1,041 new Covid-19 deaths. Will the government deliver the help needed?

Dear reader, I’m writing this blog upon hearing that another lockdown has been announced. My first thought was that it was about time that they did this. Deaths had been spiralling out of control because the government is failing to protect the public in any way.

When the lockdown was announced, they also announced that schools should remain open. Their attitude being a complete denial of the risk of catching covid for children, teaching staff, parents and vulnerable relatives.

Thankfully the NEU and Unison stepped in and took action straight away and took action to keep both teaching staff, families and children safe.

It’s a misconception that children don’t catch Covid 19, they do and many have become seriously ill and have died. Children also unintentionally spread the virus with their family members whilst at home. With approximately thirty children per classroom its impossible to avoid.

Thankfully the government were forced to do a u turn thanks to the hard work of the NEU and Unison. Children apart from vulnerable and parents who are key workers are now being home educated which is a massive relief.

Children of nursery school age are still being expected to attend schools and nurseries. They must keep the workers working, never mind anyone’s safety.. I’m hoping that the government does a u turn on this also.

I must add that this is their victory, along with ardent campaigners they pressured the government to do the right thing. Shamefully they had no help from the opposition although a few labour MPs did come out in support.

The government has also promised to give each child a laptop to work on whilst they’re home learning, and some mobile phone operators are offering data to do this.

I’m betting that they fail on these targets, and just about every target that they announce, going by their history they always do. It’s down to the individual schools to find the children in their schools that needs a laptop, then to get the laptops to each child in need.

Every day their announcing that they’ll reach their vaccination targets, but with no mention of help to transport people to the vaccination centres. They’re already delaying the gap between the two vaccine injections against scientists advice.

Will this be their biggest failure? Maybe. The public are expecting this to happen, and I expect that they’ll be a lot of pressure on them to deliver.

The government are refusing to help accommodate homeless people and their also refusing to restart the Everyone In scheme that helped to house rough sleepers during the first pandemic. It’s January, freezing cold and the government refuses to help the very people that are at most risk of becoming ill with covid 19 and even worse dying.

Once again kicking the most in need to the floor like yesterdays newspaper.

No promise has been made to extend the extra £20 to universal credit and working tax credit claimants either. Every time they’re asked they say that they’ll keep it ‘under review’ double speak for no… But if you continue to campaign for it you might get it.

It will be devastating if this support isn’t continued.

Zero promises and protections have been offered to those excluded from any financial help during the last lockdown, even though they’re in great need of this. Already suffering and many living in poverty, they urgently need help but will the government deliver?

I expect other announcements to be made in the coming days but I do know one thing… They’ll fail to reach their targets, for all of their grand speeches, they’re not the ones trying to make this happen.

They’ll continue to ignore the needs and wants of the most vulnerable in society. For all the bluffing that Johnson is making he really hasn’t got a clue what to do. Surrounded by Tory MPs, many of which will be working out how to profit even more from the pandemic. He’d rather be on holiday, happy in the knowledge that his government is and will continue to fail those that need help the most.

Shame on them.


A huge thank you to my readers for supporting both my blog and campaign throughout last year. You all mean the word to me and I really mean that.

If I could change the world I would do, but I just do my bit from my kitchen table.

Health wise I’m not brilliant atm and I’m struggling. Long covid is bloody awful, and I relapsed again. I can tell you that covid 19 has changed my life forever.

For anyone that would like to donate towards the blog and campaign theres a donate button at the top and side of the blog. Every penny counts and helps others as well as ensuring that I can continue to blog by paying my internet bill.

Lots of love to you all. Remember, you are important, you are loved and you are needed. My inboxes are open to anyone that wants to chat.

2 thoughts on “1,041 new Covid-19 deaths. Will the government deliver the help needed?”

  1. I agree that this lockdown is necessary as not only were infections rising and deaths increasing, which is bad enough, but the NHS was facing a crisis far worse than during a normal Winter and in danger of being totally overwhelmed. I still think the Police are being too lenient on the Covidiots caught flouting the rules, issuing fixed penalty fines or in some cases just giving people a talking to just isn’t good enough, like with the hundreds of people visiting Dove Stones the other day, and the 200 people stranded in snow over the Snake Pass in Derbyshire, and the guy caught in his car the other night in Huddersfield town centre who had driven from Liverpool, all let off with “advice”! Get them locked up!
    As for the vaccines you can guarantee it will descend into farce same as the testing and the track & trace App, and everything this inept Government does. I still haven’t even had my winter flu jab yet!


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