Laughed at for wearing a face mask.

Dear readers it’s Thursday once again. I hope that you are all as safe as you can be.

Good news! So far I haven’t rebounded again and I’m praying that I’ve seen the end of my Covid 19 battle. However I am aware that I can potentially catch it again.

My daughter came home from school last Friday with a virus. Thankfully it wasn’t Covid-19 but it quite easily could have been.

Viruses are free to travel around the school corridors and classrooms. There’s no way that schools can contain it.

Yesterday I spoke to one of my daughters teachers and she was very worried about working in this environment. It’s hard getting the balance right.

Children need to be educated, they need that contact with their friends at school but they shouldn’t be at risk of catching covid 19 and passing it on to family members and friends.

There’s no ideal solution, I wish that there was. So many people are at risk of catching covid 19 and I’m sure that I’m not the only person to be concerned about this.

Yesterday I had to go to my local town to do some errands. It exhausts me, but needs must so off I went.

I would do online shops but I can’t afford to do this.

I was happy to see more people wearing masks, but so many wernt. It’s so frustrating.

A friend of mine said that it’s good manners to wear a mask and it also shows consideration for others.

I have to agree, it is and more need to wear them.

As I was walking towards a shop that I had to go into a man looked at me, laughed and said that I was an idiot for wearing a mask because they do nothing.

I didn’t get the chance to reply because he walked off pretty quickly and I’m not exactly going to go chasing him down the street. I don’t have the energy.

This persons attitude isn’t unusual though. So many people are saying that covid 19 is a conspiracy, that masks don’t work etc.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard and seen comments like this.

I wear a mask because I’m bloody petrified of catching covid 19 again. It’s taken me months of struggling to get over it and my long covid battle isn’t over yet.

I also wear a mask because I don’t want anyone else to catch any viruses that might be walking around with me. I want to be responsible and help as much as I can.

I also wear a mask because Tameside is now in the double red zone and is heading for another lockdown.

Now going back and to the man that laughed at me for wearing a mask. I’m certain that he will change his mind about wearing one of he catches it.

It’s impossible to get a covid 19 test at the moment. The government has completely failed everyone. The testing process is a shambles and don’t get me started on their rubbish track and trace scheme.

We have all been failed by the government, I and others expected this though.

In other news, my local hospital Tameside Hospital has been in the news again.

Sadly its a hotbed for covid 19 and patients on non covid wards have died from it.

Maybe this was caused by people not adhering by the government guidance for wearing masks and keeping hands clean. Who knows but I’m sure that they’ve played a part in this.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has died from covid 19 and their families. It’s heartbreaking especially when so much of this was completely preventable.

Yesterday I cut my hand on a tin in my rubbish bin. It was totally my own fault, I wasn’t paying attention.

It looks like it could do with a couple of stitches but there’s no way that I was going to go to the hospital after this weeks covid 19 news.

I cleaned it and have bandaged it and I’m sure that it’ll be ok.

This did get me thinking though.

How many people are choosing to stay at home rather than seeing a doctor when they need to?

It’s a scary thought.

How many people have absolutely no support and are trying their best to get through this nightmare which is covid 19?

The government has been extremely negligent in providing support for people. They don’t care and it appears that they’re quite proud of their attitude regarding covid 19.

This leaves us living in some kind of limbo waiting for covid 19 to catch us.

All I can suggest is to keep yourself as safe as you can do. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Don’t let anyone else judge you for the decisions that you have been forced to make to keep yourself safe.

I really hope that you all manage to keep safe and as well as you can be.

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I couldn’t do this without you. Your support means the world to me.

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9 thoughts on “Laughed at for wearing a face mask.”

  1. Great blog Charlotte. I looked at some of the evidence for some of the more plausible stories doing the rounds and found it pretty much didn’t stack up. At the moment the cases are going up but the deaths are very low which is encouraging a certain amount of complacency. It is difficult to get accurate data on hospitalisations which would be helpful in assessing how worried we all should be. As you have experienced it is certainly not like getting the flu, but even if it was who wants the flu? Keep up your good work and I will be sharing this.


  2. I’ve encountered all sorts of idiots out there, those who think facemasks are pointless, those who refuse to follow one-way systems in town, one guy probably aged in his 70s said “I’m over 18 and I’ll walk where I want”, I called him an ignorant selfish xxxx. Others think it’s all a hoax, there is no virus, it’s all a Government plot to enslave mankind or something. Nutters.
    As for avoiding the doctors, I’ve no idea what the situation is at my doctors surgery, I get my regular medication from the chemists after reordering online, but I was thinking of going to the doctor to get on the stop smoking clinic but no idea if that is still operating at the moment. Anyway, glad to hear you’re on the mend.


  3. Charlotte, you and your child’s teachers are right to be worried about the virus!! When my skl started back 2 weeks ago, it had 90% attendance, now only half the kids are in, they either have or have been sent home with, high temperature. I don’t know what the state of play is with testing in our area, but now 3 local high skls have closed with confirmed cases, these are in our area and our primary is a feeder skl for them so many of our kids have siblings and cousins there! In my 10 years experience of working in a school all I can say is this is super early for the usual winter viruses to start so what do these kids have?? The demographics of our SE England town are identical to those in Bolton and Tameside, it’s worrying!
    Hope you continue to feel better
    Stay safe all


  4. I’ve had this sneering ‘you’re mental’ attitude. I asked someone to move so I could pass them and stay 2metres away and they rolled their eyes at me. This was a bloke in his 70s! I’m afraid too many human beings cannot appreciate danger until it hits them in the face. Same with climate change. I’m just staying as isolated as possible! Glad to hear your health is improving, let’s hope it stays that way.


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