Happy new year…. Or is it?

Dear readers I write this blog on New Year’s Eve, a time when we are supposed to be celebrating and welcoming the new year with open arms whilst saying its going to be a good one and suchlike. This year its going to be completely different. The new strain of Covid 19 has ensured that many more people have caught it, and many are also dying.

I really wanted to write this blog today with cheer, hope and the optimism that things will be better, but I’m a realist and I can’t do that.

Myself like many of you reading this have lost friends because they caught Covid. Many more have lost much loved family members, people that they’d normally celebrate the new year with, and losses such as these are highlighted at this time of year.

Yesterday the government put most of the country in tier four, because we are now right back with the daily death rates being as high as they were at the beginning.

Personally I don’t think that this is enough. Why? Because the rules are so complicated and many people find it hard to follow them. And lets not forget that the government has still ordered that schools remain open, blatantly ignoring the advice from SAGE and the teaching unions.

Tier four doesn’t mean anything until the schools are shut. Ive said previously on my blog and in articles that I’ve had published. Its impossible to control the spread of covid whilst the schools remain open. It’s impossible to social distance properly in classrooms, you only need to ask a teacher or a child and they will say the same.

Boris Johnson claims that schools are safe, as usual he’s lying, he knows that he’s lying and teachers and parents are furious. The government has systematically refused to support parents and children correctly, and they’ve also failed the NHS. They’re evil and callous with no regard for a human life.

Yesterday I woke to the news that one of my friends is seriously ill and is in hospital with covid, and another is at home trying to cope with having Covid the best that they can. It’s bloody heartbreaking.

I do believe that a full lockdown is needed, including schools to prevent the rise of covid cases, and to give the government chance to vaccinate people. I also have my doubts about the governments handling of the vaccine. They’ve messed everything up so far and I’ll believe it when I see it.

This year has been an awful year for me personally, I certainly didn’t plan on catching covid 19, and I was careful. It’s changed my life so much and the recovery is long and slow. I have damage to my left lung, and I suspect part of my right lung also because of the pains that Ive been getting there. I’ll know more once Ive had my next ct scan in January.

It’s bloody tough, especially when you’re trying to be a parent as well. It certainly has been an eye opener for my daughter. For weeks she virtually became my nurse, helping me to do the most basic of things. When she wasn’t looking after me she was praying that I’d get better. I’d say that it was more scary for her than me.

Financially its been a bloody nightmare not only for me but for so many people. Thousands of people have lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic and the government has failed to compensate them at all. Meanwhile the DWP still expect claimants to do full job searches both online and in person.

I also have another worry. Will the DWP recognise long covid as an illness, preventing people to look for work? I doubt it. This week I asked them this and they didn’t answer.

Meanwhile we still have to continue the best that we can, in the hope that things do get better.

This new year my wishes for you are

That you all remain safe,

You cope with the pandemic in whatever way that you can do,

That our struggles become easier,

That you are all able to have enough food and warmth

And that you remain the fabulous people that you are.

Remember that you are loved, you are important and you are all worthy of a good life despite what the government tells us. My inbox remains open if you want to talk as does my Twitter and Facebook inboxes.

Lots of love and keep safe xxx.

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported my campaign and my blog this year. I really couldn’t do it without you. 

For anyone who would like to donate there is a donate button at the top and side of this blog post. 

Thank you xxx

10 thoughts on “Happy new year…. Or is it?”

  1. Charlotte, all the best to you and yours in the new year, may you finally start to recover!
    You are so spot on about schools, as you know I work in one, a primary, they really aren’t safe. Before we broke for holidays we had no kitchen staff for 2 weeks, and 37 staff members off sick
    Unbelievably well no totally par for the Tories who want skls open so parents can work, have mad criteria for schools. I had the email on Thursday, saying basically while a town can be in one tier, like my town is tier 4, so strictest measures, skls are assessed different, schools in our town are classed tier 1! So no problems just wear masks in corridors! And of course we have the new variant now that’s even more contagious! Beggars belief


  2. Yes, this cruel cruel government are a disgusting disgrace. Bog brush and his cronies need to resign. I say sarcastically Jacob Rees Mogg for PM. Best wishes Charlotte x


  3. Reblogged this on Tory Britain! and commented:
    I truly wish you and your daughter all the very best for 2021.
    The best of health, wealth, love, good fortune, happiness, security, contentment, peace, serenity etc etc.
    If any family deserves these things it’s you and yours.
    I pray your luck changes after midnight tonight and lasts you forever lol, all the very best for the New Year and the future, you’ve more than earned it for the previous year’s “Thursday’s” alone. Xx


  4. I agree, the ‘lockdown’ is pathetic. It’s not a lockdown unless the schools and workplaces close. I’m appalled too at the way this bunch of bastards expect schools to give vaccinations. They airily wave their arms and give an instruction, without the resources to deliver. Where do they think schools are meant to find the resources to do this? Sending in the army won’t cover it. I hate this government and the evil bastards in it. I wish I believed in hell!

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      1. Husband just had his first vaccination cancelled. NHS person on the phone told him they were having problems getting the vaccine. I’m guessing it would have been the Pfeizer one since it was booked before they OKed the Oxford one. We’re in Liverpool. I’m not due one yet as I’m only 72 (he’s 75, so we were surprised he was called already anyway).


  5. I’ve just been reading in the news that the UK is likely to go into a full lockdown again within weeks, according to one of the Government doctors:


    I am just staying put for the time being, keeping warm indoors watching old films on telly, only venturing out when I have to. But I’ll be back volunteering at the foodbank in a week’s time. Stay safe everyone, lets hope the coming new year brings the changes we need and hope for.


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