Christmas and Covid. A deadly combination.

As Christmas approaches the worry and stress of the festive season arrives with it. Thousands of people have become unemployed as a result of the pandemic, many won’t be able to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is meant to be a time of great joy, love and meeting family members that we might not have seen for long while. Sadly, for people shielding this isn’t going to be possible, and its not wise to do so.

The government and their lack of action towards the pandemic is all too evident. One day they’re telling people that they can see their families over the Christmas period, the next they’re saying keep this time limited. They’re still not committing to a direct order, a full lockdown even though 612 people died from Covid 19 yesterday.

If people take the governments advice and travel to see their families either it be locally or a journey away theres going to be a huge rise in Covid 19 related deaths and people ill with Covid 19.

612 deaths is nothing compared to what it could become if people unknowingly spread the virus to loved ones. Expect the death rate to become much higher. The sensible thing to do would be to stay at home, but not everyone can.

Please can the media start sharing the death rates again? Sadly so many people have normalised the covid deaths and we cant allow this normalisation to continue.

For people like myself that don’t mind staying at home and postponing Christmas it isn’t a big deal, but for others it isn’t. The series of lockdowns and self isolating can be horrific causing extreme mental distress and suffering.

The media are telling people, quite rightly that they should check on their neighbours but this isn’t always possible due to self isolating, disability and illness. Not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone wants it.

The lack of leadership and advice from the government has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, not only from covid but also from problems surrounding covid. Does the government care about these deaths? Nope not one bit. They’re openly taunting us, insulting us with their lack of action.

I do believe that a full lockdown is needed, including all schools and educational facilities. But we also need people to be supported, listened to and their needs met. We desperately need to prevent the deaths that will undoubtably happen after Christmas when families return to their respective homes.

We also need to prevent people becoming infected with Covid 19, so many of them will suffer for many months from long covid and related illnesses caused by the virus.

Unemployment levels will continue to rise, homelessness will increase and more and more people will be plunged into poverty.

All of the above could have been prevented if the government had taken proper and responsible action when the pandemic first hit the England. It’s almost as if Johnson and co were sitting with their fingers in their ears shouting ‘I can’t hear you’.

I have no doubt that they saw the pandemic as an opportunity to kill people that they deemed not worthy, empty feeders, people they can’t profit from. It’s shameful and downright disgusting that they categorise people like this. Every life is important and no one should be made to suffer like this.

The pandemic could have been a time for the government to shine, show some positive leadership, but their arrogance and attitude towards the working class prevented that. Instead they leave a trail of death and destruction.

So what do we do now? We need to be sensible, not putting yourselves and others at risk. If we are all sensible then we might be able to enjoy next year properly.

Please spare a thought for everyone that are now finding themselves out of work as a direct result of the pandemic. Many of them will be experiencing the horrific Universal Credit system for the first time. Lets help them in any way that we can.

Please take care everyone and keep safe.

Apologies for the quality of this blog, I’ve had awful Covid 19 brain fog all week, and i woke with a headache this morning.

I shall be blogging next week as I find Christmas hard as well for so many reasons. I’m here if anyone needs to talk.

4 thoughts on “Christmas and Covid. A deadly combination.”

  1. The Lie of The Year: Covid Denial

    The commentary thread on a certain other well known unemployment blog has been completely taken over by Covid deniers, anti-vax, anti-lockdown, conspiracy morons over the past year to the extent that refuting their nonsense has become a full-time job, which is very draining and infuriating. The owner of the blog, a Labour stalwart, does not remove such comments or block them from posting! I give up.


  2. I’m sure we’re all sick and tired of the Tories and the Covid pandemic, but I feel that regardless of party politics we have to follow official advice and rules during what is a National and international public health emergency, despite who is in Government. And at some point when this is all over there needs to be a public inquiry into how the emergency was dealt with by the Government and Public Health authority, and if anyone is found to have been at fault or information was incorrect then those responsible be held to account. In the meantime follow the rules. What I am well and truly sick and tired of at the moment are all the ‘Covidiots’, the Covid-deniers and conspiracy theorists who still refuse to accept the seriousness of the situation or think that it is either a hoax or part of some plan. These morons are doing my head in with their continual nonsense posted online, saying it’s no worse than flu or the death rate isn’t true, etc. and protesting against lockdown procedures and safety rules that are meant to protect people and prevent infection. I am at the end of my tether with such people. I think they should be prosecuted and blocked from using the internet as they are a danger to society.

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