Government eases covid 19 lockdown conditions whilst mortality levels are rising. Complete madness

Dear readers I hope that you are well as you can be and I hope that you’re safe.

I thought that I was getting better but now I’ve developed a chest infection probably as a result of having covid 19 symptoms. I’m sick of struggling through this but I’m also angry, well very angry to be honest.

Why am I angry you might ask. I’m angry because the government is easing the lockdown conditions whilst giving not one ounce of clarity whilst doing so.

I’m also angry because he’s doing this whilst the mortality rates of covid 19 related deaths are rising. Indeed they’ll increase again and most likely will cause a second wave of this awful disease.

Thousands of people could die, many of them will be known to us, our friends and families.

We have a prime minister who appears to be unable to do his job properly, even turning up for work is a massive effort for him and I’m sure that he’s resentful for actually having to work.

When the Prime minister does turn up for work and attempts to give a speech he makes a complete mess of it and no one really knows what to do.

His guidance is abismal, even fellow politicians are left puzzled yet some people have had to return to work with little or no protection from catching covid 19.

The government issued a statement saying that public transport should be monitored to ensure that people adhere to the quarantine conditions. This isn’t happening though and the government doesn’t care.

The government also said that people shouldn’t use public transport but they failed to realise that many low paid workers don’t have cars because they can’t afford the upkeep.

But still the mortality rates are rising and the government doesn’t care.

Covid 19 is deadly, if you are lucky enough to survive from having it you are almost always left with the side effects that last for ages.

I can attest to this myself. I had all the symptoms of covid 19 at home. I self isolated, I thought that I was recovering well.

But I thought wrong. I had accepted that the breathlessness and tiredness would stay with me for a long while but what I didn’t count on was developing a chest infection. So I’m now once again unwell.

But I’m lucky, many people have had far worse side effects of contracting covid 19.

Pneumonia, heart problems, eye problems all sorts of health issues can develop as a result of developing covid 19.

It’s no joke but the government is guilty of not taking it seriously enough. They don’t appear to care as long as they’re OK.

Boris Johnson denied that he was pushing forward with his herd immunity plans, but here we have a prime minister easing lockdown conditions whilst the mortality rates are still rising. Any concerned prime minister certainly wouldn’t be doing this.

You see in his mind commerce comes first before the well being of the people of the UK. They regard working class people with enormous disdain and if we die it doesn’t really matter to them. The less of us the better.

Herd immunity is a very attractive option to them meanwhile in New Zealand they’ve done the exact opposite. Their prime minister actually cares about the people of New Zealand and I wish we had the same over here.

So what do we do now?

Well the best advice that I can give is to continue self isolating, if you have to go out wear a mask and use hand sanitizer etc. You can never be too careful.

Check in with friends and family, keep to the social distancing rules and keep safe.

As for me I’m much the same as I was last week. I’m taking each day as it comes but now with a chest infection I feel awful.

I’m hoping that soon I’ll be back to normal because I hate complaining about myself on here and I apologise for doing so.

I’ve been doing what I can at home but with limited health and funds I’m stuck waiting to get better.

Please keep safe everyone, I’m thinking of you all. We can get through this together supporting each other.

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9 thoughts on “Government eases covid 19 lockdown conditions whilst mortality levels are rising. Complete madness”

  1. This latest offering from this government is purely a result of blackmail from the conservative backbenchers who have interests in companies. They have friends who are pushing them to get people back to work because they or their friends are losing money!! For instance the businessman who wants everyone back in the office because he is losing money on building his offices!! Wonder who he knows in the government who is taking up the gauntlet for him? Utter corruption! And we take it!


  2. Feel better soon Charlotte and try to rest up.
    Charlotte I hear you…every word you say I so agree. I speak in utter frustration too at the decision to re open schools, I’m a school cleaner. It has nothing to do with the fact I loathe my job and it’s literally ripping me apart doing it. It’s just not safe to go back so soon. But Bojo wants parents earning again your so right, we gotta wean all these lazy ppl off furough, no matter they didn’t ask for this pandemic! ! I’m extremely lucky to have been paid in full over the crisis. I’m also a Union officer and the advice of my union as with the others is not to engage in planning for the 1 June. No one thinks skl will actually re open…
    At the moment we’re in deep cleaning after theplace had a complete new paint job, we’re only getting about 20 kids in a day. The area I live and work in is in a deprived part of town and has the highest concentration of covid in the town, so let’s re open skl, , good idea Bojo, dunno even how many would come back as parents aren’t convinced it’s safe either!
    There’s real anger we’re expected to get up close and personal with all these kids yet we can’t see our family or even children that don’t live with us but hey, all hail Work and if a few of us die it’ll save on future benefits and housing won’t it?
    I’m working at the moment, I feel safe, but I’m in my 50s and apparently covid carries off more in my age group than the others so I may well refuse to go in if kids do go back. It was chaos before we closed staff dropping like flies and if a kid as muchange as coughed it was straight home along with any siblings then parents tried to bring them back 3 days later….
    Sorry for the rant, Charlotte praying for you. Stay safe all.


  3. I’m absolutely livid too. This bunch of vicious bastards care not one jot for ordinary people. Money is their god. I’m so glad I live in Wales where public health comes first.


  4. Charlotte contact your gp I think most are accepting online diagnoses now. Although antibiotics don’t do anything for covid they could help your secondary chest infection. Stay safe and take care of you x

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  5. God bless you, Charlotte. I hope you feel better soon. I am appalled by the Prime Minister and so worried about all these poor people having to use public transport. I fear this thing will continue to spread. Human beings come before money, but Tories just don’t care. Take care x

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