All DWP face to face interviews cancelled as of this morning.

Well at least it appears that the DWP have at last seen sense and have cancelled face to face appointments this morning.

If you are unsure or the DWP hasn’t messaged you yet please contact them to confirm this. It’s always good to double check.

If you have still been asked to attend your appointment please let me know.

Now let’s see if sanctions are lifted.

I’ll keep you updated as further news comes to light.

22 thoughts on “All DWP face to face interviews cancelled as of this morning.”

  1. DWP have now put on their Twitter that as of today no one claiming Benefits has to attend a Jobcentre for 3 months. It doesn’t specify which Benefits, it just says “Benefits”, so are we to assume that applies to Universal Credit AND JSA? Also, it’s no use just announcing it on Twitter when some people don’t use it or even have internet access , surely they need to inform every claimant individually in writing.


  2. Well , I just rang the jobcentre, on hold for about 15 mins. Got told that JSA signing appointments are still going ahead as usual and that Jobcentres are all open as normal. I’ll be setting off to sign on in a couple of hours.


    1. Just got back home from the jobcentre where it’s business as usual, a totally normal 10 min. signing interview (JSA), only difference was the work coaches all had a bottle of hand sanitizer on their desks, but no one wearing face masks, not even the security guards. The town centre was noticeably quieter than normal, especially the area around the train station.


  3. I have a JSA appointment on Friday afternoon. I wonder If that will be cancelled, and a Maximus appointment next Thursday afternoon as well. I am attending both until I hear otherwise as I know how DWP, and Maximus can be.


      1. brilliant, thank you, the friend i am supporting almost on edge already and that will really help them, not having to go out 🙂


  4. When I read this I thought it was April 1st (April Fool’s day) had come early? As it’s not like the DWP to act this quickly?


    1. Yes. Last day of appointments is today, then suspended till further notice. Assessments will be done by paper and/or phone interview.


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