Still ill. My battle with Covid 19. Should schools be closed?

Dear readers I’m writing this blog post from my bed, I’m trying to put off the inevitable hospital visit that will have to happen if I get any worse.

I thought that I was getting better but sadly my daughter unknowingly has brought home a virus from school. The said virus is now having a good time rampaging through my body whilst making me feel dreadful.

I haven’t stopped coughing for two days now, my whole body hurts and I’m not capable of doing much. But I am trying to get better.

Covid 19 and other viruses are rife in my daughters school, children have tested positive and the school remains open.

There’s no way that any type of virus can be controlled in a school environment. It’s impossible, an endless task of trying to make the best out of a very bad situation.

I realise that all children need and deserve an education but it comes with a huge risk to other family members.

For anyone with a weakened immune system like mine and a compromised immune system regardless of the cause are being put at a huge risk of becoming ill with Covid 19 and other viruses.

It’s not a case of if we catch it, it’s more like when we will catch it.

I’m knackered, fed up and my body feels like it’s been in battle for a long time now.

I can’t stop coughing, my temperature is high again and I have to admit that I’m a tad scared.

You see I don’t know if I’ve caught covid again or if this is another evil virus piggy backing on top of my weakened immune system. I don’t want to be admitted to hospital again either. I just can’t win.

I have sent off another covid test and I should get the results soon. Sadly the tests aren’t reliable and have only a 70% rate of accuracy.

The area where I live will be being put in the level three category later today. Whilst I agree that this is needed it isn’t enough.

The government have so far offered no support to any of the businesses that will be affected by this. There’s zero real life support.

I agree that health comes before business, but people have to survive.

I also agree that the whole country should be put into an at least two week lockdown and real life working track and trace systems put in place locally to monitor the situation.

We can’t rely upon the government to devise any system that would work properly in the best interests of the public. All that they’re interested in are making their friends rich.

I also believe that schools should be shut for a short period of time and all schools should be given a deep clean to get rid of any viruses etc.

When our children return stricter measures should be put in place and more home schooling implemented temporarily.

We need to keep out teachers safe as well.

None of what I say is easy but we can’t continue like we have been doing. I’m ill because of a virus brought home from school.. Can you imagine how many people could die as a result of this?

Not one decision is going to make everyone happy but we need to control this virus. It’s the government’s lack of taking correct action is why we are in this situation now.

Please keep safe, I’ll update my blog and social media as soon as I get my results or if I have to go to hospital.

It’s been a struggle for me and thousands of other people but we need to get rid of this virus.

Please read, share and tweet my blog.

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I don’t get paid for anything that I do and every penny really helps both myself and the campaign.

I’m not able to get out so everything is so much more expensive.

A huge thank you to everyone that supports my campaign and blog. I really do appreciate it. It means the world to me

12 thoughts on “Still ill. My battle with Covid 19. Should schools be closed?”

  1. I don’t know if it will help, but when I got Covid, I took a lot of Airbourne, Vitamin C, and odorless garlic pills every day, that help build up a body’s immunity and rested, reclined every chance I got…I got over it without the hospital.. Don’t know if it would work for everyone…
    Good luck


    1. That’s really good advice! Sadly I’ve taken every supplement going to help me, I still take them but I’m still ill. Anything to help our bodies to fight back is good. I’ve been admitted to hospital once despite this but the supplements have helped especially the liquid one that I take. Sorry I’ve forgotten the name of it xxx

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  2. Charlotte as ever thinking and praying for you and as one who works in a school and is also a Union Officer then my opinion is YES! They should be shut at least for a circuit break
    I’m a school cleaner, and already we have extra disinfection routines, every door handle window handle is disinfected every 3 hours and bin lids are done every day
    Most schools are closing early already one day a week and cleaners being paid overtime to do a deep clean, not ours though head doesn’t want to spend the money even though we’re on the watchlist
    What worries me is the guidelines originally in place have now been watered down, and my feeling is that both pupils and staff are being put at risk. I’m in a primary, I know your daughter is in secondary and I don’t know much about their regs sorry
    When our primaries 1st went back guidance was if there was a case in say year 4 the whole year plus staff plus any kids siblings in other year groups along with that group too went home to isolate until tested
    That’s now changed, if the same year 4 kid got symptoms it would only be those they’d had immediate contact with plus any siblings and those the siblings had been near to go home. Problem is though bubbles are broken at break and lunch so the WHOLE year group is together in the playground, so who knows who that child has played with?? Also in our primary swimming lessons are still taking place off site that’s 80 kids all together, and who knows what’s lurking at the pool or the coach that transports them?? So far we had 2 confirmed cases but as I said previously I think covid was rampaging our skl since last Xmas only we thought it was just a bug! Since there’s reports of ppl being re infected I can see the same thing happening
    Yes school is important, yes some kids need extra help, yes there’s safeguarding questions, yes parents need to work and I don’t know all the solutions, but I’m seriously worried for myself and my members as is my boss who’s also my member!!
    Hope I’ve not scared anyone even more! Plus now we are beginning to experience shortages at work of basics like hand towels and (lol!!) loo rolls as all schools are using more hand towels now with frequent hand washing. Cleaners in my place were consulted when we ran out of disposable masks and couldn’t get more, again because everyone is ordering them, we agreed to try fabric ones which school washes for us, and from an asthmatics viewpoint and as safety wear we are happy with them
    As far back as March I saw via my Union a leaked memo from DFE education saying it was possible there could be a shortage of school cleaning products and if so they were to be rationed!! I can say I keep checking in my school, and we have stacks of disinfectant hand sanitizers etc because I’ve seen! But everywhere’s different
    My honest opinion is Boris and co have no idea what goes on in schools and don’t care either! If ppl die all to the good, later on they won’t need housing or benefits or pensions! Thinking of you x


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