Not a merry Christmas for the victims of the cruel DWP regime.

Dear readers the blogs late. I apologise for this once again.

As many of us have dreaded Christmas has arrived again, this is a stark reminder of how poor we are, what we don’t have whilst we watch those that can afford to buy lots of things that they don’t need on TV and YouTube.

Many of you will be spending your first Christmas without a loved one, being alone for the first time is a scary thing.

I hear you, I’m with you. Hang on in there it will get easier.

For everyone dependant upon food banks for food over the Christmas period. I’m with you, I’m doing the same. It’s hard to piece a meal together from the contents of a food parcel, I hear you, I’m doing the same.

Hang on in there, I’m here for you, we’re here for each other.

Yesterday was our annual Christmas Demo and it was a huge success despite Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre and the building manager of the Tameside One building being rather disgruntled at our being there. We had to agree to take our banners down but we marched around the market grounds with them, making more people aware of our campaign and our advice service.

We also laid a wreath in memory of everyone that has died as a result of the government’s cruel austerity measures and their inhumane DWP regime. We do this every year, it’s important to remember everyone that has died, hoping that one day we will get justice for each and every person and their families.

A huge thank you to everyone that came to support us yesterday.

0ust last week we lost our only chance for at least five years of ending this cruelty.

Working class voters were tricked into lending their votes to the Tory party, believing the lies that Brexit will ‘be done’ straight away.

Brexit won’t happen overnight like they thought though, more fool them.

The Tory party has already broken some of their promises made in their election campaign. They’ve got absolutely no intention of keeping them either.

As a result things are going to get a whole lot worse than they are now.

Unemployment will rise, homelessness will increase, the DWP regime will become a whole lot worse, communities will become even more divided.

I could go on for forever but remember this.

If you voted for the Tories then you voted for more poverty, a decrease in your wages etc. Own it.

If you have children and they find out that you effectively voted to ruin their futures they’re going to be extremely angry.

Good luck with that.

We’ve handed out possibly hundreds of food parcels out this year, I personally have bought shopping for people, sourced prams, baby clothes and household basics for others.

As I was handing a food parcel to a young woman yesterday she turned round and shouted to the public “This woman has helped me when no one else would. She got a pram for my baby, she fed us, she’s helped me so much. I can’t thank her enough for this, I don’t know what would have happened to me if she hadn’t done this”

This nearly brought tears to my eyes. She’s wonderful, a survivor currently battling her awful social housing landlord.

Yesterday all of our special Christmas food parcels were taken as soon as they arrived.

We put two pasting tables outside the Jobcentre and filled them with free coffee and tea, biscuits, mince pies, cakes and leaflets.


s usual Ashton Jobcentre staff didn’t like us doing this, maybe they took offence to the Christmas music that we were playing. After all the DWP doesn’t believe in Christmas.

It’s hard to say what has been the most heartbreaking story that I’ve heard, they are all equally heartbreaking. Please read through my blog you’ll definitely agree with me.

I’d like to say Merry Christmas to all my readers and supporters. Your support has kept me and the campaign going this year.

For anyone struggling to celebrate Christmas please take solace that it will soon be over, the reminders of opulence will soon be gone and life will continue as normal.

For everyone suffering under the torturous DWP regime remember that you’re not alone. We care, lots of people care. Keep strong and don’t let the b######s grind you down.

We shall return after Christmas stronger than ever ready to continue our fight against the government and the DWP.

Please read, share, tweet and email my blog. A huge thank you to everyone that has already.

Please donate if you can. I live on an extremely low income and am having to collect food parcels myself.

Thank you so much to everyone that has already this year.

9 thoughts on “Not a merry Christmas for the victims of the cruel DWP regime.”

  1. whilst I agree and sympathize with everything written here, I strongly disagree with ‘Working class voters were tricked’, the Tory’s have been in power for nearly a decade, in that time they’ve almost brought the country to it’s knees, they’ve lied about everything and anything, they’ve taken so much from so many… people knew what was happening yet because they were alright they didn’t/don’t care what happens to anyone else (the comments on social medial back this up… ‘homeless people are nothing but druggies etc., and ‘they’ve only got themselves to blame’ are just a few of the politer things said online) People who voted Tory knew exactly what they were doing but couldn’t care less, as long as they’re okay, screw anyone else.


  2. Charlotte it gets increasingly difficlut to find adequate words to thank you for your work, dedication and compassion. We can all take some strength from you that we too can make a difference, one at a time, one person helped and them another and another. The result last week gutted us, but for many thousands it snuffed out their last shred of hope. We will carry on trying to help our fellows, and watch as the flames of revolution are fanned by the Tory policies. It was revealed today that Dominic Raab, Liz Truss, and a number of Tories now in cabinet and senior positions belong to a FB group that advocates the workhouse for debtors, divesting from all social housing and private health replacing the NHS

    We have to remain strong to help others and I hope you continue to find the strength to carry on as a beacon to the rest of us. xxx

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    1. Thank you so so much for your support and your kind words they mean the world to me. I’m extremely fearful for my children’s futures and my own also. We will continue to fight as long as there’s a breath left in my body

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      1. We will stand together in righteous anger. I fear for all out futures too. We cannot ever lose sight of the fact that what the Tories are doing is not, and never will be, accepted by us as either inevitable or necessary. Solidarity.


  3. The poor are not ment to have Xmas were ment to be forder for their B.S
    After all it is a bullindon thing to burn money inforont of the homelessness and spit and piss on them. Who expects better? Just work our fingers to the bone and they Rob of our wages any way posible.

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  4. Reblogged this on Tory Britain! and commented:
    Thanks for everything you do to help those hurting under the DWP’s Tory policies and their hostile environment.

    Wishing you and your readers a very Merry Christmas whatever your situation.
    Praying we all find peace, love and renewed solidarity in the New Year.

    Godbless you all


  5. Hi Charlotte, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and we’ve chatted a bit online. You write from the heart – and the front line of the Tory war on the poor. Like you I am both angry and upset at the election results and how people who need a different, better government have been fooled into voting for more of the same. What really scares me is that it’s going to be worse, not just from the cumulative effects of austerity but because the government is actively making it harder for people on the edge to survive. As we know, it’s easy to go from coping to struggling via a redundancy, a large bill, a forced change of accommodation, illness or bereavement. It’s clear that you work really hard for your community and I know how hard campaigning can be. I just wanted to wish you the best for the year ahead and add a small donation for you to use however you feel will best benefit you and those you help. It’s not much, but it comes with my heartfelt goodwill for you.

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