School uniforms. A cost to high for many to pay.

Dear readers it’s Thursday yet again. I hope that you are as well as you can be and also hope that you are safe.

I’m rather annoyed with myself because it appears that the pleurisy is back. Yesterday I went for tests and hopefully I will know what antibiotic will be successful in getting rid of the damned thing.

I’m writing this in the midst of a migraine so I apologise for any spelling mistakes etc.

This week has been a particularly bad week for me. Like so many parents I’ve been worrying about my daughters return to school and buying her uniform.

Thousands of families are also worrying about this though. So many people have become unemployed as a result of the pandemic.

I also suspect that thousands of parents have been ill with Covid 19 like I have as well.

My frustration lies with the schools. They know that their pupils parents will be struggling yet they still demand that all pupils wear a school uniform.

I have no argument with the idea of school uniform though. My argument is with the extortionate cost of school uniform.

Back in the day when my older children were at secondary school I was able to purchase their uniform items quite cheaply at Asda or suchlike. I could also buy a school patch to put on the supermarket uniform.

I’m sure that many of you remember being able to do this.

Sadly it’s not the same now. Schools and uniform shops have cottoned on to the idea that there’s money to be made from this.

It was then that embroidered school logos on specific school uniform pieces bought at specific uniform shops would be accepted.

I know at my daughters school everything bar the school shirts have to have this embroidered logo on them.

I was surprised that the girls had to have a specifically embroidered skirt with a choice of two designs. The boys can wear any type of black school pants, bought from any shop and they don’t have to be embroidered either.

I see this as blatent discrimination, but the school is an academy so they do exactly what they want to do.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this. I believe that all schools should take into account the cost of uniform and the massive loss of employment and income due to the pandemic.

From my experience it was far easier when my daughter was in primary school. They did a uniform swap there. It’s far more difficult to do this in secondary school though.

Like I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog, I’m also worried about pupil, teacher and classroom assistant safety.

Why can’t schools return to the old way of doing things? It was less discriminatory and a whole lot cheaper.

They won’t though because there’s money to be had from this.

Personally I think that this cost is too much for many of us to bear. I can imagine that thousands of parents will be going without food, trying to patch up old uniform pieces up or taking loans out from dubious money lenders.

Thousands of parents will be trying to manage on meagre Universal Credit payments, some will be sanctioned and living on a reduced income, many will be homeless and living in temporary accommodation, many will be awaiting the decisions of their ESA and PIP medicals and appeals.

No parent or carer should have to go through this though, it’s morally wrong. An embroidered logo doesn’t enable a child to learn more or to achieve higher grades does it.

Surely our children deserve a better quality of life.

Like I said earlier I’m not against school uniforms but I am against the high cost of them.

We are living in unprecedented times, no one could have predicted the suffering caused by the pandemic.

I do know that organisations such as schools should be more understanding and they should offer cheaper uniform alternatives for pupils but they certainly aren’t rushing to do this are they.

It’s much harder to find second hand secondary school uniforms that fit than it is for primary school uniform.

Good luck to all parents and carers trying to get ready for their children ready for the return to school. Maybe one day it will become easier.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. It’s very important for the truth to get out there.

A huge thank you to everyone that reads my blog and everyone that supports it.

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5 thoughts on “School uniforms. A cost to high for many to pay.”

  1. Reminds me of my (awful) years at Grammar school, this notion of Elitism is exactly what is wrong with the Academy ideal.

    My uniform cost my mum a small fortune for the same reasons, it could only be purchased from one place and included every item from blazer to sports wear and the list was so long!; Further we were also subjected to certain shoes as well, with a 1-1/2 heel; and in the 70s these could only be purchased at certain stores

    It disgusts me thi situation has returned xx

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  2. Sorry to hear about the pleurisy Charlotte, get well soon. In my town we have a charity project that provides free school uniforms for those who can’t afford them, might just be for younger children though, Primary, but I’m not entirely sure.

    Difficult at the moment but perhaps someone in your area could start up a similar project?


  3. Charlotte sorry you’re still not well, don’t be hard on yourself, rest and heal!
    I’ve posted a few bits on my blog about what will happen when school goes back in September and plan a couple more pieces, I’ve just found out more or less what WILL be happening if all goes to plan! Let’s say though I’m in SE England the demographics are similar to Oldham and places particularly badly hit with covid! Our school could easily close again, with 3 or 4 siblings in school in different year groups, if one shows symptoms it will mean that year group and all the siblings year groups and staff going home too till the sick person os tested. Depending on the results it could either be a quick return for all of negative or about 500 additional tests, then if any positive cases involve a closure to deep clean!
    As to uniform I know so hard, it was bad years ago when my daughter hit high skl and we had uniform vouchers then, then I got work, some areas and even schools do uniform swap shops so I’d advise looking at this, it’s still shit though and you still have to find for shoes and winter coats and macs and stuff
    Thinking and praying for you all x


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