have a mild dose.

Keep safe everyone.

The government on the other hand are relying quite wrongly that the vaccination is the answer to eliminating the virus. It isn’t. The only way to eliminate the virus is to isolate, have the vaccination, stay at home, isolate and then wait for the second dose. The governments shambolic handling of the pandemic is very telling.

How am I doing?

I’m ok, plodding on but I had a three day migraine which hope is lifting now. I responded well to the latest course of antibiotics so everything crossed that I don’t need any again for a long while.

I’m also trying to wake my brain up after its long slumber. The brain fog can be awful but I’m doing everything that I can to fully wake it up again.

Right now I’m grateful to be alive albeit in reduced circumstances.

Please look after yourselves because you’re all important and you are loved.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog.

A huge thank you to everyone that supports my blog and campaign it really does mean the world to me.

I don’t get any funding for writing my blog and also for the campaign. It’s a struggle but I’ll never give up the good fight.

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3 thoughts on “Trumps gone. Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson must go next.”

  1. Glad Trump is gone, let’s hope he ends up behind bars where he belongs. Still lots of Covidiocy, anti-lockdown and anti-vax people posting their disinformation on the internet. I’ve only just had my flu jab a week ago and am hoping for the Covid vaccination asap.


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