Covid 19 symptoms and me.

Dear readers I must apologise for my absence of late. Last week I started with symptoms of covid 19 and I’m still ill although a tad improved.

Reading about covid 19 and actually having it are two completely different things. Nothing can prepare you for how awful it is and I’ve had a mild dose.

I’ve spent about a week in bed now not able to do much having to rely on my daughter to help me which I didn’t like doing.

The most scary things about this awful virus are the high temperature, I had some pretty funky hallucinations and difficulty breathing.
Everything takes so much effort.
Each symptom comes in at differing times not all at once and they come and go so it’s very hard to predict how you are from one day to the next.
I am hopefully getting better now but I’m taking it one day at a time.

Having to rely on friends to pick up food for me is awful because I’m so used to doing everything myself.
I’ve become reliant on online shopping to buy dog and cat food and other items, because I can’t go out means I can’t get any bargains so everything is more expensive.
When your money has been spent that’s it, tough there’s nothing that you can do.

I am worried about everyone thats suffering from these symptoms and are alone at home with no one to help. It’s so scary and no one wants to go into hospital unless it’s really necessary.

Last night I was struggling with my breathing but luckily I was OK, if my condition worsened then my daughter would take care of me.

So many people have died from this awful virus and the government haven’t done much if anything to help. They just don’t care about people like us.
Their negligence is astounding and I believe that when this is all over they should be made to pay for this.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people that have died from covid 19 and related illnesses and also their families. They can’t even have a proper funeral for them. Its awful, really awful.
I’m certain that the death figures are so much higher than is stated.

My thanks go to our fabulous NHS workers that have been keeping people alive and the keyworkers keeping everything going and at the same time putting their own health at risk.

I’m so sorry that I’ve been behind with this blog and I’m hoping that I’m back to normal ASAP, I’m missing real life, my walks in the woods with my dog.

This illness has taught me to appreciate every little thing more than I did and it taught me to swallow my pride and ask for help.

Please stay at home, only go out for essential items, take your exercise away from other people and wear a mask when you do need to go out. Wash your hands as well.
This is all very important because you really don’t want to catch this.

A huge thanks to my friends and followers for helping me to get through this.

Please share my blog and tweet and email it.

If anyone would like to donate there is a donate button at the top and side of this blog.

Thank you all so much.

20 thoughts on “Covid 19 symptoms and me.”

  1. Dear Charlotte
    You give so much strength to others – its time to take a little back for yourself – so much healing energy must now be speeding your way from the warm and caring thoughts of all of us who love you and respect what you do.

    You have a special place in my heart and my work and I am often prompted to say your name Charlotte Hughes xx

    Love and Light

    Julie Gosling

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  2. It is scary Charlotte accepting the help I think is one of the hardest things to do, maybe that independence thing isn’t such a good idea, after all, I still feel dreadfully guilty asking my friend to pick up the odd item for me and I’ve been self-isolating for nearly a year, so giving and receiving we must learn is ok. I had an operation last July so was unable to get out till January then this so I kind of had a head start on how to cope with little contact with people.
    Yes, this govt must answer for the unnecessary deaths, which including care homes and home deaths is in the region of 35k+ for not following the advice which the WHO had been putting out since late December. Seems our govt got the idea that we needed to be 2nd only to the USA for death rates.
    For lying so brazenly about the PPE for the NHS staff, a paramedic friend of mine is in ICU fighting for his life, it was deemed Ambulance staff were not frontline, so picking up patients with COVID and being with them in such a confined space was not frontline, all because PPE is so damn scarce STILL.
    We still must find some positives, and there are some, help groups sprung up so quickly, those with the technology and equipment to make PPE.
    There are still unselfish people in this country.

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  3. Sending healing thoughts and hoping you are over the worst now but please, please rest and rely on others, let your body do its work to beat the virus so no using your energy for anything else. Remember you cannot care for others unless you are 100% xxxxxx

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  4. Frightening for you and your family. You have given a good insight into the illness despite your saying your symptoms are mild. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    I hunkered down from the 14th of March as my friends daughter (who lives in Italy) was telling us the truth. So I walked along the beach near me around that time and the sky seemed bluer and I knew then I wouldn’t see it again for awhile. I do exercise in my little courtyard try to get some vitamin D through the Sun I get deliveries from small local shops and farms and Iceland. I just put in the form that I’m an OAP(six years late but it’s true) and the longest I’ve had to wait for a delivery from Iceland is four days .
    When you’re over 60 you know you are more vulnerable to this Covid19 and indeed other diseases. Hence I am sorry for the ladies following behind me who Hv found they have a big jump to the amount of years they have to work (having started work in the 50s and 60s expecting retirement at 60) clearly we should be equal with men but let’s get this straight this was never about equality and only about putting millions if not billions of pounds in the Treasury. Plus we get fraction of the pension of men due to childcare and inequality in the workplace during our earlier years.
    Finally got my pension January but the cheeky Gov’t pay in it arrears. So I was going to restart a resemblence of a social life and make the most of my life going forward.
    The strange thing is having no pension for these last years and not always having work like many of my cohort, I had already got used to self isolating.
    I feel now that at least people will Hv an understanding of what we are going through a continue to go through. My thoughts are with everyone but especially those who are not computer literate as this Covid hit.
    All of a sudden hundreds of thousands people claiming Universal Credit and I just know
    many Hv slipped through the net, its heartbreaking.
    Let’s not let this Government get away with the lies or continuing trying to enforce a old versus young divide, which they most certainly will do after this.
    It’s a shame I had to cancel the #TutuLondon protest on the 8/4
    against State Pension Age increases, past, present and future. Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘think tank’ talking 75😱
    One way or another they’ll try and force us to put on blue #StripedPyjamas
    Putting out the love to our host and all those stopping by and all those beautiful elderly people in the care homes and at home who need to know we are fighting for them.
    Get your MP’s working for their money and their £10k expenses
    💁🏼 #TutuLondon #BATTLEBUS1950’s @Retrowedding68

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  5. So glad you’ve come through fairly well unscathed, Charlotte. Many many people have not.
    I agree with everything I’ve ever read from you. You are such a star in highlighting all these issues.
    Why people have elected the shameless, indecent, narcissistic horrors to represent us, baffles me.
    Don’t ever stop your calling out truth. We’ll always need you and those who are like you.

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