Second Covid 19 wave coming? Does being poor affect your Covid 19 recovery?


Dear readers its Thursday again. I’m sure that many of you will agree when I say that each and every day appears to merge into each other.

I do have some good news though. I haven’t rebounded again yet so I’m very grateful for that, however my recovery is taking me longer than I thought that it would.

To be honest I really didn’t know what to expect because I really didn’t think that I’d catch covid 19. I was being very careful, wearing a mask etc but I do think that I caught it locally.

I had a bit of a meltdown this week. I received a Fray Bentos pie in a food parcel and I wanted to cook it for tea for my daughter and I. I normally can open them to the point where I can put them in the oven but not this time.

After several attempts and swear words being uttered I gave up in the end. I tried everything even using a very old tin opener, my old faithful that can open anything.

Knowing that I couldn’t go to the shop to buy a replacement really upset me. Covid 19 has changed my life so much.

Physically I am getting better slowly, I managed to take my dog on two very short walks which he and I was very grateful for. It was nice to get out in nature again, my favourite place to be.

Financially its ruined me and here’s a good example of that. Yesterday I ran out of gas and I cant afford to replace it. Any money that I did have has gone to pay bills etc. So now I’m not going to be able to cook anything on my cooker and that really upsets me.

I realise that its not the end of the world but this has broken me. I don’t know why but it has. I am grateful for the fact that Ive been able to pay my other bills though.

Because we have no gas we can’t have a bath etc so this really upsets me as well, not for me but for my teenage daughter. Ah well, these things happen and I shouldn’t complain.

Having Covid 19 is one thing, being poor and having it is another and it certainly doesn’t help our recovery. They say that to recover properly you need a good diet. That’s practically impossible for so many of us.

The reality is that our diet and lifestyles do matter and both do aid our recovery, but it is what it is and I cant lie it stinks.

So basically if you can’t eat healthily and can’t rest it’s going to take you a lot longer to recover and you’re likely to get further complications as a result. 

This past week has seen some really stupid behaviour regarding others. In my area there was one of two massive so called raves (I say so called because no real rave organiser would leave a place in such a state as they left it). These raves had thousands of people attending, none of them wearing face masks, none of them social distancing.

I know that when you’re young you think that you are invincible but even so this was ridiculous. Two actors from Hollyoaks even attended and were forced to admit it after being outed on social media.

Then we had the re opening of non essential shops. In my local area, and I suppose in many the queues were massive. In a town close to me they were queuing to get into Sports Direct. Once again no social distancing was adhered to.

I also saw family bloggers from the UK going clothes shopping whilst not keeping to the social distancing rules and touching items of clothing etc and putting them back.

Whilst this might seem unimportant to many, these family vlogging channels influence so many young people. Their young viewers could well go out and do the same thing.

Then we had the recent protest marches, and while I totally agree with the reasoning behind the BAME marches so many people have put themselves at risk of Covid 19.

So why am I worrying about the above? The plain fact is that many of the above people could catch covid 19 and many could die.

Even a mild case like I had could leave you suffering from the side effects for a long time afterwards.

The NHS is going to struggle to cope with a much larger second wave of Covid 19. The nurses, doctors and HCA put their own life’s at risk whilst caring for others, so yes it does make me angry to see people walk around as if nothing has happened.

Will we get a second wave of Covid 19?

Whilst I cant say for certain but I think that its very likely.

Will the NHS be able to cope with a second wave?

They’ll do their best under very hard circumstances.

I can say with some certainty though that the government will try to put the blame on the NHS and the public. They’ve shifted all of the responsibility on our shoulders and the NHS shoulders. We need to protect and support our NHS.

Johnson is in trouble and he knows it. He wants to pass the blame for any failings onto everyone but himself. His lack of action and clear guidance has caused thousands of deaths. He needs to be reminded of this constantly.

Watch out he’ll be blaming the teaching unions and teachers for the schools not opening. He’ll want to paint them as the bad people even though they want to put our children first unlike him.

I’ll end this blog here, I want to pay my respects to George Floyd, he should never have been killed like this and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

I wish that my blogs could be happier but it is what it is at the moment but it is what it is.

Please read, share, tweet, email my blog. It’s very important to get the truth out there.

For everyone that has or does support this blog I want to thank you so much. It really does mean the world to me.

For anyone wanting to donate there’s a button at the top and side of this blog.

Thank you so much and keep safe.

2 thoughts on “Second Covid 19 wave coming? Does being poor affect your Covid 19 recovery?”

  1. If a Rave is what I think it is, a mask is the least of their worries and social distancing is impossible.
    Is it warm where you are? Here it’s hot so a cold bath can be welcoming.


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